The increased potency. What increases the potency.

Sexual health is an important part of General emotional and physical health of any person. Although erectile dysfunction and low potency does not threaten human life, it in no event cannot be considered as any trivial problem. I must admit that the decrease in potency and erectile dysfunction common violations in which basis is often physical cause.

improvement of potency

What increases the potency.

First of all, allow the food to normal. The food should be fat exactly 30 percent. Moreover, no less and no more. The fact that male hormones are lipid, that is fatty basis. Despite the fact that there are a variety of foods that can increase and make the improvement of potency, topping the list of those that contain phosphorus.The increased potency. Phosphorus is one of the most common mineral substances contained in the human body, this is the first mineral, which was found to directly affect libido, increased potency. Phosphorus enters into compounds with nitrogen, fatty acids and glycerol, thus forming the phospholipid lecithin, which promotes the secretion of various hormones, including sex. The increased potency. In descending order of phosphorus main products are as follows: brewer's yeast, wheat bran, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, dried Pinto beans, cheese "cheddar", wheat, walnuts, millet, chicken, brown rice, eggs, garlic, crab, cottage cheese, beef, lamb, mushrooms, fresh green peas, sweet corn, raisins, whole milk, yogurt, Brussels sprouts, dried prunes, broccoli, potatoes with the peel, parsley, spinach, pumpkin, green beans, avocado, carrots, onions, red cabbage, celery.

The increased potency. How to raise the potency.

Also important element is zinc. Zinc is essential for the active enzyme the male hormone testosterone.

Testosterone is necessary to improve potency. The body of twenty year old men of average weight typically contains 2.2 g of zinc with the bulk concentrated in the testicles. The increased potency. If zinc is not enough, the young man will not experience sexual desires, will not be able to keep an erection and produce seed, there will be no increase in potency. Over the years, the body partially loses its ability to absorb zinc, contained in food. A zinc deficiency? can deliver men serious problems, including impotence, a significant reduction in the number of sperm and prostatitis (inflammation of prostate) - a very common disease among the elderly. The increased potency. If it is not time to identify, prostatitis can lead to prostate cancer. If zinc is not enough boy, not yet reached the age of puberty, the result may be underdevelopment of the penis and testicles. The increased potency. Found that a large amount of zinc contains in the pituitary gland (pineal gland) and gippokampuse, which are located in the brain and in the retina of the eye. The pineal gland is directly related to libido, increased potency, while gippokampus controls emotions. This discovery suggests that maintaining normal levels of zinc required for healthy sexual activity for both men and women. A typical diet provides 10 to 15 mg of zinc per day. However, the body is able to absorb less than a third of this amount. Therefore, it is recommended to take 15 mg of zinc daily in pill form. The richest source of zinc are oysters, and maybe precisely because of this they are considered to be mighty eaters lovers. Oats, rye, wheat, raw eggs, peas, lentils and liver also contain a lot of zinc. The daily diet is recommended to complement six to ten milligrams of zinc gluconate, dividing them into three doses of twenty milligrams, and taking after Breakfast and lunch. Remember that if your food is missing a sufficient amount of zinc, you should change your diet.

Products containing zinc in descending order fresh oysters, ginger root, steak, lamb chop, dry split peas, beef liver, egg yolk, wheat, rye, oats, peanuts, soy lecithin, almonds, walnuts, sardines, fresh green peas, shrimps, turnips, parsley, potatoes, garlic, carrots, bread made from whole wheat, pork chop, corn, grape juice, olive oil, cauliflower, spinach, Chicken, buckwheat, walnuts, seaweed, anchovy, tuna. Black pepper, paprika, mustard, thyme, cinnamon is also rich in zinc. Vitamin E is sometimes called vitamin "sex" because it plays an important role as an antioxidant. Antioxidants protect the body from various harmful substances formed as a result of oxidation.

Increase potency.

During sexual intercourse and clitoris, and the penis need extra amount of oxygen getting it from the blood. Vitamin E (alpha - tocopherol) helps blood cells to transport oxygen quickly and efficiently, while avoiding the oxidation process. Vitamin E has a particular effect on the front lobe of the hypophysis, which controls the sexual organs. Increase potency. The complete absence of this vitamin in the men's diet can lead to irreversible degeneration of epithelial or germ cell ovarian. Its absence in the diet of pregnant women can cause death of the embryo. Vitamin E is contained in most foods made from flour, such as bread made from whole wheat grains and bran, fresh cereals, nuts, soybeans. Another thing: is the oil from wheat germ, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, almonds, sesame oil, peanut butter, peanuts, olive oil, spinach, oatmeal, wheat bran, salmon, brown rice, rye grain, rye bread, carrots, bread from whole grains, walnuts, bananas, eggs, tomatoes, lamb.

Tea and coffee are beverages, supportive and stimulating the whole organism and thereby acting positively on the sexual life. Improvement of potency. Many really helps a Cup of coffee or strong tea. Good effect, especially for people nervous, give one or two glasses of alcohol. Improvement of potency. Even Terentsiy noticed that "without Bacchus, Venus dims". All of these products, just like the spices, causing a rush of blood to the genitals.

Improvement of potency. Alcohol also inhibits the nervous mistrust from people, relieves the stress of the autonomic nervous system, than creates a good mood. But we should not forget that alcohol is a double - edged sword, if you do not know the measures.

Special exercises and potency.

Special exercises the muscle of the perineum can become a part of daily gymnastics for men to increase potency. Scientists have proven that this exercise can greatly improve the potency of the stronger sex.

In the course of the study, almost half of men who suffered from impotence or low potency, returned to normal sexual life after they started to do the course these exercises for 30 minutes a day. These men who previously could not maintain an erection for more than 30 seconds, was able to increase the duration of his erection five times.

