Drugs to increase potency's

In my opinion, folk remedies to increase potency in men, can bring more benefits than a variety of medicines, as they are of natural origin and have no side effects.

folk remedies to increase potency

In this article we'll talk about proper nutrition. Namely, analyze in detail the list of products to increase potency at men and traditional recipes. If after reading, you are in your usual diet will add all of these products (or at least part of the data products), the problems with potency, you will not have as much to old age.

Before proceeding to the analysis of products and recipes, to begin, consider some important tips that will help you to prevent the emergence of problems with potency.

TOP 8 most important tips for better erection


A very terrible thing, as it has a negative impact on virility. Alcohol + good and long lasting erection = not compatible things. After alcohol is ingested, the body begins to suffer the whole body and violated many of the processes. In order to notice the deterioration of an erection does not need to be an alcoholic, once a week on an ongoing basis to thump with your friends (as many people say – relax). The more you drink, the more likely to obtain problems with potency, and in the future also become infertile, because alcohol can have damaging effects on sperm quality. Maybe you 20 – 25 years and you say that you drink often, and a lot of with potency you have everything in order ... don't worry if everything is okay now, in the future (closer to 40 years) alcohol will definitely show itself. But if so happened that you can't live without alcohol, it is recommended to keep its use to a minimum and choose only high quality red wine. If the wine is to drink very rarely and in small quantities, no harm (and some sources claim that it will even benefit, as a good quality red wine is an aphrodisiac). Strongly recommend to abandon the strong drinks (vodka, cognac, whiskey, etc.) and beer.

Proper nutrition

Revise your diet as it is a very important component of your lifestyle that directly affects the potency. Nowadays people have come up with a lot of tasty, fatty and junk food. The abuse of the food can provoke a number of diseases and problems with potency. Therefore, I recommend to drop various types of junk food. Make the emphasis on nutritious food such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, essential fatty acids (linseed and olive oil), sour dairy products and meat. If you eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle, then you will never need folk remedies to increase potency in men, as you have it will work well.


If you think that stress in no way affects the potency, then hasten to disappoint you. Stress greatly affects the potency, therefore in every possible way try to avoid it. Stress can have damaging effects on the Central nervous system, and male potency is very much dependent on the condition of the nervous system. Also, during times of stress the body emits the hormone cortisol, which suppresses testosterone production and destroys your lean muscle mass.


Like alcohol, cigarettes are harmful substance that kills male potency. Maybe Smoking affects even more destructive than alcohol. The problem of smokers that cigarettes disrupts the blood vessels. First – suppressed vascular tone (for hard erection it is necessary that in the cavernous bodies actively accumulated blood, and cigarettes that are at times worse). The second atheromatous plaque (due to the fact that the clogged blood vessels these plaques, there is no good blood filling and because of this, weak erection or none at all). Also, I can't ignore the fact that nicotine greatly lowers the production of testosterone. That's too bad, because testosterone is the main male hormone which makes a boy a man. Maybe you 20 – 25 years and you say that I smoke a couple packs a day and potency you have everything in order ... don't worry, cigarettes don't work so fast ... all the problems will appear later (maybe after 5 years, maybe in 10, maybe 20 ... it's different for everybody, but what they are is 100%).


Take a cool shower in the mornings and evenings. It is well stimulates the cardiovascular system and because of this there is improvement of blood circulation, which in consequence improves the condition of erection.


It is proven that if you pay little time to sleep, then this is very bad for the body and in particular potency. Shortage of sleep reduces the production of the major male hormone – testosterone by as much as 25 – 35%. Also, lack of sleep lowers one such important hormone, such as growth hormone (somatotropin). The sleep should not last less than 7 hours, but no more than 9 hours (scientists say that the long sleep is also not very good for the body as quick). A great option is 7 – 9 hours (that is why, in most literature about the benefits of sleep, say that it should last 8 hours). If for some reason you had a night's sleep less than 7 hours, I recommend to sleep during the day (example: if 5 hours of sleep a night, the day still have to sleep 3 hours).

Strength training and active life

Active life will benefit not only potency, but also throughout the body as a whole. Proven that weight training with iron can increase the production of testosterone, which positively affects the male erection. Running, swimming and any other kind of aerobic character improves functioning of the cardiovascular system and blood circulation, which ultimately leads to harder and improved erections. Sport itself is useful, but it should not be too much, as you will get the opposite effect. If you train in the gym 3 times a week for 45 minutes (weight training) 5 times a week doing Jogging for 10 to 15 minutes (aerobic exercise), it'll only benefit. But if you have 6 workouts a week for 2 hours + every morning you run for 40 – 60 minutes, the erection may not be such a wonderful (but in sport the results will be much brighter).

