Penile enlargement (phalloplasty)


The size of the penis depends on the structural characteristics of the man and his heredity. In some cases, insufficient size of the penis is due to hormonal disorders or congenital anomalies.

At the moment, the only effective way to enlarge the penis is surgery. However, before deciding on an operation, a man should take into account all possible contraindications and consult a qualified surgeon.

Types of operations

With the help of plastic surgery, penis enlargement can be achieved in length and width. Men often resort to combined surgery. There are several techniques for changing the size of the penis:

  • Ligamentotomy is a procedure to increase the length of the penis. This technique is considered the most modern and safe, but it is contraindicated in patients with erectile dysfunction. Its essence lies in the incision of the suspension ligament (fromligamentum suspensorium penis - suspension ligament of the penis, tomia - dissection). The operation allows you to increase the size by 1-2 cm, and the subsequent wearing of a special orthopedic device (expander) increases the penis by 4-6see After ligamentotomy, our clinic can recommend lipofilling to increase the thickness and align the shape of the penis.
  • Lipofilling is a procedure used to thicken the penis. This can be achieved by introducing the patient's adipose tissue under the skin of the genital organ. The operation can enlarge the penis by about 1 cm in diameter. It does not require longrecovery, however, the effect of it is short-lived.
  • Muscle transplant is a complex surgical procedure aimed at increasing the diameter of the penis. The transplant uses tissue from the abdominal wall or fascia. The flap is placed on the genital organ, the vessels are sutured. As a resultthe diameter of the penis can be increased by 3-4 cm.
  • Falloprosthetics is carried out exclusively according to strict indications, including not only an insufficient size of the penis, but also its dysfunction. Cartilage tissue or elastic materials are used for the prosthesis.


With the exception of developmental anomalies, when penis enlargement is necessary in order to have a normal sex life, this operation is performed for aesthetic reasons.

If the penis is functioning normally and the man is capable of reproduction, then there are no direct indications for surgical intervention. How much phalloplasty is needed - the specialist will decide.


Penis enlargement surgery is contraindicated if the patient has serious diseases, lesions of internal organs, blood clotting disorders, diabetes mellitus, oncology, etc.

The decision on the possibility of phalloplasty will be made by the attending physician, based on the results of examinations and the patient's state of health.

Preparing for surgery

Before the operation, the surgeon consults the patient. The doctor will tell you about all the possible risks and consequences, as well as select the most appropriate surgery technique.

At the preparatory stage, a man will need to undergo a comprehensive examination of the body with the aim of possible contraindications. The patient will need to donate blood and urine, undergo an ECG and X-ray procedure, and be examined by a urologist.

Operation progress

Regardless of the method chosen in the clinic, the operation will be performed under general anesthesia. The course of the operation depends on the desired result, as well as the chosen technique.

Ligamentotomy and lipofilling take about an hour on average. Muscle transplant - about 3 hours. The duration of the prosthetics operation is 1-2 hours.


The rehabilitation period after ligamentotomy is relatively short: after the operation, the patient will have to stay in the hospital for about 2 days. After discharge, you will need to come regularly for examination and dressing. After 2-3 weeks, the seam becomesalmost invisible. You will have to wear the extender for at least 6 months.

Falloprosthetics will require a longer and more serious recovery period. Its duration depends on the man's body.

The recovery period after a muscle transplant will take at least 5 weeks.

A small penis is a very delicate problem that prevents a man from leading a normal life. Specialists of the medical center "CM-Clinic" have the necessary qualifications for the operation to increase the penis. Tolearn more about phalloplasty, make an appointment with a surgeon.

Popular questions about phalloplasty

Where is the incision made for ligamentotomy?

The surgical site can be accessed either in the pubic region or along the midline of the scrotum. The latter method is less traumatic and does not leave scars. The pubic access method is used if maximum release of the part of the penis hidden in the body is required.

Will dressings be required after ligamentotomy?

Yes, the first dressing will be done on the day of discharge (the day after the operation). Subsequent - in accordance with the recommendations of the surgeon.

Is it mandatory to wear an extender after ligamentotomy?

It is not necessary to wear an extender, but it gives better results. The decision to use the device is made by the doctor on an individual basis.

Is it harmful to wear an extender?

No, if the rules of application are followed: wear no longer than 3 hours in a row, do not squeeze fabrics. Before using, be sure to consult a doctor.