What foods increase sexual potency in men list


Reduced male potency can split the family relationships. To enhance erectile function, you can not only use medicines, including buy levitra, but including certain foods in the daily menu. There are products that increase the potency of men instantly affect the body. Foods that enhance erections instantly, contain a vitamin complex. They stimulate the smooth flow of impulses in the pelvis.

The range of products should include:

  1. Marine products, fish varieties mackerel, flounder, oysters, octopus. Oysters produce the action of male sex hormone, they are rightly considered to be an aphrodisiac. The shellfish contains zinc, which the body needs, amino acids, activates the production of testosterone, is stimulated by the increase in the number of sperm.
  2. Oysters are enriched with dopamine, limiting premature ejaculation. In the spring, high rate of reproduction of molluscs increased nutrients, elements that enhance the potency. In food it is better to use seafood in their raw form, adding to improve the taste of the lemon juice. Oysters are contraindicated in men with weakened immune response, boleyushchimi diabetes, gastritis, accompanied by low acidity.
  3. Flounder are known for their taste. It perfectly affects the erection, the activity of the penis. Contains a large number of vitamins, amino acids, nutrients.
  4. Mackerel in heat treatment richly supplied with fatty acids omega-3 and 6. These components actively synthesize testosterone, improve male sexual quality. The element phosphorus effect on increasing potency.
  5. Cicurina (stomach camel) - effectively enhances erection in men, harmless to humans, acts like viagra. The main problem is that to buy it is quite a difficult task. A powerful tool that has been used by male population for a long time. Cicurina can improve quality of sperm enables men who turned 50-year-old bar, to feel the joy of fatherhood. This is enough to eat a pea product, weighing 2-4 g. Best consumed 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. You can prepare a tincture, Bay 0,5 l vodka 100 grams sychuzhiny. Let stand in dark place for 15 days.
  6. Vegetables, among which the first place is a turnip. It's loaded with vitamins, amino acids that have a beneficial effect on the secretion of sperm, improving the composition. Enhance sexual desire will help the seeds of the vegetable. You can add the cooked turnips to main dishes as garnish. A mixture of boiled turnips, carrots, taken in equal quantities, add a spoon of honey, eat 1/3 Cup at Breakfast time, after lunch, dinner. Turnip is contraindicated for people suffering from cholecystitis, hepatitis, diseases of the nervous system.
  7. Meats - the main part of the diet of men. Protein gives energy to the body, promotes the formation of thyroxine, participates in intracellular redox reactions, supports the nervous centers, high anxiety. Useful lean meat, horse meat, beef, rabbit, lamb, meat, Turkey, chicken. Gourmet frog legs are recommended. Cockscombs, toasted baran'imi or bovine testicles, with the addition of minced meat pheasant, Blackbird - take first place in an exotic diet. In the East men eat dog meat, seasoned with turtle blood and vegetable oil. Effects from food are awesome.
  8. Nuts of all varieties steadily increase the potency. The presence of vitamin complex, zinc, magnesium affect the entire genitourinary system. Arginine helpful for erectile activity, as it participates in the formation of nitrogen oxides, directly activates the erection.
  9. All kinds of vegetables - beets, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, parsley, dill, garlic, onion and many others contribute to the enrichment with vitamins, enhance libido, strengthen the immune power.
  10. Chocolate, figs, almond sweets, the prerogative for women, but healthy and masculine body. The alkaloid theobromine, similar to caffeine, produces a feeling of sexual attraction, love, extends libido.
Nuts of all varieties

Menus include all listed products must be dosed so as not to reverse the result and not to aggravate the existing disease.