Simple recipes how to make dick bigger at home

the penis enlargement at home

The most expensive and painful method of penis enlargement is a surgery. Stable growth provides less radical methods: vacuum, orthopedic devices, exercises, and training. A simple, effective and do not require professional medical intervention.

Shake internal reserves of an organism, start to increase girth penis length will help our detailed recommendations. They will help to increase your phallus at home, without fear to health-threatening measures.

How to change the size of your penis with your hands

The reality of the modification member is confirmed by surgeons, urologists and andrologists. Doctors say that men are at risk for the sake of increase in a hurry and cause serious injury. To avoid this, practice-tested, doctor-approved methods.

With daily practice progressive equipment give from 2 cm plus. It's an average, some get +3.5-5 cm in length, strong growth in girth. To the new size add increased libido, quick arousal, strong erection.

Absolutely normal penis may be small due to the psychiatric diagnosis. Reality distorts dysmorphic disorder. Something similar happens with women who suffer anorexia

Methods of penis enlargement at home yourself

Practical methods of growth are working solo and in combination. Each is a training program based on peculiarities of its own body.

exercises for penis enlargement


The penis is not a bicep, but has a high growth potential. The increase in length is due to the improved elasticity of the skin, connective tissue, tunica albuginea, vascular endothelial cavities cavernous bodies. Physical exercise stretches the tissue, produces an increase in length and girth. The regular approach will give +2 cm and above.

Male Jelqing

Jelqing is a powerful milking manipulations that pull dick. They are based on the ancient method, common in men of Middle East countries. The training is dry, wet (with lube), with the compression (advanced version).

At the start of pulling on the lead member alone. An erection will drive the progress of the beginner to a minimum. Blood filling the corpora cavernosa affects the flexibility. The class will lose the intensity and sense.

Strong arousal (erection above 75%) is dangerous, since the tissues are not ready for serious loads. Training is best done behind closed doors. At the time each approach takes an hour. The basis of success is a powerful self-discipline.

Basic technique:

  • treat the skin lubricated;
  • make your OK grip;
  • secure tightly on the base member, as close as possible to the pubis;
  • with a delicate pressure of the lead hand to the head. Keep the pressure, without pausing;
  • make traction with the other hand;
  • time approach – up to 10 minutes (about 250 iterations).

Stay mid-tempo, the rhythm. Avoid painful sensations. Doing basic Jelqing for 2 months (2-3 times a week). With experience the level of erection safely increased to 40-75%. When the tissues are trained, switching to dry Jelqing. It does not require lubrication.

Milking is friends with stretching. To increase the length up to the limit of body, gently, gently pulled the barrel after Jelqing. Combo confident answer to the question how to make dick bigger at home.


Powerfully influences the progress, a readiness of tissues to stretch. Home successfully practiced in numerous massage techniques. Method is always available, is successfully combined with warm-up, applications, baths. Treatments enhance creams, gels, ointments, designed for penis growth.



Discharge Masturbation develops in smooth muscle tissue of the endothelium affects the thickening of the back, the middle part of the trunk. Member gradually increasing in length, thickness. The complex is at least 5 months. Periodicity — 6 times a week. Average progress +1.5-2.5 cm length, 0.5 cm to the thickness.

Training start after a hot shower. Put lube with a growth factor. You can take a comfortable position, turn on the relaxing video or the music. The task is to involve all the muscles of the perineum. Masturbation is smooth, with moderate pressure, until exhausted.

Complex Kegel

Training stimulates deep muscles coccyx, the pubic areas. To feel them, hold urination for 2-3 seconds.


  • alternately reduce, relax the muscles. Continue for 30 seconds, keeping a quick pace;
  • strain the muscles the step, bottom-up. At each "step" pause for 2-4 seconds. Gradually bring the pause time to 6 seconds;
  • tense the muscles slowly. After the maximum effort go to relaxation.


Stretching – progressive manual technique for increasing the head in the home. The method is suitable for the growth of the length and girth of the trunk. Exercises performed with your hands, with the involvement of auxiliary accessories and without.

Gently approach the power of the load. Remember, each set is not a tug of war. The goal is moderate, but constant adaptation of the tissues to stretch. The structure of the penis react negatively to sudden movements. Start training — is weak, slow efforts.

