An overview of vitamins and complexes for men, useful to improve the potency


Male potency is the strength of a man, his confidence not only with women but also in relation to the world. But the constant stress and life in an urban environment can kill libido and the opportunity to satisfy your favorite.

To be in good shape, you need to monitor not only the nutrition, but also for vitamins for potency men. But men consider them to be unnecessary, because of the stereotype that they are needed by pregnant women and children. This is not so. Potency is not eternal, and its favourable condition to support.

Signs of deterioration of the sexual condition

  1. The lack of desire.
  2. Low penile erection.
  3. Fast ejaculation.
  4. A long recovery for the next act.

You should think about your men's health if:

  1. Present in the life of constant stress — work, outstanding personal business, or different issues causing constant anxiety.
  2. Using alcohol or drugs.
  3. Obesity.
  4. A sedentary lifestyle.
  5. Smoking.
  6. Poor nutrition.

No vitamins means no dates


What can help in such an unpleasant situation? Vitamins for men to improve potency — it is a vital elements.

Lack of vitamins can happen due to heavy workload in the gym. It seems that has gone to to appear more attractive. But, as a result of excessive load problems with potency. Further sexual dysfunction can lead to complete impotence.

This is due to reduced hormone testosterone. He was in the right amount, you need to take vitamins. They have a positive effect on the entire body, which leads to good erection.

Names of important elements

Not all elements are needed in this case. Overdose is also bad. We do not recommend a single product. Need a balanced set. Take a look at the names vitamin for men to improve the potency:

  • Vitamin A. Reproductive system will thank you. Vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin meets the requirements in this element. To Supplement the diet can be butter, cod liver.
  • The b group vitamins. Necessary, to the reproductive system worked like clockwork. The excitation becomes larger, the sensuality. Nervousness will decrease. The elements in this group are beans, peanuts, beets, nuts, salmon and tuna, seeds, bananas, hard cheese, parsley.
  • Vitamin C. Hormones of "happiness" appear thanks to its participation in some processes. Helps blood to freely ebb to the penis. Get it from citrus, berries, cabbage or sweet peppers.
  • Vitamin D. The "male" vitamin to increase testosterone levels. Responsible for potency. Normalizes the heart and nervous system. Is in fish oil (now you can buy it in capsules and forget about the unpleasant taste), dairy products, cheese, cottage cheese and certain other products.
  • Vitamin E. Fatigue will become easier to overcome. Most of it in the nuts and chicken egg yolks, wheat and oatmeal.

Table of required dosage of vitamins for men to improve the potency:

Vitamin A 1 mg
B vitamins Depends on the type
Vitamin C 70 mg
Vitamin D 5 µg
Vitamin E 15 mg
vitamins for potency

The vitamins that increase the potency of men is easy enough to remember. You can print the list and hang it in a prominent place. So the eye will come across that need to be addressed for good health.