How to enlarge your penis at home: the most effective exercises

how to enlarge the penis on your own

Many men are faced with the problem of a small penis. This is alarming for young people and their life partners, because size affects the degree of satisfaction.

Medicine offers many options, but you can change the size of your penis yourself. Let's take a look at a few effective exercises.

Head massage

Soak a soft cloth with warm water, wrap around your penis and leave it there for a couple of minutes. The warm material increases blood flow and accelerates blood circulation. After that, proceed directly to the massage: take the relaxed penis in your hand and, squeezing the head, pull it towards you. Do this slowly, gradually increasing the tension. Perform this manipulation for a few minutes.

Then take a short break. After that, squeeze the penis in your hand (only without painful sensations! ) And do circular massage movements. Repeat 20 times and do the first pull-back exercise, but not up, but down, left and right.

Next is the third exercise - it is necessary to knead the penis along its entire length. Doctors assure that a properly performed set of exercises will achieve an effect within just a month.

Technique I give

You can increase not only the length, but the head itself. This complex is designed just for this. It is necessary to take the base of the penis with your fingers, begin to distill the blood to the head, squeezing harder. Remember that the exercise must be done slowly, and the approach to the head must be accompanied by fixation for a few seconds. The entire exercise should be spent about 10 minutes.

Kegel Technique

With this technique, you can get stronger erections and start having multiple orgasms. This requires finding your MS muscle, which can be found during urination. Stop this process in the middle and you can find it.

Then, to enlarge the penis, you need to quickly contract and relax the muscle, increasing the number of contractions daily, as well as increasing tension. The time for compression and relaxation should be the same, but the strength is stronger each time. In this case, you must breathe deeply.