How to increase male potency natural ways?

The majority of modern men are familiar with the problems associated with the failure and violation of potency. Quite often problems of such a plan become permanent, which makes them a significant obstacle to leading a normal psychological and physiological life.

Once a person is faced with the initial signs of erectile dysfunction, he should immediately take certain measures. We are not talking about the use of strong drugs, but the revision of the General lifestyle on the decision of the question of how to increase male potency natural ways.

There are many various natural ways to increase the potency. If you start to act most promptly and use the right products, you can easily obtain a high therapeutic result.

Factors reducing potency

The number and the list of factors that can affect male libido negative effects, there is quite a lot. Among the most important of them can be identified such moments as:

  • The harmful ambient environment;
  • Not good quality food;
  • Lowered immunity;
  • Constant stress;
  • Intense daily work.
  • For this reason, more than half of men not all is well in the intimate sphere. Many men face this problem quite rarely, due to severe
  • fatigue or malaise.

But if violations occur more often if there are no apparent reasons for this, it is necessary to take certain measures. Otherwise, troubles will lead to the accumulation of negative psychological atmosphere, to the formation of a huge number of complexes.


The appearance of the first signs it is recommended to take certain measures to try to rectify the situation on their own, to solve the question of how to raise male sexual potency instantly at home.

The main advantages of natural treatment methods

Despite the effectiveness of methods to decide the question of how to increase potency in men at home fast they are not associated with miracles. Even the most sophisticated and balanced diet, the most elaborate physical activity and centuries-tested folk remedies will not increase the potency over the couple of days.

To obtain a positive result it will need to be patient and directed to the elimination of the problem a considerable amount of willpower.

Using natural methods of recovery of potency, you can count on a complete absence of side effects and contraindications, characteristic of drugs.

Despite similar safety and efficacy to obtain expert advice still stands. It is necessary to determine which herbs to take, what exercise will have a positive effect and no harm.

Well-planned treatment of impotence by natural means is the ideal prevention of various sexual disorders. Simple methods based mostly on the changing overall lifestyle, not just fix some problems with erection, but will help for a long time to forget about all the failures in the reproductive system of the body.

With the methods that will naturally improve the overall sexual health is available in more detail.

A healthy lifestyle

For the reason that the bulk of the problems in the intimate sphere is directly connected with an incorrect lifestyle, everything must be done to correct it and improve the body as a whole. To dramatically increase the potency need to build your life in accordance with the following rules:

  1. To make in your life physical activity. Every morning you want to start with a small charge, it is a good idea to take a walk. Is to play sports and going to the gym instead of sitting on the couch watching TV. When sedentary work is required every 50 minutes to get in a little workout.
  2. The control over weight. Male potency cause significant harm factors such as overweight and excessive thinness. If the body weight deviates from the norm, it is necessary to change diet and physical activity. The best option would be to go to a nutritionist, who after a simple standard survey will prescribe the correct power scheme.
  3. Refusal of addictions. It is necessary to reduce the total amount of alcohol and more importantly, to remove from the diet of a cigarette. Sometimes you can afford to drink a glass of quality red wine or a little brandy, but a bottle of beer every day should be abandoned.
  4. It is necessary to remember that the night is exclusively for sleep, for work and play there another time. To support erectile function right, you need to sleep, plan the day so that the dream lasted at least seven, and eight. It should be remembered that too late rise is able to bring the same harm to the body, as well as a constant lack of sleep.

If you follow these rules, you can only by so doing will greatly improve your body and improve the quality and duration of sexual function.

Physical activity

At the initial manifestations of dysfunction in the sexual sphere it is desirable to try to build your day therefore, to be able to exercise regularly, to do a small morning exercises, to perform physical activities. All this will increase the natural sexual ability of the male body.

If over time a large strained, if the there is no fitness center and no time to do sports, you can perform special exercises. We are talking about gymnastics Kegel for which they do not have to leave the house and spend a lot of physical strength.

The essence of these exercises is reduced to the relaxation and tension of the muscles of the perineum. The obvious advantage of this exercise is the ability to perform it without the need to break away from work, no need to even leave the chair.

When performing all types of physical activity important regular. If you perform such exercises two or three times per day, improving quickly enough to be noticeable.

The normalization of the power

Well-thought-out and carefully selected diet is very important for the health of modern man. The adult human body needs to foods that trigger the increase testosterone, boost sexual potency and improves sexual ability of men.

