How to enlarge the penis without chemistry

How can a man's penis be enlarged without chemistry? What method of penis lengthening and thickening will lead to the best effect? There are many ways to enlarge the penis. Many men are unhappy with the size of the phallus, dreaming of lengthening, thickening or straightening it. The set goal, in fact, can be achieved really if you choose an effective method. In this case, it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons in order to give preference to the option with the highest efficiency.

Surgical problem solving

operative ways to enlarge the penis

It is possible to enlarge the penis without chemistry by surgery. However, the result will not please two out of three men. At least that's what the research says.

It turns out that only every third patient after surgery expresses satisfaction with the new size. Unfortunately, surgical intervention does not always meet the expectations of the stronger sex.

Methods of surgical penis enlargement

The first method is penile lengthening with ligamentotomy. Almost 30 percent of the penis is hidden in the body and is attached to the lower part of the pubic bone. During the operation, the anchorage ligament is cut, so that the hidden part of the phallus is released from the body. Thus, you can lengthen your penis by 2-3 cm. However, you will have to wear the extender for a long time to consolidate the effect of the operation. It is important to prevent all kinds of risks during recovery. Otherwise, you can face serious complications, including erectile dysfunction.

The second type of surgery is the thickening of the penis. It can be produced by injecting fat from another part of the patient's body, exogenous gel, or hyaluronic acid under the skin. The effects of this method last from 3 months to several years. Then the procedure will have to be repeated. Experts assure that substances that are absolutely safe for the body are used during this intervention.

The third method consists in the implantation of special implants in the cavernous bodies of the penis, which are inflated "on demand". This method guarantees an immediate erection whenever you want, but under certain conditions it can also slightly increase the size of the penis. Its disadvantage is that the implants are not removed after implantation.

Mechanical penis enlargement

mechanical ways to enlarge the penis

These are all the traditional methods of systematic daily penis stretching. The principle is similar to other African traditions associated with lengthening the ears, lower lip or neck.

The tissue eventually collapses and stretches, but this can only be seen on the penis when there is no erection. During arousal, the length remains almost the same as before the start of therapy.

This method, in addition to being painful and moderately effective, has one more drawback - after a while it can cause problems with getting an erection.

Vacuum penis enlargement

This method has been well tested and proven to be effective many times. The work of the vacuum pump - a cylinder with a piston and a flexible clamping ring - is based on the fact that when a low pressure area is created, more blood is pumped to the phallus than during an erection caused by arousal. This greatly increases it, and the blood inside is held by the ring.

The effect of such a procedure can last from ten minutes and is recommended especially for people who have great difficulty getting an erection. Vacuum pump manufacturers and physicians recommend removing the clamping ring within 30 minutes

Penis enlargement with gel and cream

The situation looks better when it comes to gels or creams to enlarge the penis. They contain stimulating and strengthening substances such as ginseng, ginkgo biloba, clover extract and aloe vera. Therefore, they do not contain chemicals and synthetic components.

gels and creams for penis enlargement

The greatest result is achieved when using such gels and creams during the practice of massage techniques, among which jelqing is popular.

Thanks to their natural base, they are non-addictive and do not contribute to the accumulation of any unwanted substances in the body. Their distinctive feature is the cumulative effect, which continues to be observed after a long time.

As noted by men who have undergone a course of gel or cream for penis enlargement, the use of such natural stimulants allows you to get stronger erection, improved blood supply to the genitals, greater sexual performance, faster response to sexual stimuli, faster recovery of the body after intercourse. vivid sensation of sexual contact.