How to increase potency or Sex without problems

There are several main directions, methods of solving problems with potency, we will describe the most effective of them.

how to increase potency in men

Problem with male power can occur at any age it is most unpleasant phenomenon with a variety of negative factors. It is not only old age, as most people think, the causes of erectile dysfunction are numerous, ranging from stress to physical injury. As we know preventing impotence men think very rarely, often “triggering” disease. Fortunately, in most cases, the situation is correctable in the short term for reasonable money.

How to increase the potency and achieve real results?

It is important to understand the causes of the difficulties, try to eliminate the negative aspects and then gain an erection happens as if by itself. Often male the potential detrimental effect overall health: stress, fatigue, illness. Sometimes it is enough to resort to folk remedies, someone more like proven in the market products. In some cases, to solve problems use the services of inpatient treatment. All the ways are good in their own way, you need to do is choose the most suitable one.


Prevention is the cheapest way to maintain sexual health for a long time.

The life of modern man is full of events, days run for days, no time to pay attention to their own body. Adversely affect fatigue, stress, poor diet. Many unfortunately dependent on bad habits.

Wondering "how to raise the potency?", most men did not think about prevention! On the solution of problems begin to work when it has already appeared. However, you must remember that if the potency had already begun to decline, then health for a long time was under attack. The more time developing the disease, the harder it is to win. What should I do to avoid problems?

You first need to carefully monitor the General condition of the body. To avoid excessive loads, not to burden themselves excessive amount of overwork, do not linger long at the computer. The electromagnetic field is bad for the body, causing inhibition of male potency. Static, sedentary posture for a long time is also harmful. Physical inactivity is a typical diagnosis for the modern man, especially in big cities.

To return a man's strength can easily and quickly: the key to success in the war for the erection of the avoiding harmful habits. Enough to stop to take the time to cigarettes, to eliminate the use of alcohol or reduce it to minimum to make sure on own experience – it works. It turns out that the path is much shorter than you can imagine!

When the condition is not too severe, you should limit the presence in the diet alcoholic drinks, give up on 100% of them do not have, but Smoking is still better completely remove from your life. It is the nicotine is the main enemy of testosterone – the hormone that is the real Golden key to a sustainable erection. Of course, alcohol also reduces the production of this valuable hormone.

simple techniques how to increase potency in men

It is important to closely monitor its own weight: its sharp fluctuations, the extra weight is very bad for health, and affecting the reproductive system. Gland can't produce testosterone, when the stomach is loaded with fat. Especially due to overweight increases cholesterol, clogged blood vessels, and the blood too slowly rushes to the penis. Thus, obesity represents a serious threat to the male erection. You need to give up fatty, high-calorie foods to create a balanced menu.

There are observation, due to which it became known: sometimes the choice of a partner, especially if it's legal spouse, negatively affects the self-esteem and real condition of men in the sexual sphere. Some women require the representatives of a strong half of mankind Grand victories and impressive earnings. As a result the man, trying to prove their abilities, loses health, gets tired quickly. Of course, ultimately suffers and sexual life. Agonizing over how to return health to the previous level in order not to lose the love of a woman, not every man will be able to find out the true cause of the problem. Above this is worth considering and analyze the relationship with his "second half".

In those cases, when the difficulties for a long time prevented a full sex life and neuroses already significantly weakened mental state, you can do auto-training or contact a specialist-psychologist. Here all methods are good, they need to test in action, determining the best.

Is prevention, identifying and addressing the true causes of erectile dysfunction, pave the way to getting rid of the problem.

Simple techniques – a special meal, steam bath, contrast bath and the wonders of ice

Sometimes the simple way is the surest.

Very beneficial on men's potential impact trips to the bath after 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a steam room, can greatly enhance blood circulation, improve the body, and thus restore the lost opportunities. To go to the bath is best twice a week, and take a birch broom.

It is useful to sit at bedtime contrast baths. Hot and cold water fill a couple of containers, each enough to be one minute, and the situation is changed about 8-10 times. The difference temperature can be gradually increased, as too sharp drop hurts, especially when the procedure is unusual.

Unexpectedly strong healing properties of ice. Wrapped in gauze in several layers of finely impaled ice – a great tool for raising potency. To do this, take 500 grams of ice, make a bundle and apply it to different parts of the body, each one minute. The procedure is as follows: first, press to the base of the skull, then lay to heart, and then in the scrotum.

It is also important to adhere to proper nutrition, use vitamins, eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Great support sexual matters following products, if they are included in regular diet:

  • the yolks of eggs;
  • raw garlic;
  • walnuts;
  • bean;
  • braised in milk and carrots;
  • honey and chocolate.
exercises how to increase potency in men

Physical exercise to raise the tone

Exercise health certainly didn't hurt. The overall tone of the organism, the activity will help to raise special exercises. To begin to get used to daily exercise, walks, and the best – run in the fresh air, reasonable stress on the body. You then need to start training.

As the man to improve things in the bedroom with the help of workouts? You know a few of the most effective exercises, they are quite simple.

You need to sit comfortably on the Mat. Then bend any leg to be comfortable. Forefinger and thumb should be to capture Achilles tendon for a minute to RUB and squeeze it, adhering to the longitudinal direction.

