How to improve the potency of folk remedies

The problem of improvement of potency, it is highly relevant today, were on the minds of men since time immemorial. Therefore, in the recipes of traditional medicine has accumulated many tools and ways to solve this problem. In the first place is, of course, herbal treatment – herbal medicine. The second – improvement of potency with food. Well, the third – water treatments and some quite original ways to increase virility.

Herbal medicine

To improve the potency with medicinal plants infusions and tinctures should be taken systematically. Irregular admission is likely to be ineffective.

To increase the level of potency folk medicine proposes the use of individual herbs and fees. In the recipes is the use of dried herbs.

The use of individual herbs

Ginseng. It is a highly efficient, recognized as an ancient aphrodisiac (a substance, stimulating love and passion). The root of this wild ginseng available to few, but the pharmacy tincture of ginseng root grown in plantations, helps men to cope with temporary weakness. 30-40 drops of tincture need a drink (of water) in the morning and repeat in the afternoon. Treatment can be very long, with side effects not observed.

Dubrovnik. This herb is used in form of infusion: 5 tablespoons of herbs Dubrovnik, brewed with boiling water (one Cup), you need to insist 3/4 hours. The prepared broth drink 1 day in 3-4 reception. To be treated Dubrovnik can be two weeks.


St. John's wort. Widely known and popular plant has the ability to enhance the blood supply of the pelvic organs. To improve the potency you can drink an infusion of St. John's wort: pour Cup boiling water grass in the amount of two tablespoons and insist 1 hour, drink 1 day in 3 admission. Also popular infused vodka: dry grass pour vodka in the ratio 1:5; after 7 days of infusion, can take the remedy at a dose of 40 drops; For 1 day reception is repeated 3 times.

Motherwort. Herb of motherwort in the amount of two teaspoons of pour a half liters of boiled water, cooled to room temperature. After an 8-hour infusion take three times a day for 100 ml, before meals.

Lilac. One tablespoon of lilac flowers brewed Cup boiling water, insist before cooling. To drink infusion is necessary for 1 day in small portions (30-40 ml). The course of treatment – no more than two weeks.

Nettle. To improve the potency, recommended 5 tablespoons of nettle seeds to throw into the boiling port wine (or other wine), and cook for 5 minutes. Of wine you need to take a 1/2 gallon. Infuse for half an hour. Taken at night 50 ml.

Air ordinary. The rhizome of this plant is cut into small pieces and the Gulf of boiling water (1 Cup), insist 8 hours. Single dose of 1 tablespoon. During the day the reception is repeated 3 times before eating. You can simply chew several times a day in small pieces of rhizome (despite its bitter taste).

Aloe. Fresh aloe juice mixed with honey (in the ratio 1:5). Single dose, 1 teaspoon of the mixture. 1 day reception is repeated 3 times before eating. Treatment can be continued for 1-2 months.

Sea-buckthorn berries. By reducing the potency of the juice of sea buckthorn with Shilajit mixed in a ratio of 20:1. A single dose is 1 tablespoon. 1 day reception is repeated 3 times. The course is at least three weeks.


Kopitnik. This herb to improve the potency not take inside (kopitnik poisonous!). Dried roots of wild ginger ground to powder. Tablespoon of the resulting powder mixed with the same amount of fresh milk. The resulting mixture daily rubbed into the skin groin. The course of treatment – no more than two weeks.

The use of herbal
  1. The collection of St. John's wort, nettle, clover and mint. These herbs are taken in equal quantities (5 teaspoons of each herb), pour in a thermos liter of boiling water. Leave for 20 minutes. Filter. A single dose is 1 Cup. 1 day reception is repeated 3 times. For the best action collection of clover and St. John's wort is collected in dry places, and mint and nettle in the wet.
  2. The collection of the leaves of raspberry, strawberry, BlackBerry and black currant. The leaves of these plants, taken one tablespoon, mix, and 3 tablespoons of the mixture brew boiling water (three cups). Leave to warm on a water bath for 15 min. Then turn off the fire, allow broth to cool. Drink as tea 1 Cup, half an hour before a meal. 1 day reception is repeated 3 times.
  3. Collection from mountain ash and wild rose. Take equal parts (20 g.) dried Rowan berries and dried rose hips. Brew in a thermos 500 ml of boiling water. After 6 hours the infusion is ready. Take half a Cup. 1 day reception is repeated 3 times.
  4. Collection of aloe, rosehip and parsley seed. 150 gr. fresh aloe juice, 100 gr. hips, pounded into powder, 30 gr. parsley seeds crushed to a powder, mixed with 250 gr. honey and 350 ml of red wine. The mixture was infused for two weeks in a dark place, shaking from time to time. Dose for 1 admission – 1 tablespoon. 1 day the medicine should be taken three times for half an hour before meals.
  5. A mixture of tincture of aralia, ginseng, Siberian ginseng, zamanihi, Rhodiola rosea and.