Jai — stretches:

  • start with 20 reps on erection 0-40%;
  • stretch the trunk up, reduces the pressure every 2 seconds;
  • continue the exercise for 5 minutes or up to 40-50 approaches;
  • Jai combine with breathing exercises.

Before Seth take a hot shower. He'll heat up tissue, will reduce the risk of injury. In the starting position stand or sit. This situation remain at the level of 0-40%

The main set (A, V, inverted V stretch):

  • grab the barrel on any area except the head;
  • gently pull forward, hold 30 seconds;
  • restore the bloodstream, making a few claps a member of the leg or Kegel exercises;
  • duplicate 1,2 steps;
  • continue stretching to the stomach, sides, down. Allot 30 seconds for each direction.

Instruments and apparatus for increasing

Those who have decided to seriously upgrade the phallus, desired appliances.


extender for penis enlargement

In the case of the penis enlargement extender provides the orthopedic effect. The design consists of snap rings, clamps, metal rods. The wearing period is 6-12 months. During this time, the device will add 3 cm or more.


  • the mechanical head holds the strap or loop;
  • vacuum locks the vacuum hood. Option comfortable and safer mechanics. Well behaved in public places.

The increase is based on periodically increasing the length of the rods. Tension, and the stretching stimulates the tissue to divide, growth. The result is tightly tied to the duration of wear the extender per day. Optimal time is 6 hours.


In the segment of devices for the retrofit of member pump are the classics. With their help, perform basic vascular technology. Stretching tissues of penis happens with the aid of flasks. According to urologists, therapy local negative pressure increases not only the size but also the potency.

The barrel is placed in the cylinder with an air pump,create a vacuum. He quickly gets the blood flow becomes greater. To keep the blood went back, the base clamp ring, reminiscent of a harness.

The method works successfully in the treatment of sexual dysfunction, is the prevention of stagnation. Vacuum triggers previously inactive capillary network, improves lymph, circulation. The brain receives the impulses, the nervous system responds to enhanced erection and bright orgasms

Use the pump solo gives short-term effect. After removing the ring the penis will return to usual size. The clip put a maximum of 20-25 minutes. Prolonged contact will damage tissue, blood vessels, will leave bruises, sores. If you violate safety rules, there will be a temporary impotence, the skin will become thinner and lose natural color.

Pump are:

  • the air – dry method in which the barrel is placed in an air environment with a negative pressure;
  • water in the flask add warm water for more gentle exercise.

The method will work if the correctly chosen size of the bulb. Experience shows that more effective air samples. They provide guaranteed growth of +2 cm in length.


stretcher penis enlargement

Orthopedic belt system consists of a crown, thrust washers, flexible belt.


  • mechanical – fastening loop. It is inconvenient, no way to "secret" wearing for long period of time;
  • vacuum with a nozzle, adapted for daily use. Suitable for wearing in any places.

On the basis of member wearing the ring. Thighs play the tape, put on the head of the fastener. The tensile stress set buckle, so it adapted.

Belt vacuum system – a direct analogue of the extender.


Suspension — progressive method, which borrowed from other Nations. The mesh on the goods, he gives the tension member, the ligament.

Method is not similar to other drawing techniques. Cargo starts the serious work of supporting ligaments (the ones you cut). There is a high load on the tunica albuginea. Accented force causes the stem to grow in girth and length.

Types of hangers:

  • mechanical – compress the head mount;
  • vacuum – fix the vacuum nozzle.

Suspension is carried out while sitting, less while standing. The load sends penis down at an angle of 90 degrees. In this position the hanger actively pulls the ligament. Daily workouts will provide +2-3 cm.


The device stretches the cavernous, spongy body, dense elastic tissue of the penis, increases blood flow. The first progress comes after 2 months of exercise. A person reaches the elongation at 0.5-1 see Additional growth comes with time (6-12 months).


Hardware-based techniques work successfully remedies for penis enlargement.

Creams, gels and sprays

We will not dissemble, creams, powders, giving a constant increase in the amount, had not been invented. All sprays, gels work as an effective auxiliary means.

The task of drugs:

  • improvement of plasticity of the tissues;
  • the recovery of the full blood;
  • protection capillaries, blood vessels that feed the penis from blood clots, injuries;
  • the treatment of wounds.

Without training, ointments, creams serve as a lubricant, amplifier of potency. Working solo, they increase the member only at the time of intercourse.


