How to increase the potency of folk remedies

The emergence of dysfunction of the penis for men is not uncommon. Because the pace of modern life implies a strong impact of environment, stress, constant psychological pressure, fast and a poor diet, bad habits. All these factors directly affect the erection of men. Based on the statistics, about 30% of men suffer the violation of potency. Therefore, information about the methods and ways which suggest how to raise the potency to quickly and independently will, as ever, is relevant.

the problem with a potency

Why potency decreases?

Like every disease and uncomfortable health condition, disorder sexual ability, you receive for certain reasons. Such negative influencing factors include:

  1. The feature of physiology. This will either be a congenital anomaly, or at the moment, men do not have the hormones to having good potency.
  2. The psychological impact. Men exposed to various emotional disorders and experiences, which directly influence which an erection can be when sex.
  3. Poor attention to their health. To this point include the use of alcohol, cigarettes, harmful unhealthy food. Maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle can lead not only to violation of potency, but also to other unpleasant consequences.
  4. Reduced levels of immunity. We must remember that in winter, the human body begins lack of vitamins, and reduces the overall level of health. It can also be a reason for the low activity men.
  5. Chronic lack of sleep, stress, strong fatigue. Problems at work can also affect the male erection.

Violation of the sexual ability, you receive for certain reasons

  1. Other disorders in the male body. These include more serious diseases, such as heart problems and other organs. In this case, it is not recommended to use home treatments and seek help from a specialist.
  2. Age-related reduction of activity in bed. This is because with age the contents of testosterone hormone in the body men is greatly reduced. And in fact it affects the quality of potency.
  3. A sedentary way of life. Anyway, and physical activity must be present in a person's life. Its absence can also affect the erection of men. Exercise improves circulation, which subsequently has a good effect on potency.

All these factors can influence the organism of the man separately and as a whole. But in order to determine the direction of treatment of of low potency, you need to contact the doctor, who by carrying out analyses and tests will help to determine what exactly influenced sexual activity. In this case, a high probability of return, and significantly improve the health of the representatives of the stronger sex without any consequences.

violation of spontaneous erections

How to quickly increase ?

As in the treatment of many diseases, there are several options that can be combined.

Namely, it is possible to be treated in an unconventional way, and you can go to the doctor and demand treatment with modern methods. And that is another way of treatment are effective. If the doctor acts by medical way, in the folk recipes use natural ingredients to return the health of men.

Important! If the doctor found that the cause of low potency does not become a severe disease of internal organs, we can safely combine the use of traditional medicine to solve this problem.

Medical medicine is based on modern drugs to increase blood flow in the body of the penis. May be prescribed drugs that one-time effect on the penis before sexual contact. Include such tablets of Viagra or Cialis. Taking pills for erection may provide powerful, but short-term impact.

Or your doctor may prescribe long-term medical and procedural therapy and holistic male enhancement possibilities. Such procedures include the use of vacuum pumps, hormone treatment, injectable increase circulation. The purpose of the pills, powders and suspensions after the course significantly improve the health status of a man and improve his sexual activity.

Folk remedies is also a very good influence on the General condition of the male body. And can also solve the issue of improving the potency at home, as many really important speedy result of recovery. For traditional medicine use a variety of teas, roots that affect men's ability and lead to normal blood circulation, hold the General strengthening of the body.

Important! Using any of the ways you need to be aware of the fact that the decline in sexual activity it's not forever, only for a while.

How to increase the potency at home folk methods

Men have long been aware of what herbs, plants, their roots could well affect the increase sexual desire and erection quality. And at the moment you can adopt these natural remedies to improve health.

One of these nutrients is the ginseng root. You can buy it at the drugstore in the form of drops or in the natural form of the root. This does not change it's properties. Should take daily in the morning, adding 10-15 drops to a glass of water. After a week you can do a gradual increase in the number of drops added to the water. In this course you need to take a month, and then take a short break. Ginseng always attributed properties that improve male libido. This root does increase male libido, promotes alertness and enhances immunity.


Also very good for enhancing male potency is affected by coffee. This drink is not necessary to drink in large quantities every day. However, one Cup a day will help to raise the General condition of the body. It should be remembered that people with cardiovascular diseases are not recommended to take ginseng, and coffee. For they have other options for national treatment.

