Choose cream for penis enlargement. TOP 7 best

Penis size does not affect the physical health of men, but very important for his mental state.

It is believed that the more sexual organ, the more vivid the sensations, their partner from sexual intercourse. This makes men to use various penis enlargement methods, one of which is a cream for penis enlargement.

The principle of operation

Almost all drugs work on the same principle – stimulate blood flow to the penis tissues. Depending on the intensity and time of exposure of the cream are divided into three types:

  • Auxiliary. This class of drug is combined with other methods: mechanical equipment (vacuum pump), massage. They also prolong the erection.
  • The short-term. For a short effect, lubrication for sexual intercourse. They are applied before sex and maintain an enlarged condition for 2-3 hours. Due to the inflow of blood to sensitive tissue increases the sensitivity and the brightness of the orgasm.
  • The long-term. Due to the complex of vitamins and herbal components drugs promise the growth of cells in the cavernous body. Course of using various ies ointments lasts from 6 months with interruptions and subsequent reception. The result is long-term.

Before using drugs based on herbal components, you need to be examined by a specialist for the presence of allergic reactions.

Do they help and what effect can be expected


Many manufacturers promise to increase the penis for 2-6 see the Real effect depends. The younger a man is, the clearer the result will be.

The young organism cell growth continues up to 25 years, and their active promotion in this period promotes excellent growth.

For men experiencing problems with erection visible changes of the penis will occur after the first application.

This is because enlargement cream the penis, primarily stimulates the blood flow and hence erection will be the maximum possible size.

With prolonged use, the result will be strengthened by enriching tissues with minerals and active botanicals.

In addition to the increase in volume and in length is better to change and appearance. Oil and viscous components of the ointment are beneficial to the delicate epithelium of the penis, make the skin softer and more sensitive.


Market stimulant drugs are extensive, which affects the variety of compositions of different tools.

Most creams based on vegetable components, such as:

  1. Fenugrek. Popular in Eastern medicine, the plant contains a number of useful alkaloids and flavonoids. In Chinese medicine extract Fenugrek cure potency and increase libido.
  2. Epimedium. The plant is called "natural viagra" for excellent results in restoring erection. The plant contains icariin (a flavonoid), which improves blood flow to tissues, and boosts the quality of sperm.
  3. Thistle. Extracts of the plant improve blood circulation, treat skin damage. Lotions of this plant are used in folk medicine to improve male potency.
  4. Maca. Extracts of the plant improve blood testosterone level and normalize male hormones. Preparations containing enzymes of this plant are used by athletes for quick muscle building.

The composition is dominated by natural components, plant extracts and herbs allow you to adopt almost any age, no harm to health.

To use the cream for penis enlargement is only for owners of a small body. A member whose size in erection is 12 cm or more is considered normal.

However, cream for penis enlargement can be used not only for direct purpose. They have other useful properties:

  • increase libido;
  • improve the erection;
  • increase sensitivity of head and trunk;
  • make the skin soft and.

Men who want to change the size of the penis you should think about the use of the cream for growth of a member. It not only stimulates tissue of the penis, but also increase confidence in bed, and this is the main factor passionate sex.

The advantages over other methods

One of the ways of correction of the size – surgery. Procedure to enlarge the penis both in volume and in length. Rates on these operations vary depending on the doctor's experience and class clinic, the average range from 50,000 to 220,000 rubles. The penis enlargement with the help of the cream will cost ten times cheaper. Besides the price, the use of these products has the following advantages:

  1. The absence of serious contraindications. Most of the drugs are based on plant components, which allows their use to a wider audience.
  2. The opportunity to combine the tool with other methods. Use in conjunction with expanders and pumps significantly increase the chances of a speedy result.
  3. Accessibility. Task where to buy cream for penis enlargement You decide quickly. It can be purchased by anyone, regardless of their place of residence.
  4. Easy to use. Unlike operations and simulators ointments do not require special training and do not bring inconvenience.

People with allergic reactions should consult a specialist before use preparations containing herbal extracts. Before applying ointments to the penis, you should test the product on a small area of thin skin hands on the crook of the elbow or the front of the forearm.

Usage instructions

increase member

All products have its own characteristics of application, the manufacturer is obliged to specify them on the packaging.

General instructions for the application of ointments for penis enlargement are as follows:

  • Before applying the tools you need to thoroughly wash member ordinary soap or gel for the genital area, urologists recommend products with a neutral to a sexual environment acid-base balance.
  • After washing of the sexual organ should be cleaned with a dry towel or cloth. Pay special attention to the glans and foreskin (these places are breeding grounds for bacteria).
  • The next stage is inducing an erection, it increases the effectiveness of the product.
  • When a member accepts their maximum size is necessary to apply a small amount of the composition on the entire length of the penis. The thumb and index finger means distributed throughout the trunk and the head of the penis. The movement should be slow. Steps are repeated until it is absorbed.
  • After application it is recommended to have intercourse, this increases stretching the erectile tissues and reinforces the effect.

The procedure takes no more than 15 minutes than it is longer, the more stable will be the result. Enlargement cream the penis is applied not more than once a day.

Any person can be an individual intolerance to the components, so any cream is not always done right the first time. If visual growth does not occur even after prolonged use, you should try to use the cream in conjunction with various mechanical equipment.

To know what cream is compatible with the body, You will be able immediately after use, from personal experience. For the same reason, to find out what cream is better or best cream for penis enlargement to happen after his testing.

If You had a question: "can you increase the member using the cream?" You know clear and detailed response.

In addition, review with the methods of penis enlargement without surgery.

Cream for penis enlargement can bring impressive results.

Optimum growth at 2-3 cm

To save the result permanently you should carefully follow the application instructions and take the full course of treatment.