Experienced men will pursue all growth opportunities. The penis needs a specific set of nutrients. While wearing devices, exercises, massage body should get the minerals, vitamins, amino acids. At this time they are being overrun. The load should be alternated with rest.

Dietary supplements in pills – natural Supplement of diet. The farm provides a useful physiological effect.

You will receive:

  • healthy endocrine glands;
  • the faster the movement of blood through the tissues of the member;
  • strong nerves;
  • a complete synthesis of male androgens.


The hormones can disrupt the fragile balance of nature. Incorrect technique will disrupt the normal functioning of the body.

Regulators potency

Effective medical drugs available at the pharmacy.

The principle of operation depends on the active substances:

  • vardenafil – is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. After getting inside, it works for about 6 hours. The member increases in size due to the enhanced blood flow;
  • tadalafil – helps those who are not able to achieve natural, high-quality erection. Different prolonged effect up to 36 hours. Real increase in the size has a strong blood flow;
  • sildenafil is the first from the group of PDE-5 is the top product for men. Eliminate erectile dysfunction for 4-5 hours.

Pharmacological agents — the main resource of increase, stretch fabric.

Basic vitamins Nupera:

  • selenium is not synthesized organs, enters the body only with food. Powerful keeps testosterone, boosts libido, improves sperm quality;
  • zinc– share of the male body below 3%. Contains sperm, the prostate gland, leukocytes, erythrocytes. Requires constant replenishment;
  • vitamins E and C — a good contribution to upgrade the potency of semen parameters, improve the result of stretching techniques.

Traditional methods and recipes

Power folk remedies long been proven in practice.

Foods and herbs

On the condition of the penile tissues is influenced by:

pumpkin seed oil for penis
  • pumpkin seed oil – add to a salad or drink a teaspoon on an empty stomach. After a month of manual stretching techniques be 20% more productive;
  • celery, sour cream, calamari, mussels, red fish – these men's products. Leveled hormones, raise libido, erection;
  • nuts, seeds (walnuts, almonds, cashews, sesame seeds) , eat alone or with honey. A powerful contribution to men's health, the condition of the vessels of the penis;
  • herbal infusions, fees (thyme, ginseng, wormwood, ginger). Replace ordinary tea bags. Drink the decoction once a day. The source of tidal forces, strong erection.

The list is not fantastic, it makes the body healthy, balance the testosterone levels. For real penis enlargement need not only food, — needed regular exercise.


NaCl is a support way to grow. Soda (1 teaspoon), dissolved in warm water works wonders. Baths for phallus last 10 minutes. Procedure is done 60 minutes before sex.

The size will increase due to the strong blood supply. Maximum gain — up to 3 cm Measure is considered temporary. Bathing with baking soda cannot be neglected, will burn the skin.


To soda add honey, doing daily massage. When rubbing barrel the working principle of improving blood flow. The honey will soften abrasive irritation from soda, bright alkaline reaction. The delicate tissue of the penis to get rid of the irritation.

Measure single, works with a positive mental attitude. Inside use another bee product — Royal jelly.

Nozzle — quick, for lazy people

Attachments are available, do not require skills and training. Quality sex toy near sex store.

The base range:

the nozzle member
  • nozzle with stimulation of the clitoris and the anus;
  • the thickening of the model;
  • extension;
  • vibrating;
  • relief;
  • stimulants of gel.

Not all types of attachments are pleasing partners. Choosing the best toy for two, pre-talk with a friend.

Which method you choose

The choice depends on the ultimate goal.

For example:

  • stimulation of blood flow, the gradual increase cavities corpus cavernosum, improve erection (gel, cream, spray, pump, baths with baking soda, honey, massage techniques, nutrition, Supplements, tablets);
  • stretching of spongy, cavernous tissue, ligaments (extender, hanger, exercises, jelqing);
  • the combined effect is achieved by a combination of methods.

The max progress provides the last option. He profilaktirujut congestion, improves libido, strength of erection. The result is an irreversible increase of a member.

Security measures

Getting to the techniques, think about the safety, risks and complications.


  • mental disorders;
  • skin and venereal diseases;
  • inflammation, pathology of organs of small pelvis.


If you want to get on the legal way of penis enlargement without surgery, keep a regular workout with equipment, practice manual techniques. Organize proper nutrition, a vitamin a explosion, is the basis of rapid progress.