Penis enlargement at home

Penis enlargement at home is a procedure that is gradually gaining popularity. Most men are unhappy with the size of the penis. The complexes arise under the yoke of television and the mass media. Almost every man dreams of increasing the size of the genital organ. Surgical intervention or conservative action will help to cope with the task. Penis enlargement is possible at home.

measuring penis size before enlargement

Physical exercises

Physical exercises give relief not only to the body, but also pump the penis. The correct effect on the penis allows it to slightly increase in size.

Benefits of Exercise:

  • change in organ thickness,
  • increase in length,
  • correction of visible defects,
  • improved potency,
  • increased libido.

To improve efficiency, experts recommend adhering to the basics of proper nutrition, exercising and reducing alcohol consumption.

There are a number of exercises designed to thicken and lengthen the penis: jelqing, bending, and looping.


Jelqing is a new technique based on the stimulation of blood flow to the genitals. Systematic execution thickens the penis and increases it in length. Jelqing is performed in several stages:

  • the penis is clasped at the base,
  • the hand slowly rises to the head, while it is tightly squeezed,
  • the penis is grasped at the base, and slowly winds up,
  • alternate change of limbs allows you to correctly influence the genital organ,
  • the exercise is repeated several times.
stretching penis for enlargement

Important: it is not recommended to make excessive efforts. This action is dangerous by the development of microcracks.

A man must follow safety precautions. Organ enlargement is a long-term process; excessive exposure is fraught with serious injuries.

At the end of the workout, the penis should rest, sex should be postponed for several hours.


The muscles in the penis need proper stretching. For this purpose, the organ is clasped below the head and gently pulled away from itself. Exercise correctly affects the ligaments, contributing to their development. Regular stretching increases the length.


Jelq or milking, an adapted exercise to stretch the organ. For this purpose, the penis is stretched to the maximum possible state for 15 seconds. To get started, 20 pulls are enough, the maximum number is 100.


Correct blood circulation in the pelvic organs eliminates stagnant processes and increases the volume of the penis. Massage should be done regularly to increase blood flow. Smooth circular movements improve blood circulation and have a beneficial effect on the size of the penis. The action must be repeated 30 times.

The penis is grasped at the base and released abruptly. This action will allow excess blood to drain. If pain occurs, it is necessary to reconsider the correctness of the technique.

Kegel exercises

man in towel before penis enlargement

The exercises are aimed at achieving a forced erection. For this purpose, the penis is treated with lubricant, the organ is massaged with vertically directed translational movements. The intensity gradually increases until an erection appears. Before full arousal, the organ is compressed several times at the head.

Preparing the penis for the procedure

Penile enlargement at home begins with preparatory procedures. The organ needs to be preheated. Before performing any complex, you must take a towel soaked in warm water and apply it on your stomach. This action increases blood flow and is characterized by a calming effect.

After exposure to the abdomen, the towel is moved to the penis for about 5 minutes. Proper heating prepares the organ for power loads and increases blood flow.

For the purpose of warming up and increasing elasticity, salt is used. Crystals are placed in a tissue bag and applied to the penis. The lack of salt is easily replenished with a wet washcloth or cloth, which is attached to the organ.

Important: all exercises are not performed on a fully erect penis. The organ should be 60% erect. To minimize friction, an additional lubricant is applied. Exercise is only possible after warming up.

Stretching techniques

The stretching method is based on forceful action on the organ. To enlarge the penis, you must follow the algorithm:

  • grab his head,
  • pull away from the body,
  • lock in an extended position for 5 seconds,
  • pull to the right until mild pain appears,
  • return to starting position,
  • pull to the left, hold for 5 seconds,
  • return to starting position,
  • pull down, hold for 5 seconds,
  • return to starting position,
  • pull down, hold for 5 seconds.
man doing penis enlargement exercises

Important: the exercise is accompanied by mild pain, general discomfort is excluded.

Regular and correct stretching, acts on the corpora cavernosa inside the organ, contributing to an increase in length. During the procedure, the penis is in a relaxed state. When capturing the glans, the foreskin is gently pulled back. The exercise is performed in a sitting position.

