Increased potency in men after 50-60 years – how to increase libido

The potency problems usually occur in the elderly. They begin to appear after about fifty years.

increased potency in men after 50

During this period, the signs of impotence are well expressed. Because of this, men start to think about how to regain his health.

Because sexual life is the main component of self-sufficiency and dignity, it is very important to get rid of the problems below the belt. Undoubtedly, over the years, the duration of the erection changes. Why topical issue dedicated to the recovery of potency after 50 years.

Almost 80% of men have different somatic diseases that affect the quality of sexual life. Therefore, erectile dysfunction are the result of several pathologies.

Impotence — a condition characterized by impotence. It is based on the deterioration of the physiological capacity of the penis to come in erect.

And it is impossible to keep it for a certain period of time needed to complete coitus. Today the problem called erectile dysfunction. Impotence refers to those conditions that may be a separate disease.

It is considered one of the many symptoms of different pathologies. Causes of impotence in the age of from fifty to sixty years may be weight. They are able to influence the mechanism of reduction of a member in a persistent erection.

It is worth noting that the reproductive system is sufficiently subtle and complex, and therefore often exposed to negative influences. These include:

  • physical stress;
  • diseases of the endocrine system;
  • problems with the nervous system;
  • obesity;
  • diabetes;
  • exhaustion;
  • the defeat of the cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of the myocardium;
  • hypertension;
  • liver lesions with subsequent development of liver failure;
  • poisoning;
  • increased potency in men after 50 ways
  • the abuse of alcohol;
  • Smoking;
  • drug addiction;
  • failure to comply with the culture of sex and abuse of Masturbation;
  • age-related changes.
A great influence on the reproductive system of men have some drugs. The frequent use of sedatives can lead to the disappearance of the desire.

With age all the organs and life support systems of the body begin to work a little worse. Reproductive system is no exception. When a man over forty-five years, gradually losing potency, and libido decreases.

The reason for this is the fact that not the young age affects the condition of a hormonal background. For example, in 20 years, the level of testosterone is high, therefore, the potency remains stable.

Sexual arousal in men is the impact of the following factors:

  1. the presence of chronic diseases of the vascular system. If a person of an older age have problems with the myocardium, arteries, veins and capillaries, it is the violation of the outflow of plasma in the pelvis. So the cavernous body of penis is not as well filled with blood;
  2. a way of life. Unbalanced diet and bad habits are important factors;
  3. disease of the reproductive system. In men aged fifty years, the erection is deteriorating due to the presence of prostatitis, benign hyperplasia, cancer and urethritis;
  4. diseases of the endocrine system. Diabetes first and second type potency is reduced. Return the erection will be very difficult.

Symptoms and signs reduced libido

The disappearance of sexual desire for the opposite sex — a disorder that occurs quite frequently. The phenomenon can be caused by hormonal disorders. As for symptoms, men, in addition to deterioration of an erection, you may receive an aversion to sexual intimacy.

increased potency in men after 50 treatment

Symptoms of impotence are:

  • transformation of timbre on higher;
  • the lack of body hair in male pattern;
  • the deposition of fat in buttocks area.

Very rarely with critically low concentrations of testosterone may appear attracted to the same gender. In this case, it is necessary to find out the causes of this condition.

Psychological disturbances, such as prolonged repeated stress, depression, anxiety, experiences of the failures of a sexual nature, can cause a decrease in libido or the disappearance of desire.

To see a drop in libido, men start looking for the cause of failures in another person.

They consider it unattractive, thereby causing problems of a psychological nature. Very rarely to the beloved remains Platonic sympathy, which gives the opportunity to many couples to maintain good relations in other spheres of life.

Depending on the causes of impotence, a man falls into a vicious circle. The initial decrease in libido leads to a reduction in sex that ends with stagnation in the pelvic area and causes a secondary decrease in production of hormones. In addition to this with irritability and depression.

To what doctor to address?

To determine what exactly led to reduced potency, help the therapist. If in the process of the survey will be diagnosed provoking bad erection factors, he will give direction to other professionals.

Most likely, you will have to visit:

  • urologist;
  • endocrinologist;
  • trauma;
  • neurologist;
  • back;
  • sex therapist;
  • venereologist;
  • sexologist;
  • therapist;
  • psychologist.

Methods of increasing potency in men after 50 — 60 years

To raise the level of potency, it is necessary to pay attention to your lifestyle. Increase libido will help exercise, fresh air, avoiding harmful habits, lack of stress.

Proper nutrition is important for every human body. A positive effect on erections have walnuts, honey, egg yolk, carrots and parsley.

People should get all the necessary vitamins, micro and macro.

Men at the age of fifty years, sexual function is maintained at the proper level, if they manage to follow the normal rhythm of sexual activity.

Drugs that help restore erectile function

If you have problems with potency, it is best to use sexual stimulants. For this purpose, suitable inhibitors PDE-5 After 40 years, the vast majority of men problems with the prostate gland. Prostatitis is not just the most common men's problem. It would seem that a man in the Prime of life, and needs to enjoy life and get maximum pleasure from sex, but prostatitis changes everything!

increased potency in men after 50 lekrastvo

Physiotherapy helps to increase male power

The treatment can be carried out through the use of prostate stimulators. You can buy them in a sex shop. These products will help to get rid of impotence.

How to increase erectile function through diet?

With the help of special power you can increase your level of testosterone.The diet should include foods such as: yogurt, milk, ginger, hot pepper, honey, celery, spinach, garlic, onion, pomegranate, figs.

Menu representative of the stronger sex, which is more than 50 years, should contain a sufficient amount of protein.

Sources of protein to increase potency are oysters, cheese, cottage cheese and low-fat varieties of fish.

Folk remedies that help to fight impotence

Alternative medicine offers methods for returning men's health.

Use the following medications:

  • tincture of ginseng;
  • a decoction of Dubrovnik;
  • infusion of asparagus;
  • grain walnut with honey;
  • garlic tincture.

Psychotherapy as a way to improve sexual ability

Psychological impotence is treated not by medicines.

The problem is in the minds of men. The effectiveness of therapy depends on the willingness of a person to get rid of all this weight.

Help the therapist focus on:

  • the elimination of the factors causing the deterioration of an erection;
  • stress relief;
  • getting rid of complexes;
  • the desire to overcome difficulties.

The restoration of male power surgical methods

All treatments are divided into conservative and operative. Surgical intervention is used only when treatment with medications does not produce the desired results.

Preventing men's health problems

To avoid problems with potency, you need to:

  1. regularly visit a urologist;
  2. to lead a healthy lifestyle;
  3. carry out physiotherapy treatments;
  4. to avoid hypothermia;
  5. use condoms protecting from STDs;
  6. eat right by limiting the consumption of coffee, alcohol and fast food.
increased potency in men over 50 prevention

Men in the choice of means to improve the health of reproductive system should be guided by the recommendations of doctors.

Reduced potency is of course, a lot of stress for men. But there is no reason to perceive the problem tragically: according to urologists, fatal cases almost never occurs. Do not delay your visit to the doctor, if you detect the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.