Pressure it is recommended to strengthen when the motion goes down. Exercise repeat with the other leg. Finishing the procedure, make the area of the tendon tweaks, about half a minute. Simple manipulations can significantly stimulate sexual function, thus favourably affecting the bladder and kidneys.

Sitting on a Mat in a comfortable position, you need to put on each other palms and massage left calf in a circular motion. Starts with a massage of the front part of the left tibia, moving to the foot from the middle of the gastrocnemius muscle. Then also massaged the right leg. Sufficient to carry out the exercise for each leg for a minute, to relax the prostate gland.

Getting to the third exercise, you should lie down on his stomach, folded under the chin, hands, and elbows to breed. Then sharply inhale, bend your right leg and try to reach the knee to right elbow.

To its original position return, a long exhale. Thus in a small pelvis blood begins to actively circulate, normal function of the ureters and bladder.

Increased potency natural remedies

Honey and other gifts of nature will help to preserve, restore and enhance virility.

A lot of great tools gives nature herself she knows what a person needs for health. To help men come plants. This is a wonderful natural healers, without synthetics and chemicals. They are beneficial to the body, perfectly fitting in any diet.

  • Excellent effect gives a cocktail of honey with carrot juice, it is recommended to drink three times a day a quarter Cup. Drunk 2 times a day 20 drops garlic tincture can help to eliminate problems with erections, it means purchased in pharmacies.
  • One month to devote a good treatment with walnuts with honey, they are mixed in equal proportions. Take the product after 20 minutes after a meal, twice a day for 2 teaspoons. It is best to drink a mixture of milk, then the action will intensify.
  • It is useful also to include in your diet cabbage juice is known, it significantly improves erection.
  • Lovely property has the infusion: it is necessary to take the flowering tops of Basil, crushed leaves of walnuts (2 tbsp) and horseradish roots (8 tablespoons). Next you need to boil the red wine, pour a mixture of one liter of drink and good to insist, wrapped first in tissue. Then drink filtered, but I have to take it before meals, 3 times a day for 100 ml.
  • Medicinal lungwort is good to add to a salad, soup, and drink the extract: to do this, a glass of boiling water pour 10 g of crushed dry lungwort, and an hour to drain. Take the remedy 3 times a day for one tablespoon. Well help branches of a young maple, asparagus, pumpkin seeds and pine nuts.

Increased potency medicines. Viagra and its "daughter" — Cialis, Levitra

There is a large variety of means for the enhancement of erection. Most reputable — Viagra, Levitra, Cialis.

Huge demand most famous medicines. The pills are quite convenient, the effect occurs very quickly, and the effect of the drug point – specifically on the penis. Side effects almost no addictive is not observed. However, talking about the so-called psychological dependence. There are two factors: then, drunk pills, sex may not satisfy; knowing that the result is achieved only because of the drug, the man subconsciously convinced depending on the medication and his own impotence.

How to maintain the potency with the medication? For starters, it is best to prepare for the combination of medical treatment with other methods to overcome the problem. For example, with training, a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition. Then the body too will make a contribution to improving your sex life.

Resorting to therapy based on the use of tablets, many are turning to this brand. Viagra has proven itself in the market. However, it must be taken with caution, otherwise difficulties with erection will be more. The fact that the drug stimulates the blood vessels. If it is done too often, there is no decline in activity. In the microdozes Viagra almost perfect. Generics (analogues) of Viagra does not yield to her.

Action Levitra (another drug for treatment of impotence) significantly after the minimum time is 10-25 minutes, but it lasts less than, for example, Cialis. However, 5 hours is a good period. Levitra quickly excreted, has minimal side effects (observed only in 2% of cases). To sexual intercourse lasted twice as long, enough to treat Levitra during the month.

Contraindications and side effects of Cialis are minimal, and although it starts to "work" later – as the full effect is usually achieved within 2 hours, but the effect lasts much longer – about 35 hours.

ways to increase potency in men

Vacuum, injection, prolactin, and surgery to increase potency

Thanks to the development of medicine, almost all cases of impotence are treatable.

There are ways erectile dysfunction treatment in the hospital and with the help of special procedures. Below you see the main methods of treatment, which medicine currently has:

  1. A vacuum-constrictor correction that needs to be done immediately before intercourse to stimulate circulation. Unfortunately, the procedure is very short effect, and observed side effects.
  2. The injection can achieve good results after the introduction of the penis of the drug. The action does not depend on the excitation, erection occurs only due to medication.
  3. Determining what kind of hormone therapy should be carried out, doctors find out the dosage. Worst of all on the quality of the sex affected by the lack of prolactin. It produces the anterior pituitary. If the problems, pathology of the pituitary gland must be eliminated – then the prolactin will once again come to the rescue, the erection will be restored.
  4. Last resort – surgery. It is used in the most severe cases when all other methods have not yielded results. Operate on vessels of the penis, exercise prosthetic phallus. This method is the most crucial.

Now you know all you need to restore or improve the potency, we talked about all effective methods to treat impotence, you just need to choose your and to move confidently toward our goal!