Circular stretch

The penis is pulled forward for 5 seconds and up, while the person performs a circular motion in a clockwise direction. The same action is repeated for each side. Regular stretching for 25 approaches increases the size of the organ.

Important: after stretching, the organ needs light shaking. This action normalizes blood circulation.

Sitting stretch

The exercise is carried out with an erect penis, the level of erection should not exceed 40%. The penis is gently pulled towards the buttocks and the man sits on it. The technique increases the pressure inside the corpora cavernosa. Correct exposure changes the dimensions of the genital organ.


The penis should be completely relaxed. The head is gripped with the thumb and forefinger. The organ is maximally stretched from the body for no more than 7 seconds. Simultaneously with this action, it is necessary to squeeze the base with a slow movement of the hand from bottom to top. The exercise is repeated no more than 10 times.

Penis enlargement nutrition

It is noteworthy, but it is proper nutrition that contributes to an increase in organ size. Some foods increase blood circulation, which leads to a change in the volume of the phallus. You can eliminate harmful foods at any age. There are no restrictions on this issue.

For natural organ enlargement, experts recommend using:

  • Vitamins. Balanced complexes have a beneficial effect on the human body, strengthening its protective functions. To compensate for the deficiency of useful components, it is necessary to use greens. It contains folic acid, vitamin K and copper. Without these components, normal functioning of organs and systems is impossible. Doctors recommend including vegetables, fruits and nuts in your daily diet. For a growing organism, cherries are required. The berry contains the active ingredient anthocyanin, which regulates blood circulation, which has a positive effect on erectile function.
  • Foods rich in protein content. To increase the size of the penis and support the immune system, it is advisable to eat lean meats.
  • useful products for penis enlargement
  • Fish products. Rich in phosphorus, this component contributes to an increase in penis length. Seafood should be part of a person's daily diet. Omega-3 acids are additional components of fish products, they support the development of the body and are found in oily fish.
  • Seeds. They are based on arginine. It is an amino acid responsible for the development of organs and systems, including the penis.
  • Garlic. Fans of spicy spices pride themselves on persistent erection and impressive size of the phallus. Garlic contains the component allicin. It responds to the body's energy reserves and promotes the acceleration of blood.
  • Green apples. The fruit is ideal for increasing the size of the penis. It contains useful components that regulate the development of the reproductive system. Eating apples boosts immunity.
  • Milk products. To increase the size of the penis, it is advisable to use yogurt, kefir and curd mass.

A man's diet should be complete and varied. Additionally, it is necessary to establish a drinking regime. Adequate amount of fluid increases the elasticity of the tissues, which helps in the process of stretching the organ.

Using folk remedies

Herbal medicine shows good results. The use of medicinal herbs helps to increase the size of the genital organ without harm to health. It is not recommended to use medicinal plants on your own. It is advisable to consult a doctor before use.

According to experts, the following has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system:

  • decoction based on flowers and leaves of hawthorn. The use of the plant helps to improve blood circulation and enhances the flow of hemolymph,
  • broth based on rose hips. The berry contains vitamin C. Ascorbic acid stimulates blood circulation and microcirculation in the pelvic organs,
  • ginseng root. Under the influence of the presented component, potency increases and sexual libido increases. Regular consumption of a ginseng-based drink has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body and strengthens the protective functions.
rosehip broth for penis enlargement

Caution must be exercised when using traditional medicine. The correct effect of medicinal herbs helps to improve metabolism and stimulate blood circulation. The congestion to the genital organ increases potency.

Important: traditional medicine practically does not cause adverse reactions. But you need to use it with caution and only after consulting a specialist. Unconventional methods are complementary therapy. It has no therapeutic effect.

The male reproductive organ can grow up to 25 years old, this is a physiological process. You can increase its size through traditional medicine, exercise and special stimulating drugs. The effect of the procedures is temporary. Only surgical intervention will help to significantly change the size of the organ. Experts do not recommend resorting to radical methods. Finally, the size of the penis does not in any way affect the quality of sexual relations.