What affects potency in men

Intimacy is an important part of every man's life. And the quality of sexual life depends on potency, so the men always worried about their health. In order to avoid problems in the sexual life, you must know what affects the potency of men.

Factors affecting potency

Not only age-related changes affect the potency, there are a number of factors:

  • disease;
  • food;
  • the use of alcohol;
  • Smoking;
  • physical activity;
  • stress;
  • weight;
  • reception of medical preparations.

Important!Even healthy guys should pay attention to your lifestyle to avoid problems in the future.

problems with potency


Food is a major factor affecting health, in particular male power. Some products adversely affect the potency, others improve the functioning of the reproductive system, and increase libido.

The most dangerous products, use of which leads to a deterioration of erection are:

  • Fatty meat. Meat contains protein which is necessary for the body, especially for men, but fatty meats can cause more harm than good. It has a large amount of cholesterol, which leads to vascular dysfunction. In addition, the majority of meat products contains female hormones that affects men's health.
  • Sodas. They contain a lot of sugar and harmful additives. This leads to a decrease of testosterone, and the reduction in the production of active sperm. Frequent consumption of carbonated beverages lowers the level of testosterone in the blood
  • Soy. In small amounts soy does not bring harm to the body, but if you completely replace meat products with soy, the decrease in testosterone, which can lead to impotence.
  • Fast food. Food from fast food restaurants is detrimental to any organism, and men should avoid such food.
  • Sausage. Sausage, hot dogs and sausages are now manufactured almost without meat, but they contain flavorings and preservatives.

Negative influence can render and the products that are useful. Eggs required the male body, because they contain protein, but the norm is to use one egg for two days.

If you consume a greater amount of product, it will have a negative impact. The egg contains cholesterol, and the film that coats the egg contains a substance that makes worse the option for children.

Also need to know that affects male potency positively. Such products include meat and fish, because of high content of protein.

You should choose only lean meat, otherwise its use will lead to the opposite effect.

Fish should choose mackerel and flounder, to be consumed preferably cooked. Also the protein contained in dairy products and in eggs, as in chicken and quail.

Mussels, shrimp and oysters also should make to the diet, they are useful for male power elements. Should eat nuts, especially walnuts useful as a hammer, they can be mixed with honey or sour cream.

Vegetables positive influence cabbage, carrots, radishes, and celery. Greens is the diet to make the parsley. Sweet is necessary for good male health, but only honey, chocolate and dried fruits. But the cakes and pastries, on the contrary, have a negative impact.

Motor activity

physical exercise

In order to increase the production of testosterone in the male body required physical exertion.Therefore, it is desirable to use the gym for training with weights at the gym, this will allow you to:

  1. to increase testosterone production;
  2. to reduce the production of estrogen (female hormone);
  3. to reduce the level of nervous tension;
  4. to improve blood circulation;
  5. to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis.

To gym only has a positive impact on sexual performance, you need to pay attention to some details. One should not train too much, otherwise it will lead to physical depletion and the distress.

Also do not need to overeat to gain weight, it leads to sleepiness. Many athletes use hormone drugs, which is not recommended. You can only use the analogs of testosterone, and only after consultation with a specialist.

Jogging is the most easy and useful physical activity. Running is good for potency, if you do not overdo it. Short run contribute to the production of testosterone. But long distance running is not recommended because it may reduce the level of this hormone.

Physical inactivity contributes to weight gain and higher cholesterol, which leads to erection problems.

The mental state of men

The state of potency depends strongly on the psychological state of men, especially young men. They may have issues with sex because of experience, but also because of the bad experience.

Sexual mistakes have a big impact on mental state. The result is intimacy causes stress, and the fear of failure will happen again.

In adult men, erection problems can occur because of stress or depression. During the depression the person is not interested in life, to be in a bad mood, and accordingly, it decreases libido.

In this state, he simply ceases to experience sexual desire. Also bad nervous work, insufficient rest. You must sleep 7-8 hours a day, in order that the nervous system has time to recover.

Problems with potency occur most often in insecure men, there is even a psychological impotence. It can appear at any age, there are different causes of its manifestation. It can be as psychological trauma and fear of failure.

Decreased sex drive and erection problems can sometimes be caused by frequent changes of partner. Man begins to lose interest in the female. Cheating can also cause a problem with erections, this is due to the guilt which he feels.

Relationship with a woman are important, and can affect sexual performance. Problems arise if the woman is not satisfied as a sexual partner, or expresses dissatisfaction, not support.

The woman can help to cope with difficulties in intimate life. Patience and support will give men the confidence.

Other factors

measurement of the abdomen

An important factor is the health, because some diseases interfere with sexual life. Problems with the cardiovascular system caused by blockage of blood vessels, which also contributes to a rush of blood to the genitals.

Prostatitis, which is caused by inflammation in the prostate gland, brings difficulties in intimate life, but timely treatment can restore erection.

For the health of genitals to threat diseases such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease.

Obesity reduces the production of male hormones and increases the production of female. The extra weight gives more stress on the heart, which leads to problems with blood vessels. Thus, reduced libido, and deteriorating health.

Certain prescription medications can have a negative impact on the male body, especially drugs that contain female hormones. Therefore, before starting treatment it is necessary to find out what is affecting potency in men and to find an alternative way of treatment.

Have an impact on men's health and harmful habits such as Smoking and alcohol consumption. Smoking disrupts the blood flow in the pelvic area, reduce testosterone levels, impairs sperm quality.

Nicotine reduces the oxygen supply to the cells of the body, which leads to deterioration of vascular health, and reduced fertility. The negative effects do not manifest immediately, but after a few years, especially for 40 years, the problems begin in the intimate life, which can lead to complete impotence.

Please note!In adulthood it is very difficult to restore men's health, in some cases medicine is powerless.

Many alcohol allows men to prolong sexual intercourse, but this method brings irreversible consequences in the future.

A favorite of many men, beer contains female sex cells, which leads to a decrease in testosterone levels and erection problems.

Frequent consumption of beer causes the beer belly, reduced libido, impotence.

Lack of sleep reduces testosterone levels by 10% even with the young guys. Therefore, daily intake of proper sleep. You need to be able to be distracted from your work, find time for rest and eight hours of sleep.

If males are nervous and difficult work, constant anxiety and stress will have an impact on potency. If a man regularly gets tired, it leads to chronic fatigue and decreased sex drive.