Ivan-tea (fireweed) has many beneficial properties for men's reproductive health.



Properly prepared beverage from this plant allows you to fill the body:

  • vitamins (especially A, B, C, which the leaves of the fireweed more than any citruse);
  • polysaccharides (complex carbohydrates) is optimal source of energy;
  • organic acids and fitosterolami, which are involved in the hematopoietic system, and produces antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects;
  • flavonoids, which help in preventing lesions of the prostate gland;
  • alkaloids that affect the Central nervous system, stimulating blood flow to the pelvic organs.

Named substances and more than 30 other elements in the composition of plants are able to clean the body of toxins and other harmful substances, promote the overall upgrading and rejuvenation of the body, to stimulate the immune system to fight a variety of diseases, and – most importantly – to restore healthy sexual activity men. Fireweed is having on the male body the following:

  • regulates the normal flow of metabolic processes;
  • optimizes the functioning of the endocrine system (thyroid and adrenal);
  • ensures healthy reproductive system particularly the testicles;
  • restores hormonal balance and to the level of the male sex hormone testosterone;
  • affects the nervous system, removing the consequences of stress and nervous strain, which is often the cause of psychological impotence.

The impact of fireweed on the potency provided by its ability to stimulate the prostate, relieve symptoms of its defeat, to suppress the growth of tumors and to produce a beneficial effect on all organs and systems responsible for education of erection.

Due to the effect on hormonal balance and the ability to strengthen the walls of blood vessels fireweed helps the filling of the penis with blood and contributes to sustainable erection.


The correct use of the drink based on fireweed allows the man to successfully resist impotence and prostate diseases, and also to help representatives of the stronger sex and in advanced age to preserve the viability of the sexual sphere. Fireweed for potency helps to strengthen male health and enhance quality of sexual life. Apply Ivan tea for potency recommended in two ways:

  • in the form of infusion;
  • in the form of decoction.

The infusion of willow-herb is prepared as follows:

Take dried crushed leaves (1 tsp) and pour them with boiling water (350 ml).

Let the mixture steep for 13-15 minutes, then strain it and give a little to cool.

Ready infusion drink twice a day for one day.

The total duration of the course of treatment with medicinal tinctures should be at least 30 days. At the end you need to take a break in 30-45 days and again repeat the course of treatment.

Must follow the recommendations regarding the dosage and duration of reception facilities as a violation of the rules will lead to serious consequences.

Broth – the tool is more concentrated, so taking it should be even more strict adherence to the dosage:

Take dried leaves of fireweed (2 tsp), pour boiling water (350 ml).

The mixture boil for a quarter of an hour, then turning off the heat, let it brew broth for 90 minutes.

Ready means you need to strain, cool and take three times a day 1 tbsp.

A decoction of fireweed is desirable to use it directly before a meal.



Prostatitis and prostate adenoma are one of the main causes of weakened potency. To treat these men's diseases there is a separate recipe:

Take in equal parts dried crushed leaves and root of fireweed (10 gr.), pour boiling water (175 ml).

To give way to steep for 1 hour, then drain and cool.

The finished broth take 1 tbsp three times a day.

When receiving this tool, and the use of infusion of fireweed to combat the disorders of the sexual sphere (in particular, impotence) should be an important rule: after 30 days of treatment should be a break in 30-45 days.

Please note! The interruption in treatment will allow the male body to relax and try to establish the function of the genitourinary and reproductive system.


Strict contraindications to the use of fireweed for enhancing male potency is not, however, the tool in the form of infusions and decoctions should be used with caution:

  • if you have problems with increased blood clotting;
  • thrombosis;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • at varicose veins.

In the absence of these problems is to drink fireweed to combat impotence can be almost without limits, with the exception of the dosage. Regular exceeding of the daily dose and course of treatment over 30 days possible side effects:

  • indigestion;
  • violation of the liver;
  • disruptions in the bowel.

It is important! To avoid unexpected health problems before taking should consult with your doctor.