The most effective folk remedies for the treatment of potency

Even the smallest pharmacy will offer today several means to increase potency. But an increasing number of men who care about their health, opt for the treatment potency folk remedies. Often they are, folk remedies are the most effective in the treatment of various diseases. And when it comes to the most important thing, the male potency, you want a perfect result, and preferably quickly.

folk remedies

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction that is your diagnosis. Don't despair, you're not the first, so to speak. Most often, this diagnosis is made in men older than 50 years, but young people faced with similar problems.

Traditional healers, herbalists primarily in the treatment of impotency take into account several aspects of your life. Pay attention to that? The first is your psychological condition. How you calm in the circumstances, it is wise philosophical attitude to your male viability. It is not always, not always a high potency symptom of male viability. The second is chronological aging, which manifest as physical disorders (they are various, and I will not list them).

There are a large number of herbal remedies that will help cope with your illness. If you combine different treatments, you can quickly and efficiently to regain lost male power. Please note! Only a comprehensive approach will help to cope with the problem of reducing the potency. And you should start with lifestyle changes. Try at least at the time of treatment! And suddenly like that, and these changes will stay forever.

The 10 commandments of a wise healer

  1. Quit Smoking! Even if you think that you smoke a little. Even if "only company" or "solely from stress."
  2. Do not overdo it with alcohol. No need to leave "once and done". Moderately.
  3. Lower the weight!
  4. Monitor blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  5. Limit consumption of animal fats in the diet. It is advisable to say goodbye to pork. She is present "on major religious holidays".
  6. Do sports, your body will thank you! Game types – basketball, volleyball. Bike. Swimming.
  7. It's time to get out from behind the wheel! If possible, go on foot. Preferably 5 km a day. Preferably quickly.
  8. Fruits and berries – here is your dessert. The excess of sweets (and the sweets-chocolate more palm oil), refined sugars, artificial additives has a major impact on your potency.
  9. Exercise of pelvic floor muscles. Yoga!
  10. Regularly have sex! REGULARLY!
treatment potency

As soon as you notice problems with erection, immediately proceed to the treatment. To do this, you need to use folk remedies. Why folk remedies? Sometimes it is a folk remedy most effective in the treatment of potency. How your treated your grandparents? Or do you think that a hundred years ago men did not suffer from declining potency? Come on! Always suffered, you're not the first. And successfully treated without chemicals and pills!


In General, everything is simple. Herbal teas, tinctures, balms. Before you choose a recipe for yourself, carefully read the following rules.

  1. Be patient! Instant results will not. For two days, and even during the week. And when will be? Pass at least one course. One grandmother was an herbalist told me "wise" God rewards the patient twice. Check for yourself. Works. And even if you go the other way will be to take pills, vitamins, supplements – the result will come only after a certain time.
  2. Make sure that you follow all the recommendations of the healers. This is the key to success. The result will be!
  3. Additionally, you have to treat accompanying illnesses, if any. It is a chronic diseases can cause erectile dysfunction.


Herbal. Tested! The most effective folk remedies for the treatment of potency in men.
I'm not going to write recipes, many of them in special sources. I will write about the results. Recipes a lot. Almost all the same set of herbs. And every recipe works. I cooked only ones that cook quickly. Pay attention to those that brew in a thermos. It is convenient.

  • The infusion of the root galangal. Super! Particularly effective for the treatment potency in men. Galangal is a miracle root! Contains a unique substance, which helps blood circulation in the genital organs of men and increase the production of sperm. Kalgan effectively treated impotence by our ancestors. It is called "male power". Tested! Improves erection, contributes to long-term erection.
    Recommend alcohol tincture.
  • Tincture of Magnolia-vine. Perfect for Mature men. Is this category of men impotence is a result of age-related changes. It would be good to prepare alcohol tincture of Magnolia-vine

Why I recommend these recipes, because on various websites there are hundreds all kinds? First, it is checked. These recipes are. This is the most effective means. Secondly, quick to prepare, easy to find the right ingredients, they are sold in any drugstore. Thirdly, it is convenient to take. Thermos you can take with you to work. The tincture can be poured in convenient small containers and take with you if you need to take 3-4 times a day, and you are not at home. Personally, I was comfortable.

