Can you enlarge your penis quickly?

First of all, it is worth saying that such a procedure is a very, very difficult task that requires a lot of effort and no less great willpower, but the result is absolutely worth all the efforts you put into it. How to quickly enlarge your penis? It is very difficult!

men cover a small and enlarged penis

It should be noted right away that this process is often quite long and you should not get upset and abandon what you have planned if you do not have quick results, because this is normal and in such a procedure there can never be a quick and satisfactory result.

It is also worth noting that as the exercises continue, they should be changed to some other, for example, more advanced ones, only with the correct replacement or alternation of exercises will you really achieve the result you would like. Now let's talk about the best ways to enlarge your penis. Firstly, they can be divided into two types: manual therapy and exercises (jelqing) and the use of special devices or means. Let's consider both options.

How to quickly enlarge your penis and what devices should you use?

Not all products are suitable for quick penis enlargement. There are 3 options worth paying attention to: pumps, extenders and special creams.

  1. A vacuum pump for penis enlargement and a special device act on the penis in the same way, only the usage environment is different. The plus is obvious - there is a strong, but short-term enlargement of the penis. But with regular use, the size increases forever. With a short-term increase, you can surprise your other half with an excellent size, which is why if you need to enlarge your penis quickly, the pump will help you.
  2. vacuum pump for penis enlargement
  3. Extender. In this case, we are not talking about instant magnification and you will have to wear the device for more than one week. Only then will a noticeable result appear. But this method can still be considered fast, other manual methods bring visible results in at least half a year.
  4. penis enlargement extender
  5. Penis enlargement creams. If you buy a quality cream, it will really help you to enlarge your penis quickly. Be sure to read reviews and contraindications before purchasing. The ointment is the easiest remedy to use, you will not experience any inconvenience. But it is best to use a cream and one of the above devices together. In this case, the growth rate will be maximum.

Manual increase

Constant jelqing will not always help to enlarge the penis quickly. You will have to practice for a long time. But we will still briefly talk about this technique. If someone does not know what it is, then this is a special technique that begins its history from ancient times. It was created specifically to enlarge the male sexual organ. This rule can be safely called the most important, because without "jelqing" you will never be able to achieve the result you want. But be careful, before starting these exercises, be sure to read the safety precautions, because the likelihood of damage to your penis is very, very high, especially at the very first exercises.

Another tip is to change, replace and alternate exercises for your penis. This rule must be followed due to the fact that you can simply overload your body with the same activities, and the consequences of this are very, very unpleasant, so be careful.


Always, remember, absolutely always monitor your condition and the condition of your organ. That is, you cannot overload it, but you also cannot ease the exercises too much, because in this case you will not be able to achieve a positive result. But we advise you to purchase special devices or means in any sex shop, and then the process will be much faster. First of all, it is worth once again paying attention to the fact that it will take a lot of time and effort, and you must be patient, because only in this case you will achieve what you would like.