Well, basic tips about how to keep your male strength at altitude – you have learned. Now it's time to talk about food that directly have a positive effect on male potency. It should be noted that the products and folk remedies to increase potency in men, which is described below, is really quite effective because they are proven and have been used in people as well, these products are cheap, readily available (you can find in any supermarket, market or in the store) and natural origin (they will not be side effects).

A list of products for hanging potency

Onions and garlic

onions and garlic

Onions and garlic have long been used as a means of enhancing sexual desire in men. They are rich in various vitamins (especially selenium), macro and micronutrients. Also, garlic has a preventive effect (helps to prevent prostatitis) and has antibacterial properties. Onions and garlic have a direct effect on erections and indirectly. They clean blood vessels, thin the blood, improve circulation, and all this eventually leads to a concrete erection. More interestingly is the fact that garlic increases the number and quality of sperm, which is excellent prevention from infertility. 2 cloves of garlic and half an onion per day – enough that men's power was on top. If you are concerned about bad breath from garlic, I recommend to eat it with the last meal before bed (usually until the morning will not be any odor).

Meat and seafood

will be useful for men because they are rich in vitamins, protein, macro and micronutrients (these nutrients are very important for qualitative and natural testosterone production). Very effective for potency is the use of such seafood as shrimp, squid, oysters, mussels, meat mackerel and flounder. Also, your diet should be red meat. This type of meat enriched in this mineral, such as zinc, which is an essential substance for maintaining the male sex hormone. Except red meat, white must present in your diet. Complete abstinence from meat has a negative impact on male potency and sexuality, so try to eat at least 1 serving red or white meat per day (the best option would be alternating: Monday – red Tuesday – white Wednesday – red Thursday – white, etc.).

Quail eggs

Every man should definitely have in your diet such a product as quail eggs. They are very useful and necessary vitamins (A, B6, E ) to maintain potency. Since ancient times people knew about the miraculous properties of quail eggs for men. They cleanse the blood vessels and excrete radionuclides. Also, quail eggs increase the quantity and improve the quality of sperm. There are many different recipes, the main ingredient which are quail eggs. I recommend you not to bother cooking a variety of folk remedies to increase potency in men with the use of quail eggs, and just a day to eat 1 – 2 eggs with any meal.


Nuts should also be present in your diet. Fit different types of nuts (almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts), as they all contain vitamin E and vegetable protein, which are so necessary for maintaining male power. Essential fatty acids – the main reason because of which they are so useful. Also, nuts contain a vital substance, such as arginine. Arginine activates the production of nitric oxide, which in turn has a positive effect on the level of erection. Generally, there are many recipes, adding different types of nuts. I'm not going to paint all the recipes, but will tell only about the most effective (in my opinion). This recipe you can find below.

Ginger and celery

Ginger and celery have many useful properties. They contain many vitamins, macro and microelements. Ginger and celery improve vascular tone and cleanse the body of toxins. Ginger improves blood circulation and activates blood flow in organs, which ultimately leads to a more strong and long erection. Celery is a natural aphrodisiac, which is actively used to improve sexual desire and a good erection. If you always take the celery stems, restores male potency and erections become much stronger. Also, he is a product of youthfulness (slows the aging process). I recommend to add to your diet ginger, and celery on a regular basis.


Parsley is very useful for the male body. It contains large amounts of essential oils, iron and vitamins (A, B6, B12, B3, C). It cleanses the body, normalizes the thyroid and adrenal glands. Also, parsley contains apigenin, a trace mineral that inhibits the production of estrogen in men. Eating parsley helps to improve blood circulation in the pelvis and increase the production of testosterone (major male hormone). The greens is a powerful aphrodisiac that is recommended to be added to various dishes to improve erection and increase libido. Eat 1 bunch of parsley daily, and you will never bother problems with potency.


Honey is a great product for maintaining male power. It is rich in various vitamins, organic acids, antioxidants, macro and micronutrients. Just a couple teaspoons of honey a day can enhance the level of erection and normalize the reproductive system. Same with honey there are many recipes to increase potency in men. Below I wrote one the most effective prescription that you can use in all occasions.

Folk remedies to increase potency in men

Walnuts with honey

honey nut

Is pretty simple, but effective folk remedy that will help you with the problems of potency. Also, instead of walnuts you can use hazelnuts, pistachio nuts or peanuts. Nuts + honey – this is probably the most popular tool to increase potency among the male half of the population. Nuts + honey = the best mix of natural aphrodisiacs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

How to cook? Recipe!

It is actually very simple. You must take the same number of nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios or peanuts) and honey. Then the nuts must be finely chop, pour honey and all this mix mix. Ready! I recommend take small portions (1 teaspoon) during the day (3 to 4 daily doses). If you are obese, you can take this mixture before going to sleep, as it improves the quality of sleep.