Increase penis creams and ointments

Classification of drugs How does the action of creams and ointments Creams to enlarge the penis have a similar effect, which is manifested as follows: when applying the cream to the skin of the penis there is increased blood flow to the pelvic area, gradually expanding the tissues of the penis — an erection occurs. In addition, when using creams increases the sensitivity of the penis, which allows to obtain at the time of sexual intercourse a lot more fun. Such means for increasing the genitals are considered drugs, so it is essential to observe the instructions for use. For the correct usage does not require any special knowledge, so every man will be able to apply these funds. Whether to believe the advertising It should be remembered that any increase can only slightly increase it in size, because the penis gets bigger only due to enhanced blood flow to its tissues. Expect penis enlargement at the expense of growth is meaningless. But in recent years the composition of these drugs began to add the special ingredient (extender), which enhances the growth of new cells of a penis, and it means that with regular use, its possible growth. Of course, this effect will be visible only if the regular and prolonged use of cream, therefore is creams that claim to help enlarge the penis in just a few applications, should cause only a smile. Important: a correctly chosen remedy will help a man gain confidence in their men's abilities, and increase the pleasure of bedding comfort. The composition of such drugs The composition of such drugs Almost all such funds have a similar structure: they are based on several basic active ingredients which have a stimulating and toning effect. The most common ones are:
  • enzymes ability to warm the skin of the penis to stimulate blood flow and increase sensitivity;
  • allantoin — is able to repair damaged tissue, normalize metabolic processes;
  • Peruvian uterus — increases libido, eliminates the causes of male infertility;
  • grape extract has a positive effect on the blood vessels of the penis, giving them increased flexibility;
The proportion of such components is small, which allows to avoid the occurrence of the following negative symptoms in excess of the norm:
  • rash;
  • burns;
  • burning;
  • swelling.
However, the use of these drugs is better not to risk it and apply the cream strictly according to instructions. What side effects may occur Most men who use these tools, there are no unpleasant symptoms, however, some people may experience:
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • the darkening of the eyes,
  • weakness;
  • itching and increased sensitivity;
  • burning;
  • problems with erections;
  • sores on the skin of the penis.