Recovery of potency: folk remedies, exercise

Many men in their lifetime have difficulty with potency. Sometimes this trouble cause of the disease. In this case, be sure to go to the doctors. But most often these problems are not a consequence of the disease. Recovery of potency in these situations, the procedure is simple.

recovery of potency in men

Possible causes

To weaken male potency is affected by:

  1. Numerous external factors: environment, environmental conditions and stress.
  2. Not the last role played in this process Smoking and alcohol.
  3. Problems with potency may occur due to irregular sexual relationships and a sedentary lifestyle.
  4. Unhealthy diet, which is an increase of fat mass. But obesity is also one of the causes of impotence.

Recovery of potency in men should be done under the supervision of a specialist who will identify the causes of disease and prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

A healthy lifestyle

Sounds corny. But a healthy lifestyle is one of the main components of men's health.

  1. Bad habits (alcohol, Smoking, drugs) affect the condition of the vessels of the body. And if problems in the circulatory system quite difficult to restore potency. Sometimes in such situations can help only surgical intervention. Such decision problems are a huge stress for men, so to bring this up is not worth it.
  2. Another bad habit is fast food, pizza, dumplings. These Goodies develops obesity, which also affects the erection. Of course, to completely abandon dear to the heart and stomach of food is not necessary, but a balanced diet is necessary. Be sure to include in the diet of greens, vegetables, fruits, dishes with seafood, not to eat pizza, and nuts.
  3. It is useful to take vitamins. Usually the right amount of vitamins the body from food is not getting. Therefore, in the pharmacies you can buy drugs containing vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. They provide recovery of potency and have a positive impact on health.
  4. Nowadays, almost all lead a sedentary life. Therefore, it is necessary to give the body exercise. These can be classes in the fitness center under the guidance of a coach. But you can start small – easy morning exercises, walking, forget the elevators. And you should start today, right now.

The rational daily routine

The key to a proper functioning of the organism is thought the organization of time.

To restore male potency doctors recommend to listen to the following tips:

  1. Rest as necessary to man as active.
  2. Plays a big role proper sleep. Lack of sleep leads to exhaustion of the nervous system, which also affects the potency.
  3. Sleep should usually last at least 8 hours. Go to bed before midnight.
  4. If after work, before bed, take a walk in the fresh air, and the rest will be better and prevention of impotence is to take place.

With the weakening of potency to give the body more rest, less work, and lead a regular sex life.

Gymnastics for men

recovery of potency in men bad habits

There are special exercises to restore potency. They help develop muscles and promote blood flow to the genitals. To do these exercises is easy, and their effect is immediately noticeable. The potency recover without stimulant medications.

Here is a simple set of exercises that can be done discreetly anywhere – in the car, at home, in the office:

  1. To take a breath. When this muscles in the anus and perineum. To hold the air for 2-5 seconds. Exhale slowly, simultaneously relaxing your muscles. Perform the exercise for about 10 times. The run intervals – 3 times a day.
  2. For 20 seconds to stretch and relax the anus and perineum.
  3. In the sitting position with a slight forward bend to stretch and relax the abdominal muscles.

Proper nutrition

Recovery of potency in the home is based not only on rational daily routine and gymnastics. It is very important to properly balance your diet. Because the correct diet can heal the entire body and positively affect the "male power". So, it is essential to include food?

Experts say:

  1. Potassium and magnesium – the nutrients for men's health. Therefore, you should eat foods high in these micronutrients. Most of them are in the parsley, cilantro, raw pumpkin seeds. If you mix nuts or seeds with honey for a delicious and healthy sweet dish.
  2. Besides the potassium and magnesium male body needs protein for testosterone production. Meat, fish, milk and dairy products, eggs must be present in the male diet.
  3. Do not forget about the seafood, which contain a range of useful vitamins and minerals.
  4. Vegetables should always be on the table. The most useful for men is greens, onions, asparagus, garlic, carrot, radish.
  5. For dessert – figs, dried fruit, honey, chocolate.

All of the above positive effect on male viability. However, there are some limitations.

The strong half of mankind should remember the following recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to limit the consumption of carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, pasta, sweet drinks, white bread) and processed foods.
  2. Coffee and alcohol excessive consumption of negatively affect potency.
recovery of potency in men food


Contrast shower – first means to restore potency and health promotion.

Bath with Bay leaves has beneficial effects on the male body.

But the best way to restore reproductive function is a bath. In the bath from the body toxins, improves blood flow. Visit the bath is a necessary, but not more than twice a week, because high temperatures affect the functioning of the heart. Don't need to have happened: "One treat – another break".

Folk remedy - onion with honey

Ancient recipes tested by centuries, so it's worth to use them. Moreover, there are remedies made from herbs, which are sometimes hard to get, and from ordinary products. For example, onions with honey.

Recipe tools:

  1. Mix onion seeds with honey (just seeds).
  2. Take 2 times a day on a teaspoon.
  3. Seeds and honey must be the same number.

This tool provides recovery of potency, cure prostatitis. Upon receipt of the compounds are also intensively produced sperm.

Garlic tincture

Continuing to consider how to ensure recovery of potency of folk remedies, stop at this.

The tincture recipe and rules of admission:

  1. Grind 1 kg of garlic. Pour into a glass jar. Pour boiled water.
  2. Keep in a dark place for one month. Periodically stir.
  3. After a month tincture is ready.
  4. Take 1 times a day a teaspoon with a glass of milk.
  5. Duration of reception – before the end of the infusion.
  6. After a course of treatment to take a break.
  7. After one year you can repeat the course.

When taking this tincture to improve the potency and condition of the vessels. The tool also normalizes blood pressure.


In the pharmacies you can buy special drugs to restore potency. They increase blood flow and sensitivity. But these drugs only help for a while. For full recovery you need to consult a doctor. Only a specialist can identify the causes of the weakening of erectile function, to conduct a comprehensive treatment and help in the recovery of the body.

In addition, remember that each medication has its own characteristics and contraindications. Therefore, before taking medicines be sure to consult with your doctor.


There are many ways to restore potency. If a little bit to change your life – eat right, move more, to respect the day, limit alcohol and stop Smoking, then power back. Increase the duration of life, and the problems with potency will disappear.