Take pharmacy tinctures and extracts:

  • tincture of aralia – 50 ml;
  • tincture of ginseng – 50 ml;
  • Siberian ginseng extract – 30 ml;
  • tincture zamanihi – 50 ml;
  • Rhodiola rosea extract – 30 ml.

All this is mixed and stored in a dark place. 30 drops of the mixture taken after meals three times a day.

Treatment with food

Foods that contain large amount of protein, and vitamins a, b and E, increase virility. Therefore, men are dissatisfied with the level of its potency, you want to include in your daily menu these products.

Foods high in protein

This group of products includes meat, fish, seafood, dairy products, eggs, mushrooms.

On the dining room table men every day should be a sufficient number of meat dishes. A beneficial effect on the level of potency even the usual burgers or roast. But in the Caucasus, for example, is considered very useful for this purpose, a dish such as lamb or bull testicles, fried with onions.

Fish (especially mackerel, and flounder), red caviar, meat of rays and sharks, seafood (shrimp, mussels, oysters) is a source of sexual energy men. However, all of these products should be consumed not fried, and boiled, otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved.

Improve the potency and dairy products: sour cream, cream, cottage cheese, yogurt. But cooking these foods must be whole, natural, and unpasteurized milk.

Eggs are useful in any form: boiled, fried, omelette, etc. In folk medicine it is especially recommended to eat every morning on an empty stomach one yolk of hard-boiled egg.

To products-aphrodisiacs are and mushrooms. They are also a source of protein and also rich in zinc, a beneficial effect on potency. Particularly effective effect have rare we have truffles and morels are quite ordinary.

Vegetables Vegetables

Onions of all kinds from ancient times was used to improve the potency (onions, green, etc.). Equally useful and onion in boiled, fried, baked and even dried, and as part of various dishes.

Turnip is also used to treat impotence. Fresh turnips should be boiled in carrot juice or in milk, grate, mix in equal parts with honey. 1/3 Cup of this mixture should be consumed before meal three times a day.

Increases virility braised in milk and carrots. Take it at the same dosage, and turnips.

Very useful to increase the level of potency tomatoes. You can eat them in unlimited quantities, especially in baked or stewed.

Watermelon and cantaloupe, though not related to vegetables, are also aphrodisiacs. Recent studies have shown that watermelon contains substances influencing men's body like viagra.

Useful to added to vegetable salads with a mixture of lemon juice with olive oil. Moreover, it is recommended to eat them at sunset. Achieving the desired effect is guaranteed after a few days!


Sweet aphrodisiacs – fruits – you can eat as much as you like. These include avocados, pineapples, bananas, pomegranates, figs, strawberry, coconut, dates.


Nuts (walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, nuts, pistachios, etc.) are probably the most useful for improving the potency of the product.

You can simply eat walnuts during the month (for 100 gr. a day).

You can drink walnuts goat's milk. Daily dose – 1 Cup shelled nuts and 2 cups of goat milk with honey. Need a little bit of honey – 2 tablespoons. The treatment lasts 1 month.

Nuts with dried fruit:

To the crushed kernels twelve add walnuts 200 gr. finely chopped dried fruit (raisins, prunes, figs), mix. The mixture was stored in the refrigerator, and every morning take 2 teaspoons with yogurt or yogurt.

The "milk" from pine nuts:

Peeled pine nuts ground in a ceramic or porcelain dish. When the nuts turn into a homogeneous mass, begin to gradually add to them the water, continuing rubbing. Should get a liquid emulsion of white colour, resembling milk (and same density). This "milk" is very conducive to improving the potency, take 20 minutes before meals in a dose of 100 ml. For 1 day the medicine should be taken three times.

