Return human value: how to raise potency in men folk remedies

From the earliest times and among all Nations men's strength and endurance was one of the most important human values. Weak sexually a man could not claim leadership, couldn't get the most beautiful women of the tribe, in a sense, could not be considered complete. And in today's world, every male at a certain age begins to experience a lack of confidence in their abilities and to find the means to increase potency, including methods of traditional medicine.

The simplest means

Problems with potency in men lack of erection or inability to maintain it long enough for sexual intercourse. The disorder may develop after 50-60, depending on lifestyle and state of health after 36-40 years.

While sexual dysfunction has not gone too far, it is possible to recover, increase virility drugs, but increasingly the stronger sex draws attention to another way — increase the potency of folk remedies.

Pumpkin seeds
  1. Raw garlic to increase the potency should be chewed for 3 tines daily.
  2. Pumpkin seeds – improving the reproductive system will happen if I eat 40-50 pieces each day.
  3. Honey and red wine mixture in a ratio of 3:2, infused for 12 days, will become the most powerful aphrodisiac and one of the best means of improving male erectile function.
  4. Mulled wine – the composition of the medium is 100g. dried apricots, raisins and prunes, a tablespoon of sugar, a little spice. The mixture is poured red wine slowly cooked for an hour. Take this folk remedy should be every day before dinner or if there is a need to increase the potency before intercourse directly in front of him.
  5. Mustard – the restoration of potency will occur if you apply them to the soles of the feet to stimulate the blood flow in the lower half of the body.

Herbal medicines

Herbs, all kinds of fees and broths based on them have always been able to raise the level of male power and increase the potency. There are a few products for men which is topical in the age of 60 years. For example, the infusion of the collection, which includes St. John's wort, nettle, clover and mint – 5 tsp each. These herbs poured a liter of boiling water and De connexione virtutum at least an hour. Method of therapy is to drink a Cup of infusion a day is fast enough does the reproductive system, improves the condition of BPH.

Herbal folk remedies to increase potency for men include tools prepared on the basis of:

Flowers St. John's wort
  1. dried flowers of lilac (350 ml boiling water 15 oz., to drink every night);
  2. calamus root (chewed pieces or drink a glass within a day of a decoction of 20 gr. root to 250 ml of boiling water);
  3. lovage (chopped 20 gr. of "drugs" added to food every day);
  4. St. John's wort (steeped for a week 1 part dry herb to 5 parts vodka, three times a day, 35-40 drops to take to improve);
  5. parsley (boil for half an hour in a water bath 50 grams. greenery in 200 ml of water, after cooling, take 15 ml of not less than 5 times a day).
Special attention men who want and after the "deep" 50 years to maintain sexual integrity, deserves a way to use ginseng.

To increase male strength, stamina and to permanently preserve the potency of the specific tincture:

  1. You need to take chopped fresh ginseng root (15 g.), drowning it in alcohol or vodka (100 ml).
  2. The mixture should infuse for a week in a dark cool place, every day it will need stirring, and upon expiration of the – drain.
  3. To take such a popular drug immediately after the first symptoms of impotency. Daily rate – 100-120 drops divided into three doses.

Ginger is another powerful natural aphrodisiac for men's health. Its application is a great way to increase the potency, normalize sexual activity, increase libido, and in addition also strengthen the immune system.

Ginger ground and whole Alternative medicine allows you to apply:
  1. tea with ginger powder (mix powder (half a teaspoon) in a Cup of boiling water, and after infusion to drink three times daily with lemon and/or honey);
  2. raw pieces of the root; baths with the addition of dried ground ginger;
  3. infusion (900 ml of vodka to take 400 gr. root in a dark place to infuse for 14 days, stirring occasionally, strain, take twice a day for 10 gr.).
Herbal infusions/decoctions as traditional medicines are more useful for the long term: they help to quickly improve the potency, however to consolidate the effect men have to take them for a long time.

Vegetable therapy

For the best means of stimulating the raising male potency even at the age of over 50 years, the pharmacy does not need to go enough to include known aphrodisiacs – the onion and garlic in diet.

About the garlic mentioned above, but the method of application was the simplest, but most effective for increasing the strength of men:

  1. Garlic (1 kg), crush/chop, put in jar (liter).
  2. Pour a lot of water (better just boiled) to the top of the tank.
  3. Infuse, shaking the jar daily for a month, then every day, take 10 gr. to get a result.

To increase the power of men, to improve its potency and stimulate libido will help the bow can enhance sexual activity.

Onion folk remedy is prepared as follows:

  1. Take onion peels (50-100 gr.) and pour boiling water (750 ml.)
  2. Let the mixture fremat 5 minutes, cool.
  3. The drug should be taken daily three times with 250 ml. a month Later, it is possible to interrupt the course of 10 days, if necessary, after it can be repeated.

Created folk remedies to increase potency on the basis of other vegetables, including carrots, cabbage, celery.

Some useful advice

The most common way of raising the level of male potency is a use of a considerable volume of products to be able to maintain normal potency and libido, even in men aged more than 50 years.

The following products should be taken daily:

  1. milk, cheese, sour cream, cream;
  2. lean meat and oily fish;
  3. chicken eggs and quail;
  4. seafood;
  5. mushrooms;
  6. honey and nuts;
  7. chocolate and other sweets.

The level of male potency, as shown by some of the original research, even in old age can be enhanced if you actively exercise, for example Jogging Jogging. This folk remedy normalizes hormonal men, increases the level of hormones that stimulates sexual activity, improves erection.

Another popular and totally not the traditional way of dealing with male impotence — sitz baths for an hour before bedtime. Procedure: we need to take a basin of water hot and cold, to sit for one minute to one, then one minute to another, then repeat "means" 10 times.

Therapy — the right way of life

Folk remedies to combat the problems of male potency may be ineffective if cleaning them is not accompanied by changes in lifestyle of men. It is important to minimize the use of alcohol, take a contrast shower every day (at least twice), as much time as possible to walk barefoot, spend it in nature. Important the correct diet and lack of stress.