Experience in the use of Maxisize

This story told us Bernard of Aberdeen (Scotland). Men shared their problems and explained how cream Maxisize helped him to increase the member, but also gave and continues to give memorable sex for him and his bride.

Experience in the use of MaxiSize

To talk about the problems in sex is generally not accepted, and to share information about the modest size of "manhood" and did the test for the stronger sex. But today I'm ready for this Frank discussion, in the hope that someone will help to avoid many of the problems that I have encountered in a long time.

I lived for several years in the stress of small member

It all started in his youth. We walked to a big company, and between boys and girls was any sympathy. So I first fell in love with a real beauty. We met long enough before we had sex for the first time. To say that everything went smoothly, I can't, but the closeness happened. After this, frequent sexual contacts we had, but I thought it was normal, because we were still only teenagers, and for frequent intimate relationship. After 3 months, the girl dumped me saying that she likes this other guy.

I could not accept it, very hard experienced a breakup, but then he met a new girl, and the wound healed. After several sexual encounters she also left me. I decided I wasn't good enough in bed, so started to look for any information that would help me become a real "male" and satisfy their partners. But after this, I went to some kind of a series of disorders, because despite my best efforts to give girls sexual pleasure, they all gave up on me. I couldn't understand why this is happening, but one of them was bolder and more honest than the rest, so I decided to open my eyes to my problem. She honestly said that she was not satisfied with the size of my cock.

Probably talking about what a blow this was for me, not worth it – I just plunged into a deep depression and did not want to live. Outwardly I am attractive enough, and in terms of career it is a successful man, so shortage of female attention I had, but after those words I just avoided any relationships with the opposite sex, except companionship. I understood this has something to do, and not just inward. Save up for the augmentation of the penis, and while the required amount was not decided to read more literature about sex: how to spice up sex life, how to make it high quality, and the sexual act itself is long.

In General, while I studied the theory and had planned a trip to a plastic surgeon, met with a beautiful girl. I understood that the problem is not yet resolved, but also could not miss the chance to have a relationship with a smart, beautiful and kind girl. So I decided to delay intimacy as long as it happens. In General, I cared for her, making surprises, giving gifts, dreaming about how we would get married. But in the meantime it was embarrassing that no progress in intimacy we have. I was really dreading it, but it still happened.

I tried to explain what just deep respect for her and don't want to rush, but she was sure that does not cause me sexual desires. The showdown began to move in the direction of parting, and then I had to admit to their problem. I told her the truth, but she decided to check. Anyway, the other day we had sex, and he was on "3". But to my surprise, the girl wasn't going to run from me and look for someone better – she really loved me and yet they offered to try to satisfy each other in various ways. She said she will wait for surgery, and it is not confused. I was indescribably happy, he felt like a man, a normal man, not a jerk with a small dick.

When a large part of the required amount I already had, I decided to go to the surgeon for a consultation to know the exact cost of surgery and what kind of result I can get. After examination, the doctor said, I'm not as bad as I described, and that the member is slightly less than the average. He asked me not to rush into drastic measures and begin to use the cream Maxisize. I was excited and bought the recommended product.

What result gave me a cream Maxisize

I didn't even think that immediately after the first use, the sex will be better. My girlfriend said that I became more brave and active in their actions, making it even received bright orgasm (up to this point I was able to bring it to "peak" very rarely). Over time, my erection became more stable and prolonged, and the member grew in size. As a result, within a month my penis was longer by 3.5 cm, in circumference, by as much as 5 cm.

Now I can safely say that the cream Maxisize he became my helper and Savior. Beautiful natural composition allows it to be used without fear of side effects or allergic reactions. Enjoy sex I started to get a lot more orgasms are bright, the sensitivity of the head has increased significantly. My girlfriend and I even got jealous. Before, I almost never give her the satisfaction, and now each of our sex ends with an orgasm on her part, and not one! It's been 3 months since I stopped using the cream, but the size of the penis, as well as the quality of sex, not at all deteriorated. Besides, the sweetheart has already filed a Declaration of marriage, and soon we are waiting for an incredible honeymoon.

I hope my review will help a lot of men who also, like me, suffer from problems in sex due to small penis. Don't give up – just buy the cream Maxisize and feel like a real sex-machine due to a larger penis!