  • The infusion of the root radiograms pink. It is also called "Golden root". Tested! Root, indeed, "Golden"!
    Important to know: this tincture need to eat pumpkin seeds. This product additionally stimulates the activity of the sex glands in men. Besides, pumpkin seeds are an excellent tool for the treatment of prostatitis and its prevention. And very often prostatitis is a recurrent disease and cause of impotence.
  • Carnation. Ought to write this word to all the letters were capitalized. STUD!
    I'll tell you how to make male organ hard if you lack the sexual power (that is, if there is the initial stage of impotence). I took a tablespoon of cloves and poured a glass of hot milk, insist 2 hours, drain and took morning and evening. By the way, gave up coffee and tea this infusion of them replacing.

Effectively cope with impotence, increases the amount of semen. BUT! BUT there is one! Milk. Don't like milk? Do not carry, are allergic? Then for you next recipe.

  • HONEY! It's delicious! It is 100% effective folk remedy for treatment of potency in men.
  1. Recipe No. 1.
    Royal jelly. There is in industrial production and is sold in the pharmacy.
  2. Recipe №2.
    Honey balm. Ways of cooking a lot. Everywhere the same: honey, red and wine.
    By the way, this tool is perfectly strengthens the immune system as a whole. And delicious!

Practical advice. How I did it.

  1. Extract of Eleutherococcus. Easy! Sold in the drugstore, there you can read the and instruction. The effect is stunning! Stimulates function of sexual glands, has a restorative effect on the immune system, improves mental and physical working capacity. BUT! If you have high blood pressure, this drug is not suitable.
  2. Pumpkin seeds with me always and everywhere! I eat these seeds now, any tincture. Consulted a doctor. Really? Treat pumpkin seeds prostatitis? The doctor said that to prevent very useful.
  3. For me personally, it was difficult to sustain this: half an hour before eating, twenty minutes before meals. Came home from work, hungry, and then you need to wait. I used to wear a small pharmacy bottle (from any medical tinctures) in his pocket. On the way home, about calculating the time, I was drinking the drink of the tincture, so you do not have to wait.
  4. In the preparation of tinctures need to take only high quality vodka. Is not worth saving. About alcohol tinctures: what if you're driving? Please note, that a single dose of tincture everywhere, in all recipes – half a teaspoon, teaspoon. To calculate the ppm of alcohol in a portion almost impossible.
  5. The root of the galangal I bought from the guy on the market. Already dried and chopped. Expensive, but worth it. And you can buy in the pharmacy.
  6. First question: where to get ingredients? I bought at the pharmacy, and on the market. Look to grandparents, they gave me prescriptions and advised how best to brew a particular weed.
  7. GINSENG. And all the letters in the word capitalized. And fairly. Leader! Titan! You can write a Saga novel, and then to shoot a TV series of one hundred and twenty-seven series on the benefits of this plant for the treatment of potency. I came to this conclusion: do not buy popular brands – waste of money for the marketers that sell to firms. Today the Russian market for many different means, which include ginseng. Retrieved on personal experience: don't need any specific infusions or medications. Quite a conventional pharmacy tincture of ginseng. The effect is the same.

As a conclusion to his article will answer the question: why these recipes I chose from the extensive list proposed in different sources.

  1. The availability of ingredients. Quick and easy to prepare.
  2. No side effects.
  3. Even if you made a overdose – the consequences are fairly minimal. It's not the antibiotics, not intravenous injection.
  4. It is convenient to take, morning and evening when you get home. And even if 3 times per day, convenient to take along.

All these herbal teas and alcohol tinctures are effective and, importantly, a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and have a restorative effect on the immune system.

Live life to the fullest and be healthy!