Improving potency in men folk remedies

folk remedies to improve the potency

Risk factors treats divan lifestyle, Smoking and alcohol consumption, lack of exercise. As a result, problems with erection, decreased libido, adverse effects on intimate life.

Improving potency in men folk remedies — one of the solutions to this problem. The effectiveness of the method is particularly large in the early stages of development of the situation, in advanced cases people's recipes must be combined with drugs.

What tools are used to increase potency?

These include:

  • Recipe with nettle, St. John's wort, mint and clover. All the herbs must be taken in the amount of 5 teaspoons, mix, after pour 1 liter of hot water. The cure strain after 60 minutes and take 1 Cup a day. If done correctly, after some time there is a rush of forces, because these plants stimulate sexual activity;
  • Infusion of lilac, it will help in mild cases of reduce the erection. You will need dried flowers of the plant in the amount of 1 tbsp, they should pour a glass of boiling water. When the mixture has cooled, strain it and drink throughout the day;
  • Calamus root is useful for those who have observed the violation of potency. The product is clean, finely chop, take 20 g and mix with 200 ml hot water, infuse for 8 hours. The resulting composition is divided into equal parts and be consumed throughout the day. If you want you can just chew calamus root;
  • Lovage — used as seasoning to dishes, in addition to dairy products. The day allowed to eat 2 tsp. of the plant, they will forget about the problem in the intimate life.

Well help to improve the potency of recipes with vegetables

Among the most useful:

  • Garlic — acts as an aphrodisiac and powerful anti-aging substance. To prepare the means, it is necessary to take 1 kg of the vegetable, chop and pour 3 liters of water, leave for a month, shaking daily. After to use the mixture to 1 tsp during the day, the course continues until the liquid end.
  • Celery — infusion allows to increase the potency. You need to take fresh root in the amount of 1 tbsp and pour 300 ml of hot water, infuse 4 hours, filter and drink thrice a day for 1 tbsp.

Recipe with honey and St. John's wort

He became famous in improving potency and erection, and all because of the content of those substances, without which normal production of sex hormones in men.

To solve the problem with potency, you can combine this product with ginger powder and also with St. John's wort, but be careful, because this plant if misused becomes a threat to life.

2-3 dessert spoons of St. John's wort, you need 2 cups of hot water. The grass steamed and cooled, in an hour, the beverage is filtered, add 2 tablespoons of honey and take this amount throughout the day.

Useful properties of oil of pumpkin seeds

Let's talk about useful properties of pumpkin oil, but simply the consumption of pumpkin seeds helps maintain healthy erectile function. They contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids which must be ingested in men. Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of zinc — trace mineral involved in synthesising testosterone and sperm. Pumpkin seeds — composition, useful properties

Nuts for male power

Great benefits for problems with sexual activity bring nuts, they give strength and energy are a source of zinc, magnesium and calcium. These minerals are beneficial to the synthesis of germ cells in men, restoring sexual potency, and helping to establish sexual life.

To solve the problem of lower sexual power, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine, taking into account contraindications. If you are careful, you can get rid of difficulties and to enjoy life for many more years.