Mint for men: the effect on the potency and health

How the mint affects the potency of men

Mint is known for a wide range of therapeutic properties, it is used to treat skin diseases, decoction of mint healed from many diseases. Scientists are actively debating about how the mint affects the potency of men.

Their opinions were divided: some argue that the plant and detrimental to men's health, others call it an aphrodisiac.

And yet, many men pass by menthol cigarettes, the mint tea and mint gum.

Use mint for men

Full sex life depends on many factors. Poor diet, alcohol abuse, lack of exercise, stress, diseases have a negative impact on the health of men. To normalize sexual activity, it is necessary to eliminate the source of the problem. Then the question arises, does the spearmint on male potency?

Almost all varieties of mint have a number of extremely useful properties. Of herbs to create herbal teas, tinctures, oil. Based on it made all sorts of drops, tablets, lozenges, syrups. It is often used in cooking and for making refreshing drinks, salads, pastries. In many modern medicines contains menthol.

If the answer to the question of how the mint affects the male potency, it is safe to say that it is beneficial to the body:

  • tones;
  • improves the stomach;
  • cleanses the bile ducts;
  • has a sedative effect, relaxes and soothes the man;
  • relieves insomnia and irritability;
  • prevents cardiovascular diseases;
  • reduces inflammation in the throat colds;
  • facilitates a condition at an elevated temperature;
  • has analgesic effect on the body;
  • used for inflammation of the joints, radiculitis, osteochondrosis.

Despite this, mint and potency in men cause controversial issues. In the leaves of plants contain female hormones, they can lower testosterone level. The grass is recommended for women with hormonal disorders. The plant gets rid of excess hair on the body, gives the body a feminine shape. This leads men to confusion and many believe that the herb reduces libido.

Scientists attempt to see how the mint affects on male potency, conducted experiments on rats. A certain amount of time animals were given only tea. As a result, rats have dramatically lower levels of testosterone.

But the experiment was not quite correct, as the body of experimental no other liquid.

Agree, because a sane person will not use the plant in such quantity, everything should be in moderation.

Often the cause of male potency is nothing like the anxiety, stress, and neuroses of various origin. And here arises the question, does mint on the potency of men? It helps to get rid of these ailments. If the plant removes the very cause of male potency, it can be used for the restoration of male power the main thing is to calculate the dosage.

Regular intake means with the contents of the peppermint herb has a beneficial effect on the emotional state of the man. Improve emotional background leads to increased libido, potency.

Important! The plant is harmful only if a man will begin to take a day at least two liters of the drink.

Recipes to improve the potency of mint

Recipes to improve the potency of mint

Herbal infusions and decoctions help to eliminate erectile dysfunction. Recipes from mint for potency is quite simple and affordable.

As the plant acts differently on the body, it should take no more than two times a day. Best to stick to a course of treatment. It may take thirty days. You then need to do a two-week break.

To restore and improve the potency of the plant is recommended to use in combination with other herbs.


To prepare the broth use the following ingredients:

  • peppermint – 50 g;
  • nettle – 50 g;
  • perforatum St. John's wort – 50 g;
  • red clover – 50 g.

Take a small pan, lay on the bottom of the fabric so that the grass is not in contact with the metal. Otherwise, the oxidation of the broth may lose nutrients.

Grass pour 1 liter of boiling water and place the liquid in a water bath. Ready broth should warm up 5 minutes on low heat, then he needs to allow to infuse until cool.

Strain the resulting liquid and take the product twice a day 150 ml for twenty minutes before eating.

From these ingredients, you can prepare a tincture alcohol-based. Place the grass in a dark vessel, pour raw vodka (500 ml). Close the container and store in a dark place for two weeks. The tincture take 1 teaspoon before bedtime.

Recipe for an erection

To prepare the tincture you need:

  • mint ¼ tsp;
  • rosemary – ¼ tsp;
  • savory – half a teaspoon.

Mix all ingredients, pour boiling water (100 ml). Let steep for five minutes, add the prepared mixture of 1 teaspoon of honey and drink half an hour before intimacy, not filtering.

Berry-mint cocktail

To prepare the cocktail you will need:

  • berry syrup – 30 g;
  • sprig of mint;
  • ice cream – 100 g

Mix all the ingredients, dilute with a glass of cold water, shake thoroughly with a mixer. The product is ready for use.

Important: fresh grass helps to stimulate brain activity and tones the blood vessels. Therefore, to achieve the positive effects of peppermint on male potency is recommended to drink it before noon.

Mint tea

Mint tea


  • mint – 100 g;
  • oregano – 100 g;
  • St. John's wort – 100 g

Mix all the ingredients. To make tea put one teaspoon of the mixture in a porcelain or glass dish. Grass pour boiling water (250 ml) and let it brew. To consume the drink is recommended several times a day with honey, jam or sugar.

Bathroom with mint

Take 50 g of dry grass pour boiling water. Leave to infuse for twenty minutes. Strain the broth and add it to the bathroom. This recipe helps gain vitality and improves the potency.

Important: the Funds on the basis of mint enhance immunity, help the body fight diseases of the prostate.

Harm and contraindications

The scientists noted the negative impact of mint on the potency. The abuse of minty beverage, the level of testosterone drops it hurts the potency, so how exactly does testosterone responsible for male libido and creates a sexual activity.

With the deterioration of the production of this hormone in men lost sexual interest. Excessive consumption of peppermint inhibits the activity of spermatozoa. This leads to a weakening of erection and decrease of reproductive functions.

Reduced ability to conceive.

Mint adversely affect the male body in the following cases:

  • with varicose veins, as the plant reduces vascular tone;
  • with hypersensitive and hypersensitive;
  • while driving, mechanisms that require high concentration, as the plant has a calming and relaxing effect on the body, the nervous system.

Negative reviews on the effect of mint on the potency is exaggerated. She destroys male power, on the contrary, rich in beneficial properties that are beneficial for the male body. In the absence of contraindications it is a great helper to fight a protracted depression, constant stress and irritability. The only exception is considered to be individual intolerance to the product.

Important: the Beneficial effects of mint on the nervous system men is a key moment in the normalization of potency. Therefore, it is best suited for men who are often in a stressful condition.