Effective means to increase potency in men after 40 years

reduced potency

Good potency topical for the men of almost any age. Satisfaction from sexual life favorably affects the physical and mental condition. Gradual extinction of the libido – a natural process, but the time of its beginning depends on the lifestyle, health and heredity. Erectile dysfunction can overtake in your youth, but in most cases it is the first signs a man begins to notice after 40 years.

Causes of declining libido

Active libido and a confident erection in men is ensured by the following factors:

  • a balanced composition of hormones (particularly testosterone and serotonin);
  • incoming clean and elastic arteries, and small blood vessels of the penis;
  • properly functioning draining vein (does not allow blood leakage and instability of erection);
  • the lack of neurogenic disorders that prevent conduction of nerve impulses from the penis to sexual centers.

The main reason for the oppression of potency after 40 is a gradual decrease in the synthesis of testosterone. Its level falls naturally in 1-2% every year since 30 years, but initially it's not too noticeable. However, in the period from 40 to 50 starts more active (often abrupt) alienation of formation of testosterone. Some men experience approximately the same as that of the woman in menopause. There is a physical weakness, frequent bouts of irritability, muscle tone weakens, and libido is significantly reduced. All of these can be symptoms of impending impotence.

Factors contributing to the early reduction of testosterone synthesis:

Smoking reduces the potency
  • Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption;
  • passive lifestyle;
  • obesity;
  • malnutrition, vitamin deficiency.

All the above factors have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system, reducing blood flow to the groin area.

Many beer lovers female hormones start to prevail over the male, appears unnatural body fat on the stomach, actively synthesizes estrogens. In these men the deterioration of an erection and decreased libido is a natural phenomenon.

Imbalance in sex hormones is observed in some pathologies of the endocrine system. Also have a negative impact of infectious and inflammatory processes (including creeping) in the genitourinary system.

Methods of stimulation of potency

The choice of method of increasing the potency after 40 years abroad depends on the severity of the violation and the presence of comorbidities. Men of this age category regularly examine the organs of the urogenital system and to check the level of hormones. In some cases, potency improved during the treatment of prostatitis, cardiovascular system, hormone corrective therapy.

Traditional methods

Increased potency in men after 40 it is possible natural ways without medical interventions and medicines, but only in those cases where the cause is not the disease. If decreased potency due to overwork, chronic stress, long-term processes, safe and effective method of stimulation may be popular recipes.

To improve erectile function and enhance libido with the help of bee products (assuming no allergies). Due to the high content of a wide range of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and hormone-like substances, they stimulate blood circulation, gently stimulate the synthesis of testosterone, anti-inflammatory, General tonic effect.

In the honey stores and specialized online resources are available through the following means:

  • dead bees (particles dry bees). Recipe tincture: part mortuus apes is filled with 3 parts of vodka, insist 3 weeks. At the end of the process, the tool is filtered, taken 20 drops twice a day after meals;
  • propolis (a resinous substance, which serves for closing gaps in the hive). To prepare the tincture 1 course of treatment will take 20 g of propolis and 80 ml of vodka. Means aged for a week, then take 20-30 drops in a glass of water before meals (20-30 minutes);
  • pollen-obnozhka. Make the morning a teaspoon sublingually (under the tongue) for half an hour before Breakfast;
  • fucus homogenate (other names: "the brood", "jelly", "jelly"). In addition to vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and trace elements also contains progesterone and testosterone. When receiving not only enhanced potency, but also improve the semen. Taken 30 minutes before meal on a teaspoon.

Tastes horrible but effective means for erection, is a tincture on a beaver stream (dried canalis gland of males and females beaver). Recipe: 200 g of dry raw pour 1 liter of vodka, insist in a month. Regimen: a teaspoon (recommended to drink coffee) 20 minutes before meals (2-3 times daily).

Beaver spring significantly increases testosterone levels, so before the course receiving it is necessary to donate blood on hormones.

Enhance libido with the help of herbs and spices:

  • granulated dried garlic;
  • a decoction of willow-herb, St. John's wort, ginger root, Rhodiola rosea;
  • tincture of ginseng;
  • celery, fennel seeds, parsley.

Great use for the normalization of hormonal balance males have pumpkin seeds (high zinc content).

Pharmacy Supplements

Pharmacies a wide selection of natural remedies for improved potency in the form of capsules, ointments or tinctures. The composition usually includes a complex of plant extracts, has a slight stimulating and activating blood flow properties, as well as a number of vitamins. There are also exotic ingredients-aphrodisiacs (the Cordyceps fungus, sea horse).

Means of the local application

Effective way episodic increase potency are intimate creams, sprays and ointments. Their action is to activate the local blood flow in the penis after some time after application to the skin. The walls of the cavernous cavities relax, the vessels are filled with blood, whereby it is possible to achieve quite stable erection.



To increase the potency immediately before intercourse is possible with the help of tablets based on inhibitors phosphodiesterase 5 types. Means begins to act after 20-30 minutes after ingestion. The effect of the pill remains for at least 5 hours.

Pills based on inhibitors phosphodiesterase 5 types only become effective subject to the availability of sexual arousal and stimulation.

Before taking a mandatory medical consultation, because, though infrequent, but there are fairly serious side effects. The reason is that to block pills enzyme (phosphodiesterase), is not only in corpora cavernosa of the penis, but in small amounts scattered throughout the body. Place concentration and quantity of each individual, so that the negative effects are observed not at all. The main side effects (listed from the top down as you lower the frequency of manifestations):

  • headache;
  • the hot flashes (sensation of heat on the face);
  • dyspepsia (indigestion, pain);
  • dizziness;
  • swelling of the nasal mucosa;
  • muscle pain;
  • disturbances.
Contraindicated in the intake of these pills in disorders of the cardiovascular system, in the presence of anatomical abnormalities of the penis, including scarring of the corpora cavernosa and Peyronie's disease.

Persistent, not episodic, improvement of potency after 40 years can only be achieved by correction of lifestyle and nutrition. Men are watching weight, quality of food, muscle tone, even after 45 rarely experience significant hormonal changes and erection deterioration. If the problem is already in full swing, a timely correction of its causes will help to avoid the premature development of impotence.