Products that increase libido

Surely you have heard of the exotic word "aphrodisiacs." What does it mean? Under this name understand the product is able to positively affect the sexual abilities of the person. And the unusual name they received in honor of the goddess of passion and love of Aphrodite.

Surely you have heard of the exotic word "aphrodisiacs." What does it mean?

Under this name understand the product is able to positively affect the sexual abilities of the person. And the unusual name they received in honor of the goddess of passion and love of Aphrodite.

For a long time people attributed to products-aphrodisiacs only those, who by their appearance resembled the genitals of a person. In addition to stimulating products carried themselves the sexual organs of the most dangerous and aggressive animals – tigers or walruses.

Modern science has found – do not have to seek out exotic purveyance to increase their sexual activity. What matters is that the food contained the body needs selenium, zinc, vitamins, fatty acids and proteins. But because many of the products-aphrodisiacs you can find in the fridge.

13 products-aphrodisiacs

1. Strawberry

Products that increase libido

In this fragrant berry contains a lot of zinc that increases the level of sexual hormone testosterone. It is useful to eat 100-200 grams of strawberries a day, and therefore grow strawberries in home gardens, eat fresh in summer, and in winter – frozen – and sexual exploits you will not be equal.

2. Avocado

Avocado contains fitosterony that stimulate desire and enhance sexual activity. The richness of potassium and proteins, avocado is not inferior to meat products. But unlike meat, avocado is digested faster, which means you will save valuable time and energy on sexual exploits.

In addition, juicy avocado is good to eat between rounds in bed. Also useful to use this fruit is in the salad with oysters or shrimp.

3. Dates

Phoenicia is known for its miraculous effect from the time of Ancient Egypt. They are well purify the blood and increase the production of sperm. Dates will also be useful for those who want prolonged sex, as they contain plenty of glucose.

4. Honey

Honey – the most delicious and sweet aphrodisiac. And it can rightly be called the natural reducing sexual energy. A large number of nutrients contained in honey, quickly and effectively restore sexual energy. Very useful daily use of the honey in a small amount – one tablespoon on an empty stomach, drinking hot tea or milk.

5. Seeds and nuts

Nuts and seeds are also a great natural aphrodisiac. They have a positive impact on the potency due to the large amount of vitamins b and E. since olden times in India to improve the potency use roasted sesame seeds, mixed with honey. Made from ground sesame and honey halva also increases sexual desire.

All nuts increase libido and affect the potency. Especially worth noting walnuts, pine nuts and almonds. Peanuts kernels can be eaten alone or with honey, and pine nuts can make a drink. Mash the nuts, pour boiling water and leave for some time. Honey or sugar, add to taste.

Products that increase libido

6. Chocolate

It is known that chocolate enhances mood, energizes, and an active agent, especially for women. Chocolate stimulates the production of the hormone of pleasure – serotonin, and he brings the person in a mild euphoria and love. chocolate

50-40 grams of chocolate per day will assist improve your sexual activity and improve mood. In intimate games do not forget the chocolate – feed each other chocolates, ask your sweetheart stringy mug of hot chocolate. The chocolate game is always very exciting and pleasant. Invite the partner to collect the chocolate drops or patterns in the language.

7. Celery

Celery at the time was an integral ingredient favorite salads of the Marquise de Pompadour, and she's like no one versed in sensual pleasures. Celery is rich in vitamin C, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

6 aphrodisiacs

8. Ginger

Ginger helps with digestion, stimulates circulation and maintains the tone of the intimate tissue. It is useful for both men (increases the potency) and women (improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs).

Take ginger as:

  • additions to tea. Mix ginger powder with honey and drink with tea. This drink has an excellent tonic effect.
  • drink. Boil 1 teaspoon of dried ground ginger in a Cup of boiling water.
  • the tincture. 100 g ginger root pour 300 g of alcohol. Let stand in dark place for 2 weeks. Take 10 drops of tincture every night.

9. Olive oil

Olive oil contains large amounts of vitamin E, which affects the genital organs. Men useful to use 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil a day (salads), this helps to improve erection.

Products that increase libido

10. Eggs

One Sheikh, the author of the ancient Arabic treatise "the Perfumed garden", to increase male potency recommended the use of eggs: "the Man... take a large number of eggs and Fry them with fresh butter; and when the dish will be cooked, let them fill it with plenty of honey, thoroughly mix it. Taking some bread, he should eat more of that food - and then be sure that his member will not give him no rest all night."

The fact is that eggs are like no other product that can quickly replenish the male body with the necessary reserves of protein, vitamins A and B1. And the body is once again ready for feats.

11. Garlic

Unfortunately, it is difficult to imagine after ingestion of garlic can go on a romantic date, but, nevertheless, fresh garlic is a good aphrodisiac. It contained allicin increases blood circulation in the genital area and affect arousal.

12. Seafood

Seafood contain large amounts of iodine and easily digestible proteins. Of all the seafood the best aphrodisiacs can be called caviar and oysters. Caviar is rich in proteins and folic acid, which is so necessary to woman's body, especially if she is planning pregnancy. Seafood

Oysters also contain the hormone dopamine, stimulating libido; zinc, which increases testosterone levels and iron that is responsible for the saturation of tissues with oxygen.

13. Meat

Oddly enough, meat is also an excellent aphrodisiac, especially for men. Yes, we agree that a large amount of meat overloads the stomach, all the blood rushes to the digestive organs, and therefore after a meal, is unlikely to it comes to sex. However, a moderate amount of meat increases the potency of men.

Products that increase libido

Meat aphrodisiacs include beef, chicken, Turkey and rabbit. Pork and duck should be consumed carefully and in small amounts because this food is very fatty and contains high amount of cholesterol.

Also note that the value of meat depends on the method of its preparation. For example, boiled and baked meat is better absorbed by the body and this, consequently, improves the functioning of reproductive organs. And from fried and smoked meat should abstain – it is not aphrodisiacs. By the way, don't forget to serve the meat as a side dish vegetables – they are rich in vitamins and stimulate the sex glands, increasing potency.