Here are some basic rules of building a correct and healthy nutrition:

  1. Definitely need to incorporate foods that contain large amounts of protein, vitamins, macro - and micronutrients.
  2. To maintain the high potency in the diet should include meat – chicken, beef, and rabbit, and fish – mackerel, flounder, tuna and salmon.
  3. Very useful chocolate which is considered to be absolutely natural and safe aphrodisiac. For positive effect you need to use chocolate with a cocoa amount of not less than 65%. This product is not just effective in improving mood, but also greatly increases the potency. If you take chocolate with nuts – almonds, pistachios and walnuts – you can get an even higher positive effect.
  4. Avoid fried foods. Preference should be given boiled and steamed dishes.
  5. You need to make sure in the diet of fresh fruits, vegetables such as potatoes, garlic, onions, pomegranates, figs and avocados.
  6. Indispensable in the process of increasing the potency of different seafood – squid, shrimp, mussels and oysters. Shellfish it should be consumed raw, since the high temperature is able to destroy everyone in their useful components.
  7. We need to introduce in the diet of all types of greens and plenty of spice. Useful properties of foods such as spinach, celery, cardamom and cloves.
  8. Every day you need to eat different types of nuts – almond, cedar, hazelnut and walnut. Particular positive result can be achieved if you eat nuts together with honey.
  9. Among the many kinds of green special attention should be paid to such greens as parsley. This product is in condition as effectively as possible to stabilize the hormonal balance. In the composition of the active substances decrease the production of female hormones, which automatically causes an increase in testosterone levels. Simultaneously, parsley is the perfect prevention of prostatitis.
  10. A lot of useful for potency of substances contain: raisins, dates, prunes and dried apricots.

There are also certain foods that when you experience problems with potency, should not be used. These include grapes, soybeans, peaches, kvass, beer, and coffee. These products are able to increase the total number of blood estrogen and lower concentration of testosterone.

Special attention should be paid to nutrition and the foods just before sexual intercourse. Preference should be given light meals. This can be all possible salads, fish, fruits and vegetables. You can make in the diet of certain dairy products and honey.

These are products that are quite well saturated, good for energy, but do not load the digestive organs and the organism as a whole.

Popular recipes to increase potency

For many centuries people used various teas and tinctures designed to effectively increase the potency. Here are some of the most popular and affordable herbs and recipes:

  1. Nettle. As raw materials you need to take the seed of this plant. Properly prepared herbal teas and tinctures seriously strengthen the nervous system, normalize blood circulation, anti-inflammatory effect. Nettle increases the concentration of free testosterone, enhancing blood circulation and restores the erection.
  2. Garlic is also indispensable to restore potency. Its use leads to blood flow to the penis, respectively a significant increase of male power. In addition, the product has a huge number necessary for healthy men of minerals and vitamins that have magnesium, essential oil and selenium.
  3. Peppermint has a potency of not less than a significant impact. If consumed daily mint tea, can effectively restore the potency. This result is achieved by provide a relaxing effect and relieve stress. When using this product important not to overdo it, as there is a risk easy to get the opposite effect.
  4. Pumpkin seeds have a positive effect in the process of restoration of male power. This is one of the most simple and delicious foods that greatly beneficial for the health of men. This kind of product has high amounts of vitamins C and E, there are b-vitamins and also phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and other macro - and micronutrients.

If you use all of the above products, you can easily restore potency and improve overall health.

If you combine them with the right way of life, a man will get in shape and this will automatically affect the appearance, but not only on the state of his reproductive system.

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Exercise from erectile dysfunction

Enhance and restore potency can be achieved with a specially well-designed and regularly scheduled exercise. There are special moves and complexes, the performance of which involves the pubic muscle groups that are characterized by a direct effect on erections, the degree of severity, duration, and overall quality.

The more strong and developed the muscles are in this area, the better the erection.

To achieve a positive result is at least once a day, to do the following exercises:

  1. The exercise is the idea of holding the stone between his legs. For its implementation need to stand up, bend your knees and place your hands on your hips. After that, you need as much Flex of the foot, while straining glutes. Fully straighten the legs is not necessary. In the process of implementation required to constantly imagine that between your legs is a stone and cannot be dropped.
  2. You must stand as straight as possible and hands it to drop down. After that you should lift your feet as high as possible, try to get the knees up to the abdomen. If properly executed this exercise, it will look like on the front step.
  3. To recover the power of potency and significantly increase virility through exercises, known as the bridge. It is necessary to take the situation lying down. The knees should be half-bent, and arms along the body. When performing this exercise, you should aim as high as possible to lift the pelvis, and then just bring it back to its original position. Such movements need to complete at least 10.
  4. To increase potency should be included in the complex of daily exercises another. Lying on your back you need to relax your arms and slightly lift the leg. They performed a small rotational movement, reminiscent of Cycling. Making exercise desirable to carry out minor acceleration and deceleration movements.

If you make such a simple complex your day can be fast enough to eliminate all problems with impotence, moreover, greatly improve your overall physical condition.