Doctors say that such exercise can enhance the potency of any man. Male strains the muscles of the perineum for 10 seconds, standing, sitting and lying down, like he's trying to hold her urine. By the end of the study of 55 impotent men, 40% regained a normal erection, yet one third of the erection improved. It showed that such exercises need to deal with all men with erectile dysfunction.

When we can talk about reducing the potency in men and useful application of this type of exercise?

  • - "unreasonably" decline of interest in sex, "laziness to begin", "lack of tone"
  • - lack of spontaneous erections at night and in the morning
  • - insufficient hardness of the penis during the period of erection
  • - the weakening of erection during sexual intercourse and the inability to bring it to the end

What is the cause of these phenomena?

- without going into detail in the anatomy of the male penis - the reason of insufficient filling the cavernous bodies of the member blood that does it insufficiently firm in an erection period.


As improve the potency of fitness and Jogging?

According to experts General gymnastics and sports are not effective in this particular issue here need special exercises.

Exercise 1. "Front step"

You stand straight, arms down down and start to walk as high as possible and raising the knees as if pressing them to his stomach.

Exercise 2. "Hold the stone"

You stand straight, hands on belt, as in exercise 1. Knees slightly bent (!).Now, bend the knees more and strongly strain and weaken muscles of buttocks several times, as if holding sandwiched between the stone. Straighten up without straightening until the end of the lap.

Exercise 3. "Skipping"

You stand straight, knees slightly bent. How would start running in place, but not taking his socks from the floor and only the heels alternately, quickly shuffling on the spot from foot to foot and quickly exposing her knees alternately forward. Only knees move forward-back! The exercise should be performed with maximum speed and in the beginning no more than one minute.

Exercise 4. "The bridge"

You lie on your back. The knees semi-flexed and the feet rest on the floor. Hands along the body. Back evenly concern a floor. Now lift your pelvis.

Exercise 5. "The muscles of potency"

Perhaps the most important exercise to enhance potency. You lie on your back as in exercise 4. Feet slightly apart and begin to stretch and relax directly "muscle potency". They are inside between the anus and testicles, where inside Your body goes invisible barrel continuation of the penis. You can feel them, feeling my fingers in a moment of stress.

To develop them, you need to try as though straining to shift, pull together the anus and testicles. A similar tension arises, if You are holding back urination - while the buttocks muscles remain relaxed! When performing this exercise, the goal is not quantity of the exercises, but the force with which You will be able to cause stress "the muscles of potency".

Exercise 6. "The cleaner"

Another exercise to develop "muscle potency": You sit on a chair slightly inclined forward, but the shoulders should be straightened.

Imagine that on the chair seat was poured, for example, buckwheat and mentally You're trying to their muscles to suck it into himself, the area between the testicles and anus, well, like a vacuum cleaner. Relax and repeat several times. If You are doing the exercise correctly, the muscles of the buttocks at remain almost relaxed. General recommendation: the load increase very gradually the amount of exercise to do on sensations, starting only 10 times of execution of each exercise - the effects will still be noticed after a couple of days and then you will begin to enjoy gymnastics.

A set of exercises for male enhancement, restoration and improvement of potency.

Exercises to increase potency borrowed from yoga.

Contusion of the coccyx. In the supine leg bent at the knees, put your hands behind your head. Breathe belly 12 times at a fast pace. Then 24 times a little to move my pelvis to the side, as if rubbing tailbone. "The plow."

Lie on your back head to the wall (two feet from the wall). Hands along the body. Raise your legs up and try toes touch the wall. If possible, fix this position and move the socks down. Stay in this position. Make 4-6 breaths. Then slowly bend your legs to return to starting position, relax the muscles , breathe more deeply. If this exercise turns out well, it can be a little difficult. On the inhale, elevate your legs over your head so that your fingers touch the floor. Close your eyes and breathing with your belly (diaphragm). Make 4-6 breaths. Then on the exhale, slowly straighten so that the vertebrae touch the floor one by one. When the back lie on the floor, straighten the legs vertically upwards, take a deep breath and exhale slowly lower legs. Relax the muscles of the body. Repeat 4-6 times.

"Turning basin". To sit on a chair top (facing the back). Holding on to the back, rotate the pelvis in a circle. Breathing with your belly and while exhaling sharply involve the anus (anus). The rotation of the pelvis to make very smoothly. During one rotation time to inhale and exhale. Repeat 8-16 times. To sit down, completely relax.

"Cobra". The body position mimics the posture of a Cobra. Lie on stomach, arms bent, palms abut the floor at the armpits, the elbows lift up. Straighten your legs and to close, pull the socks. During inhalation, slowly raise your head. Leaning on hands, lift the shoulders. Breath for a few seconds to hold the head to tilt back. While exhaling, lower the chest and head, lie down, relax the muscles. Repeat 4-8 times.

"Protryaska". To stand at a distance of half-step away from the wall (face the wall) so that, slightly leaning the fingers on the wall, it was convenient to step from foot to foot, not tearing off socks from a floor. Kind of running in place.

"Bow". Lie down on your stomach. Bend your knees, raise them and take hands ankles. While exhaling, lift the leg up. Lower legs, lie relaxed, breathe calmly. If it is difficult to get, ankles, you can use a belt or towel. Repeat from the beginning 4 times, and then bring repeat up to 12 times.

"Uddiyana". The retraction of the abdomen. Stand up, feet shoulder width apart. When you take a breath and slow exhalation the torso should be tilted slightly downward, hands put on hips and with a single breath to pull the lower abdomen. Bend the knees and lift the shoulders. Pull the stomach. During apnea need to try to involve the anus (back passage). Repeat 3-10 times. Exercises to increase potency to take daily a half hour before eating or two hours after food!