Cream for penis enlargement

Very often men are interested in ways to increase their sexual organ, and there are a lot of reasons and last but not least created the myth that a woman can meet or deliver the greatest pleasure only a big penis.

Not the last role was played by the movies where as the selection huge cock actors.

One of the most popular ways of penis enlargement are all sorts of creams, ointments, gels and it is not easy, they are much cheaper and look safer than surgery and other methods of increasing the penis of men. In this article you can learn how to relate to this issue doctors and patients, as well as to see the most popular creams and gels, their composition and methods of application.

Penile enlargement: myths and reality

Penile enlargement is in high demand among men of all ages. In the modern world men want to have a large sexual organ and, if nature has hurt it a few inches, then he tries to get them by other methods. About the most common methods, and also about the myths and realities associated with them, we will tell below.

Rubbing and wait for the effect...

But it was not. About the benefits or harm about the effectiveness of creams, gels and ointments to increase there are a lot of myths. Manufacturers of the miracle drugs a few days guarantee You an increase in penis not only in length but also in diameter.

Your "friend" should increase due to the stimulation tissue, i.e. it should start to grow as the wave of a magic wand, and then when they grow to the required size, immediately stop. How much do You need? 18, 20, or 25 centimeters? Everything is possible, you just have to carefully RUB!

And the effect will not keep you wait... because it will never happen! Popular ointments, creams and gels are of no use or will not bring harm to Your health. Although one positive effect of these substances will have the skin of Your penis will be soft, smooth and silky, like an ass of a newborn baby, as they say in advertising!

Physical exercise to ensure Your size!

Of course, exercise can stimulate the process of increasing the penis. Only here there is one but: if Your penis has grown, if You are not a teenager and puberty in Your case a long-forgotten fact that no exercise will help You to increase penis.

Special training "buddy", manual methods will have a positive effect, prevention of diseases of the sexual organ no one has yet prevented.

And remember: those who say is muscle on, just do not know about the structure of anything. The penis is not composed of muscle, and cavernous and cavernous bodies, which are expanded by the accumulation of blood thereby causing an erection. You can't get improvement by muscle training.

Ointments for penis enlargement

Ointment for a member

The means which contribute to how to increase the penis - is very popular in online online stores. Almost all men and women know that now it is possible to increase a member, but also very important is how You use it!

  • Nevertheless, strong floors by nature inclined to compete: men with dignity large in diameter interested in how to increase length of a member; at the same time, guys with long penises want to know how to increase the thickness of the member.
  • There is a perception that reproductive organ is a symbol of masculinity, so many are looking for means for penis enlargement to feel more confident.
  • About 80-90% of men have at least once wondered how to increase penis size.
  • Surgery hardly anyone draws (surgical enlargement of the penis in clinic), so the first thing the boys and men of different ages try to find the lessons (video) how to increase a member and look special methods of penis enlargement.

But the truth is that most of them are a waste of time. But there are some proven ways add a few inches to his reproductive organ (ways to increase your member on 2-4 cm). However, be careful beware of imitations!

The effect of the cream

Consider the most effective means of (excluding operation) and learn how to make dick bigger at home for 2-3 and even 5-6 cm

Average penis size in erection is 13-15 cm, But often this is not enough to fully satisfy a girl. Not to mention those women who gave birth. In our time, the cream can increase the member by 4-5 cm and that's not all! Your erections will become longer, and the duration of intercourse will easily be able to achieve 3 hours without a break!

Creams to increase penis is much hope for men with small size. But let's find out whether it is possible to increase the size of the member and what instructions you need to follow.

The effect of the cream

We promise that in just 3 weeks we will achieve the following results:

  • 1 week

The sensitivity and duration of the "riser" of the penis is increased 1.5-2 times. The first effect - the increase in penis size in length: 1-1,5 see

  • 2 week

Helps how to increase the thickness of penile (penis), as well as the leveling of the form. The duration of intercourse grows rapidly up to 60-70%!

  • 3 week

Allows you to increase the length of penis by 4-5 cm! Significantly improves the quality of sex. An orgasm becomes more powerful and lasts up to 5-7 minutes. And women go crazy.

But one of the reviews about the cream for penis enlargement (penis)a guy of 28 years:

"I used to consider myself an excellent lover, I was sure that my 15 cm is more than. Girls always satisfied me (I think so)... but after I saw the ad of this cream on the Internet and thought why not try it for such a ridiculous price (we all know that the cost of penis enlargement surgically is very high). 1 month of daily use I extended their advantage 3 see Also I was able increase the member in diameter (wide) and it was noticeably harder!"

Leading sexologists have their own opinion, opinion:

"The increase in penis (penis) cream to date is the only alternative to plastic surgery. The positive result You get in just a few weeks. Turning to statistics, we can safely say that the cream for penis enlargement has helped 95-98% of men who used it!"

Due to the large number of fakes recommend you to be careful and to use only the original!

Recommended within a month, maximum two. But You not only see but also feel the effect from the first days of use. The most important is no danger to health, in contrast to less secure methods such as hanging cargo, the use of pumps for penis enlargement or surgery. If You are still in doubt, can I increase penis cream, we confidently say: Yes, you can!