Traditional medicine to improve the ability of the men pays great attention to water, namely bath and contrast shower. Evening a relaxing bath to relieve stress and fatigue will help to get rid of oppressive feeling, to relax nerves, to dilate the blood vessels. It can help to improve erection and get satisfaction from sexual intercourse. The same property has a contrast shower. First you need to rinse with warm water, then abruptly turn cold and after warm up in hot water. This will affect the male function of the penis and will help fill with blood body of the penis. Useful dipping alternately in basins with cold and hot water. However, there is in cold water should not exceed five minutes to avoid hypothermia.

Important! Men with a weak heart muscle should carefully consider the remedies that stimulate blood circulation and to consult with your doctor.


Men it is important to think about your diet, namely if there is a problem with potency, the first thing you need to think about what the man eats. To raise the level of the testosterone hormone can and without any special preparations, but only with the use of certain products. Menu as follows:

  1. Need to focus on protein foods such as white meat, eggs, cheese, sour cream, mushrooms and the like.
  2. To eat more seafood. For example, mussels tend to significantly increase the level of the male hormone testosterone, which helps to improve erection. In addition, a very useful squid, fish, oysters, brine.
  3. To all prepared dishes need to add the following herbs-stimulants, like parsley and celery.
  4. Do not forget to eat salads seasoned with olive oil and with a minimal amount of salt.

If you establish your eating regimen, and the General state of men's health will improve dramatically.

  1. Useful to arrange small snack of nuts or dried fruits. Will fit perfectly and will be extremely useful to pumpkin seeds.
  2. To ensure that the purchased products did not contain in its composition of soy, as it has the ability to contribute to the development of the female hormone estrogen in the male body. The emergence of female hormones promotes the consumption of beer. This alcoholic product not only reduces the level of male potency, but also may contribute to the formation of female figures, namely, breast growth and the appearance of excess fat in the pelvic region.

Important! For healthy male body need to take it a rule to take in food products with high protein content.

Recipes for medicinal teas

Everything you need for herb teas can be purchased at the pharmacy and they will for sure impact on sexual function of men. For example, such herbs as lemongrass to make a tea and tincture to take for two weeks. The results will be in five days.

Also have this recipe: chop the dried or fresh root ginger, pour boiling water and take at least four times a day instead of regular tea. This recipe ensures better potency the next day.

Also, as a decoction to use 100 grams of herb Dubrovnik, mixing it with dried parsley or cilantro. This tea, increase the potency, should to drink daily two times a day for weeks. Improvement will be seen after a few days.

To quickly raise the potency, you can use a not very pleasant recipe.

Take one tablespoon of aloe juice and mix with a teaspoon of parsley seed. A lot of you need to take daily. However, the desired result will be visible already after one day.

physical activity

Physical activity to increase potency

As described above, in order to erection was long and strong you need to follow the circulation process.

This excellent for certain exercises. Namely:

  1. Walking on the spot. For this you need to raise active and high knees, imitating the steps. March need at least 15 minutes. This exercise can be performed as a warm-up before exercising.
  2. Take a laying position on the floor, with bent knees. You need to raise and lower the pelvis, with special attention paid to the tension of the buttocks. This exercise improves the activity of blood in the pelvic organs. It will help to improve the potency and also helpful for the prostate. It should be performed for at least ten minutes.
  3. To perform the third exercise you need to sit on the ground and through the tension and relaxation of muscles try to pull the scrotum. You also need to stretch and relax the muscles that are between the anus and the scrotum. This exercise gets the blood pumping and improves blood flow in the genitals and the prostate .

Other than these specialized exercises, men will be useful to choose any of the variants of the propulsion of the asset, for example: run once a week in the Park, workout in the fitness room or the swimming pool.

Thus, we can conclude that in most cases, a man can raise his men's health only by respecting the regime and a specific diet.

Also at home you can easily prepare medicinal teas, which are very effective will affect the sexual function of men. Using these guidelines, there should no longer be questions about how to strengthen sexual potency and virility.

You can still add that to the confidence men a very important condition is the support and understanding of the partner.