Can a penis be enlarged with a pump?

the use of a pump to enlarge the penis

For many men, the size of the penis is a big problem and the cause of numerous complexes. Sometimes it happens that the size of the penis fits into the normal range, but the man is still not happy with him and feels insecure.

In these cases, experts recommend using a vacuum pump. Is it possible to enlarge the penis with the help of a pump, how to use it and find out much more by reading our article.

Why do you need a penis pump

Penis enlargement with a pump is a trend in recent years. Doctors could not ignore this unit, and began to study it. After the study, it was concluded that the pump is a fairly safe method for enlarging the penis and is a good alternative to plastic surgery.

The pump helps to add blood to the organ, due to which the tissues begin to actively grow and the size of the penis gradually increases. Thus, in men, there are positive results of enlarging the size of the penis, both in length and width. The pump is a device consisting of a transparent flask and a pump (or bulb).

The man places his unit in the flask, while pressing the pump leads to pressure and pumping of air. The construction is equipped with latex pads in order not to create discomfort. Doctors identify the following positive characteristics of the device:

  1. Helps to prevent erectile dysfunction. There is a strong blood flow to the pelvic organs, which is activated due to the generated pressure.
  2. A man can increase the duration of intercourse. To do this, he must use a vacuum just before contact starts. The penis will become less sensitive, and the man will be able to give pleasure to the woman much longer.
  3. Elimination of the curvature of the penis. The device allows you to "straighten" it a little.
  4. Increase in the size of the penis. As we wrote above, this device stimulates a very strong blood flow, as a result of which the volume of the penis grows.
  5. Strengthening the blood vessels of the genital organ. Regular and correct use of the pump makes the vessels more elastic and stronger, which is the prevention of many diseases.
penis enlargement pump

Types of vacuum pumps

In the previous paragraph, we gave an unequivocal affirmative answer to the question of whether it is possible to increase the penis with a pump. All types of these vacuum fixtures have a similar design. There are three main types of vacuum pumps for penis enlargement. Their list is:

  • Water- the most modern device that can only be used in water. The flask pumps water instead of air, it is considered the most effective option among all. Accordingly, the price for such a pump is the highest.
  • Automatic- such a device creates a vacuum by means of an electric pump and runs on batteries. The pressure can be monitored on a pressure gauge that is built into the device. Such toys belong to the middle price segment.
  • Manual- if you are on a limited budget, this is the best option. The pressure on the penis will increase due to the pressure on the pear. This is the cheapest penis pump available.

Pump rules

If you purchased a device and want to test in practice whether it is realistic to enlarge a penis with a pump, familiarize yourself with its basic principles of operation. It is very important not to overdo it and not overexpose it on your genitals.

  1. First of all, evacuate all the air from the device - only when you have done this, it can be used.
  2. Purchase a special lubricant in advance, smear it all over the penis.
  3. Gently insert the organ into the flask of your apparatus. Now it is important to get an erection - you can use erotic magazines or a porn video.
  4. Once you feel that you have reached the maximum erection, it is time to put on the ring. We recommend that you prepare it in advance and put it next to you so as not to walk.
  5. Use a pump, bulb, or lever to create a vacuum. This procedure will take about a minute. Then repeat the manipulations 10 more times.
  6. Doctors recommend using such a device for no more than 15-20 minutes. If you exceed this period, you run the risk of getting redness and bruising in the area of the penis. If, unfortunately, you develop one of the symptoms described, stop using the device until the redness and cyanosis disappear. Then try to slow down and use the pump less intensively, no longer than 10 minutes. You and your lady will love how the penis looks after a vacuum pump - it looks more impressive than after a normal erection.

If you are using a hydraulic pump, follow these instructions:

  • Lie in the bathroom, fill the fixture with warm water. Place the penis in it.
  • Press the device as close to your pubis as possible, press it down so that excess fluid flows out.
  • Increase the pressure and focus on how you feel. Release the pressure build-up after about three minutes. If you do not experience any discomfort, repeat the procedure about five times.

Important:if after several times using the invention you notice that your penis has become worse "to act" in sexual intercourse or the erection has completely disappeared, stop using it. Read the instructions again to make sure you did the right thing.

hydropump for penis enlargement

How to choose the right pump

How to choose a pump for a member and not be mistaken?

  1. Choose the size of the toy based on the size of the erect penis. Add about thirty percent more to this volume.
  2. The pump diameter is not very important. Pay attention to the diameter of the opening on the cuff. If you want to enlarge your penis, buy a small diameter cuff.
  3. Purchase a pump device that has a pressure relief function. This is much more convenient and practical than the small hole at the top of the machine.
  4. A big plus if the pump has a pressure gauge, that is, a convenient pressure control system. It is not always good to rely only on your own feelings.
  5. If this is your first time buying a device, we recommend starting with a hand pump. It is simpler, and allows you to pump out air with a regular pear.

There is no definite answer as to which of the three types of pump is more efficient - manual, automatic or water. Experts agree that the hydraulic pump delivers faster and more efficient results. But not everyone can afford it. Therefore, you will have to make a difficult choice based on your preferences and the size of the wallet.

How much can you enlarge your penis with a pump? According to real reviews of men, after a few months of regular use, the penis becomes 1. 5-2 times thicker. The process of increasing the length is not so rapid.

Care and storage

Before and after each use of the sex toy, wash it with warm water and soap, if desired, treat it with an available antiseptic. Lubricants based on petroleum jelly or vegetable oils must not be combined with the pump. This can affect not only damage to the device, but also a deterioration in your well-being.

After rinsing the used toy, dry it thoroughly and dry it before storing it. Keep it in a dry and dark place, without touching other units (for example, a dildo). Keep your pump out of the reach of children and animals. Avoid mechanical impact (to cause the device to fall and bump).

If you are careful about the device, you will significantly extend its life. Remember that this technical device must not be treated with an alcohol solution, hydrogen peroxide or boiling water. This will damage the product.

How to make a penis pump with your own hands

The device can be made from scrap materials, which, for sure, are lying around in your garage or closet. For example, you can use a compressor or cuff pump, a medical syringe, or regular plastic bottles. To make a penis vacuum from an old compressor (like a broken refrigerator), follow these instructions:

  1. Remove the condenser and evaporator from the old compressor. They are connected to the base with copper tubes, which you simply have to cut.
  2. Connect it to a power source.
  3. Take the air filter and attach it to the inlet. The filter can be purchased for a small price at any automotive store.
  4. Select a rubber hose of the required diameter and attach to the filter.
  5. Check if the connection is correct and try it out. If you've done everything right, a homemade device will work like the best commercially available device.

Attention!However, homemade devices can be dangerous, so it is better to buy a similar device in an intimate store.

do-it-yourself pump for penis enlargement

Where to buy and how much does it cost

The cost of these devices varies depending on the variety and material.

User reviews

  • Male, 32 years old: "Although my penis is not the smallest, I always wanted to have more. To be honest, I doubted if a pump could enlarge my penis, but I decided to take a chance after a convincing video. After two months, I noticed that the width became wider, and this is not an illusion at all. "
  • Male, 29 years old: "Friends jokingly gave me an automatic pump. I tried and did not experience any discomfort. The cock pumped up looked very impressive - sometimes I used it right before sexual intercourse. I recommend to others! "


The vacuum pump is effectively used by men to increase the size of the penis and prevent various diseases. If you decide to use it, read the recommendations and consult with your doctor to avoid unpleasant mistakes.