Spices Spices

That spices increase male sexual energy is known since ancient times. These aphrodisiacs are added to food in small quantities.

Improves sexual function pepper: black pepper, paprika, Chile.

Very useful celery: and salad with addition of fresh green celery, and the seeds of this herb in a variety of seasonings. Celery root is ground in a meat grinder or in a blender together with lemon (celery and lemon take equal amounts). The resulting mixture was stored in the refrigerator in a glass jar. Take before bedtime. Single dose of 1 tablespoon.

Powerful aphrodisiac is cardamom. This spice is used in a minimum dosage: a pinch of powder obtained from the seeds of cardamom, add a Cup of coffee or a hot milk with honey.

The root of ginger is taken in powder form (the dose is 1 teaspoon, you need to drink tea with honey). 1 day repeat administration of medication 1-2 times.

Along with exotic spices, to improve the potency of folk medicine offers garlic and horseradish - familiar plants of the middle band. But if hell is used just as a seasoning for food, from garlic to enhance the therapeutic effect, it is proposed to make an infusion.

1 kg of peeled garlic crushed, put in a glass jar and pour boiling water. Bank put for 1 month in a dark place. Every day the infusion should be roused. After a month, the infusion is filtered, and start taking a teaspoon of 1 times a day before meals with milk or yogurt. Treatment continues until, until the Bank is empty. This procedure (repeat no more than once a year) helps to cleanse the blood vessels. It is beneficial for the heart and brain, and to increase potency.


Honey – a product, is remarkable in many ways. It will help in treatment of impotence. There are many ways to use honey for this purpose.

You can use honey mixed in equal parts with crushed nuts. Take 2-3 times a day with milk. Single dose of 2 teaspoons.

You can prepare a mixture of 300 gr. honey, 150 gr. of aloe juice and 0.4 l of wine "Cahors". The resulting liquid is aged in a dark place during the week, take 1/2 hour before meals. Single dose of 1 tablespoon. 1 day the medicine should be taken three times.

You can not eat honey, and apply it in the form of applications. First, prepare the honey solution (200 gr. honey in 1 litre of warm water). In this solution moisten a Terry cloth that is applied for 10 minutes to lower abdomen and penis. This highly effective procedure is repeated twice a day for 10 days.

Other ways of improving of potency


This tool is one of the most powerful to enhance the sexual energy of men. The dose of Shilajit (0,15-0,2 gr.) dissolve in a tablespoon of water, and eat inside for 4-6 weeks. The medicine is made in the morning (fasting) and before bed. After the course of treatment, you need to make a 2-week break. Then you can spend a healing course again.

Don't forget: mummy incompatible with alcohol!

Water treatment

Steam bath. This is a wonderful folk remedy helps with reduced level of potency. To do this, visit the bath should be 2 times a week. In the steam room you can go 2-3 times, but to be there for no more than 10 minutes. Steam recommend a birch broom.

Seated contrast baths. This procedure is carried out in the evening, an hour before bedtime. Two large containers filled with water: with hot (40-45o) and cold (15-24o). To sit for 1 minute, first in a hot bath, then for 1 minute in cold, and repeat the change of position 10 times. Of course, it is more convenient to take these baths in the baths than at home.

Bath with Bay leaves. 50 gr. Bay leaves brewed with one liter of boiling water and insist half an hour, heat to wrap. Then the infusion is poured into a bath with warm water. The procedure lasts 15-30 minutes. After it the patient should go to bed.

Original ways Walking barefoot

Walking barefoot. This simple tool is effective in improving the potency. You can walk barefoot around the apartment, but it is better in the summer – on grass, earth, sand. While irritated biologically active points on the feet, including those that stimulate the potency.

Ice compress. A pound of ice, you finely chop, wrap in 8 layers of gauze. To make first for 1 minute in the hole on the neck under the occiput, then in 1 minute to the chest in the heart area, then 1 minute to the scrotum. This procedure should be repeated 3-5 times in a row. If you decide to withstand the "torture" of ice, then a few days you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.