Increasing the size of the penis in length

The question of the size of manhood has always worried men, especially in adolescence. This is one of the key elements of male self-esteem. Almost every member of the stronger sex was interested in what the normal size of the penis is, and compared it with his parameters.

The current grading of penis size is:

  • Micropenis - if the length of the stretched penis is not more than 2 cm;
  • Lesser penis - penis less than 9. 5 cm in length in a state of erection;
  • Normal penis - statistically average size of 9. 5 cm or more in a state of erection;
  • Giant penis - more than 24 cm long when erect.

The longest officially recorded penis is 34. 3 cm.

The length of the penis is related to the height and weight of a man. The higher the growth, the longer the penis, the thicker the man, the smaller his penis.

The penis can also vary in shape:

  • cylindrical when the base and tip of the penis are about the same diameter;
  • pointed, when the bases are clearly wider than the glans penis;
  • mushroom, when the penis has a wide head and a narrow base.

The degree of enlargement of the penis during erection does not depend on its size at rest.


In order to determine the size of the penis, it must be correctly measured. The measurement is carried out in an upright position of the body along the dorsal (upper) surface, from the base of the penis (penopubical angle - the angle formed by the base of the penis and the anterior abdominal wall) to the edge of the head in a calm, stretched and erect state. The penopubical angle should be 90 degrees (the penis is parallel to the floor).

For the most accurate measurements of the size of the penis, you need to take several measurements on different days and at different times, after which the results are averaged. This approach takes into account what may be natural fluctuations in size due to sexual arousal, time of day, room temperature, frequency of sexual activity, and measurement errors.

Results are considered inaccurate if measurements were taken along the underside of the penis, in a sitting position or when tilted.


conservative penis enlargement methods

The conservative method of lengthening the penis is the use of an extender (a special stretching device). This method was already used in ancient times by some African tribes to lengthen the neck, ears, lips, penis.

The method is based on the physiological response of living tissue to the application of a tensile force, manifested by accelerated cell division and an increase in tissue mass. The disadvantage of this technique is the need to wear the extender for a long period of time (at least 6 months), every day, at least 4-6 hours, while you can stand, lie, walk, sit. With the help of an extender, an increase in the length of the penis up to 5 cm is achieved without thinning it.

The conservative technique of increasing the size of the penis, when used correctly, has no side effects, does not affect fertility and erection.


Surgical treatment for penile enlargement consists in changing the ratio of the length of the perineal (internal, hidden) and hanging (external) parts of the male urethra using surgical dissection of the penile ligament (ligamentotomy).

Ligamentotomy is performed by a urologist or andrologist. A ligamentotomy can be performed under either local anesthesia or general anesthesia. One of the operative approaches to the suspension ligament of the penis is the penosorotal (through the scrotum, which makes the postoperative scar invisible). After dissection of the skin, the corpora cavernosa are pushed aside, the suspension ligament is exposed and transected. Then hemostasis and skin suturing are performed. In this case, the penis itself does not change in size, but only a redistribution of length occurs in the direction of increasing its hanging part.

Men who decide on this type of penile enlargement need to remember that the function of the ligament, which is transected during surgery, is to keep the erect penis. After ligamentotomy, the penis becomes more mobile during erection, which increases the risk of fracture during intercourse.


To achieve the maximum effect, a man is most often recommended surgical treatment (ligamentotomy) with further use of an extender (conservative therapy) within 6 months of the postoperative period, that is, a combined approach to treatment is used.