Leading sexologists have their own opinion, opinion

What time is it?

Another important advantage of using enlargement cream penis (penis) - is the minimum time required for the procedure. It will take less than a minute to correctly put on.

  • The tool leaves no marks on clothing and has no smell. So about Your "session" no one will know.
  • And it turns out that spending only 2-3 minutes a day on this process, You have a month (or even earlier) will surprise any girl and woman high quality, long-lasting sex!
  • Effective penis enlargement at home is now available. And no need for expensive treatment, plastics and trips to doctors.

Important point! Many people say (or think) that the member is a muscular organ. Ha! These people don't have the slightest idea about its structure. Cavernous and cavernous bodies are the Foundation of the penis, which expands by the blood flow (when excited). Thus, we have concluded that to quickly increase your penis (dick) in the first place help rather gels and not exercise.

Popular methods of penis enlargement (member) currently is the use of various gels, and other tools that should be applied on penis and RUB. Once You have reached our website, you most likely also interested in any information about the gels. And certainly want to answer the question, is it possible to increase the member himself using this remedy.


Gels are safe enough. Main ingredients - natural ingredients (such as herbs - aphrodisiacs). And how to increase the member using herbs, You ask? Properties of special herbs that effectively affect the potency, used a long time ago a Swedish company which produced products for sex shops.

  • All ingredients are carefully assembled by hand and are quality treatment of special equipment.
  • The people testing these gels based on herbs claim that it is a tool to increase your member (penis) does give results, but only temporary.
  • Swelling on for a few hours.
  • For prolonged effect, you should use additional drugs for penis enlargement.

Conclusion: if You want to achieve permanent, sustainable results, and actually increase the penis at home, then You have 2 proven path: a cream of a member or surgery. The combined effects of substances, which are part of the cream for the penis, allows you will get the expected, desired result in a short time, and even at home (at home).

Allergies and contraindications

In fact, buying ointments for penis enlargement is a serious and responsible step. Make sure You are not allergic and no contraindications!

Remember! The composition of the ointment may contain substances causing itching, burning and allergic reaction depending on the individual organism. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to read the composition and method of application before you set a precise goal of how to increase the member of the folk remedies.

The effect is largely the same as when you use synthetic drugs - assist in the expansion of the capillaries penis.

  • There comes the flow of blood and the penis becomes easier to become more solid.
  • It is recommended to men and guys who want, but don't know how to increase the member in the amount, get hard and fast erections that will last for a long period of time.
  • But, unfortunately, also not good. Ointments and gels, have only a temporary effect on the penis size.

Method how to enlarge penis at home:

  1. To wash groin with soap and water,
  2. Wipe with a towel and wait until completely dry,
  3. To take ointment for penis enlargement,
  4. Apply a small amount to penis and RUB 5 min
  5. Repeat the procedure morning and evening.

The risk of cream for penis enlargement

Drugs to increase potency, and the more to enlarge the penis on the domestic market today has become nothing less than a European. Therefore, the attitude of every man who chooses to resort to any means for increase of a member, must be very serious.

After all, choosing is not the way to increase funds, you can deal massive damage not only to health in General, but also the same desired outcome - to increase the member.

  • Very sad that the use of many drugs for penis enlargement often causes erectile dysfunction and sometimes even impotence. To explain this state of Affairs is simple enough.
  • This is due primarily to the fact that many of the men want to achieve the result of increase of a member right away.

In addition, many of the men less interested in composition and the possible side effects, and the more and more long-term effects of various chemicals, gels or ointments, allegedly used specifically for penis enlargement.

Neglect of own health, fear of referral to a specialist could always characterized the Russian man, especially when it comes to penis enlargement.

The risk of cream for penis enlargement

The choice of cream

So often today: to increase the penis, virtually no osvedomivshis, Russian man grabs at the first sign of such thoughts for the first his eye gel, cream or drug for penis enlargement.

After all, to handle the problem on increase of a member to a specialist he just simply ashamed, and to reflect on the different instructions and potential side effects - had, of course, no quite time. And what is the result of such a penis enlargement?

The best option like penis enlargement - no result.

But along with the "no" result, penis enlargement can be observed nausea, vomiting, headaches of various kinds, stuffy nose, blurred vision, not to mention erectile dysfunction, continuing a day or two, several weeks, or even protracted for several months.

Whether such drugs for penis enlargement?

You should pay attention to?

Especially should pay attention to the fact that the frequent cases of supply on the market gels and creams topical use in the best case are Shams, and at worst can cause destruction of the integrity of the skin of the penis and its head, various erosion, allergies, and ulcers and even result in lasting erectile dysfunction.

These creams and gels have not been any clinical studies, and doctors they can only cause a smile.

It is scientifically proven that gels, creams and ointments are not able to increase the penis even a millimeter. The penis enlargement is a comprehensive program for administration of specific drugs that can permanently increase the blood flow in the male reproductive system to consolidate the results of training by the method of stretching the ligaments of the penis.

Think for yourself - before you make your choice!