An increase in the size of the glans penis

doctor's consultation on penis enlargement

From time to time, the desire to enlarge the penis in size occurs in any man. But why make a bigger head and why is this parameter so important?

The length and thickness of the PCh plays an important role in the process of intimacy. And the head of the genital organ is responsible for the intensity of sensations, sensitivity and strength of orgasm. If you make this part of the phallus larger, then you will be able to get more pleasure from sex.

When is it necessary to increase

To enlarge the head of the penis is not enough to have a couple of complexes about the size of the dignity. It is necessary to have a number of indications for the procedure:

  1. Small penis size.
  2. Inability to achieve orgasm with standard arousal.
  3. Lack of vivid sensations during the period of close contact with a woman.
  4. Low sensitivity and tendency to long and painful erections.
  5. Asymmetry of the head.

Nominally, the small size of the inverter is considered an indication for various manipulations that will help correct this deficiency. But the decision to carry out the operation is applied in conjunction with the doctor. That is, before you go for intimate plastic surgery, you will have to consult with a specialist.

If the doctor decides that the patient does not need plastic correction of the penis, then the man risks being rejected.

In what cases can they refuse:

  • in the presence of infections of the genital area;
  • with inflammatory diseases of a chronic nature;
  • with endocrine disorders;
  • with standard parameters of the phallus.

If the length of the genital organ is not less than 16 cm, and the length of the head is not less than 4 cm. Then the doctor will refer the patient to a psychiatrist, and not to the operating room. Since these sizes are normal and do not need correction methods. And the problems of a man are connected, rather, with his mental state.

Methods of conducting

How to enlarge the glans of the penis? To do this, you can use several methods, starting with a complex surgical intervention and ending with exercises that can be performed at home.

Surgical method

Increase male dignity will be through abdominal surgery. The procedure is carried out with the implantation of an implant (special matrix).

penis enlargement surgery

The matrix is implanted into the subcutaneous layer, thus making the penis larger. The method of execution and the fact that the operation is performed under anesthesia carries certain risks. In addition to them, the procedure has a number of disadvantages:

  1. Long recovery period.
  2. High probability of implant rejection.

If the matrix "does not take root", then the person will develop inflammatory processes in the tissues of the penis, they can lead to gangrene or tissue necrosis.

Increasing the sensitivity of a part of the organ by this method is carried out only if there is evidence, with the permission of a doctor. The resulting result is unchanged and, it persists throughout the life of a man.

Gel injection

Head augmentation with a gel based on hyaluronic acid is very popular because such a procedure:

  • less traumatic;
  • has a minimum of contraindications;
  • does not require a long recovery period;
  • well tolerated by patients;
  • performed under local anesthesia;
  • excludes cavity intervention.

Hyaluronic acid is a gel that fills the space between the head of the heart and the subcutaneous layer, thus increasing the dignity in size. The procedure using this gel is carried out in several stages, injections are made within 3-5 days. Then the patient undergoes recovery.

an injection of hyaluronic acid to enlarge the head of the penis

During this period, a man may notice some changes:

  1. Swelling of tissues.
  2. Soreness in the foreskin.
  3. Redness of the skin.

But these changes pass quickly and have no consequences. Hyaluronic acid is close in composition to biological fluids, its rejection is almost impossible. You can only experience allergic reactions to the gel or its components. For this reason, an increase in the head of the genital organ by this method is considered the safest.

But the procedure also has one drawback - over time, hyaluronic acid dissolves, for this reason, you will have to regularly repeat injections of the substance in order to maintain the result.


Penis enlargement can also take place with the use of certain medications. These are pills that contain hormones. These drugs stimulate the production of testosterone in the body.

Cons of hormonal drugs:

  • with prolonged use lead to an imbalance in the body;
  • are addictive and have withdrawal symptoms;
  • the result appears after undergoing a course of treatment lasting 6 weeks.

Yes, medicines can be used at home, but their use will lead to an undesirable side effect in the form of a decrease in potency. It should be noted that "side effects" occur only after the drug is discontinued. During the period of treatment, they rarely occur.

a man drinks a pill to enlarge the head of the penis

Gymnastics and massage

To increase the head of the inverter at home with the help of massage and exercise, you should follow a number of rules:

  • train regularly;
  • do not take long breaks;
  • stop exercising when discomfort appears;
  • use an emollient gel while exercising.

To enlarge the head of the penis without surgery, it is necessary to optimize the blood flow to the reproductive system as a whole. For this, it is recommended to perform gymnastics and massage on a regular basis.

Description of 3 simple exercises:

  1. With the help of the hands, bring the organ into an erectile state and lift it up to the maximum amplitude.
  2. Squeeze the penis in the region of the head until it becomes as firm as possible, stop the procedure, when the erection subsides, repeat them again.
  3. Sit on a chair, spread your knees, put your feet on the floor and hit your thighs with your organ, the blows should be whipping, but not painful. In this case, the IF is in a calm (not excited) state.

Increasing the size of the head of the penis by this method, without surgery, is possible only under one condition - if you spend at least 30 minutes on training every day. This will allow you to get a decent result.

Whichever method a man chooses, he needs to understand that some problems in sexual terms have no connection with the parameters of the penis or its head. For this reason, before thinking about performing a surgical intervention, it is worth consulting with a doctor and adequately assessing the real size of the penis.