What herbs are useful and harmful to drink man

Extracts from plants can not only be useful but also harmful. Even harmless mint is able to transform a man in a powerless elder!

Medicinal herbs – a powerful healing tool, but only when used strictly as intended and taking into account all side effects. Do not forget that men and women are completely different hormones, so that the woman good, man can be very bad. Some plants contribute to the weakening of sexual function and slowly turn a healthy guy into a passive impotent.

Herbs for potency

Herbs useful for men's health

Chromium is an important element for maintaining men's health, it improves carbohydrate metabolism, increases stamina, builds a beautiful relief muscles. Nature has given chromium Garcinia cambogia extract, centaury, and leaves of blueberries and mulberries.

Zinc protects the prostate gland from cancer, maintains a high level of male activity, ensures normal functioning of the male sexual glands and helps the production of healthy sperm. In addition, this element is important for vision – you want to favorite noticed how quickly you grow long hair and you have beautiful skin. Source of zinc are birch leaves, cranberries and bearberry, horsetail, milk Thistle, sage, calendula, rose hips.

Magnesium is another element necessary for healthy and long life of a loved one. It prevents stress, accelerates metabolism, improves sperm motility. Magnesium containing useful herbs for men: viola tricolor, white bedstraw, tansy, root of black elderberry, bean trefoil, dog rose.

Testosterone is the main male hormone that turns a boy into a man. When the reduction is quite likely to reverse the process. Herbs increase testosterone in men is first of all ginseng and Siberian ginseng. They increase the production of the important hormone and help to increase and activity of sperm. And ginseng inhibits the production of the stress hormone, destructive acting on testosterone.

Also contribute to the production of the male hormone nettle leaves and dandelion. You can add them to salads and soups, serve with grilled meats and scrambled eggs. Helps Schizandra tincture and juice of the fruit.


Ginger is a wonderful plant, which is known to many women wanting to lose weight. But spicy root is very useful not only for women but also for men. Tea or coffee with ginger, and add it to different dishes makes a man strong, vigorous, confident, tones muscles, helps in physical and mental work.

Running a little to the next topic, but we can not overlook the fact that ginger is not only great fights prostatitis, but also increases the potency, improving blood circulation in the penis. In addition, ginger rejuvenates the body and, therefore, near you will always be full of strength and desire beautiful young lion!

Herbs, improving the potency

To transform her lover in a luxury lover, not necessarily to buy him viagra, this is an important task to cope well-chosen herbs for the potency of men, to use them systematically.

Rhodiola rosea is a great herbal energy drink, giving the tired man power and filling it with energy. Tibetan ginseng has long been used by men to increase the duration of sexual intercourse and prevent premature ejaculation.

Ginko biloba enhances the blood oxygen saturation and is similar to viagra, promotes a rush of blood to the genitals, causing quick erections. In addition, this plant improves memory, and thus, love will not forget that he was waiting at home and will not stay after work with friends.

Hawthorn is a wonderful plant, ozdoravlivayuschim and toning heart. But in addition to cardiac care the fruit of this shrub help to restore and improve erectile functions and increase libido.

The rich composition of sainfoin Siberian makes it a powerful tool in the fight against impotence and decreased libido. In its composition vitamin C, plant enzymes, carbohydrates, proteins.

Orchis male, widely known as calamus, has a pronounced tonic effect, and the volatile detected in the root, successfully compete with erectile dysfunction.

Necessarily look for herbs enhancing male potency, available and familiar to all the parsley and dill is also a good assistant to a woman who wants to turn your sluggish husband in a passionate don Juan. Regularly add it to salads and side dishes.

Ginko biloba

What to drink man to speed up conception

The infertility is not always women are to blame, very often to get pregnant is not obtained due to low activity and weak survivability of sperm. Well, do not have potential babies to the point of conception or not live up to the moment of meeting with the egg! To deal with this problem help herbs for men for conception: psyllium husk, Adonis, the young.

For male infertility traditional healers are advised to take the decoction of hawthorn fruit, carrot juice and Shilajit, infusion knotweed, Adam decoction of the root, decoction of Lyubka, infusion of sage. If herb is no time, it is possible to drink in the morning with fresh celery juice.

For men is very important vitamin E source is sea buckthorn and all products derived from this remarkable plant. Pumpkin can hardly be called a grass, but its vitamin and mineral content cannot be overlooked. Equally useful for men pumpkin seeds – they have a lot of zinc and other essential for a strong sex elements.

The plant reduces the potency and reduce the desire

Not all plants are safe for men every woman should know what kind of grass it is impossible for men to brew, so as not to destroy the ignorance of his virility.

The main enemy of men's passions – mint, reducing the amount of testosterone in the blood. Of course, if your favorite is going on a long trip, you can afford to give him a fragrant tea with mint, but if you need a hero-lover, hide from him this soothing and reducing libido drink. In addition, it is proved that menthol, which is rich in peppermint, reduces sperm motility, and therefore the man who loves the taste, will be difficult to be a father.


Melisa is not only a pleasant lemon fragrance and taste, but also to dull the desire. Similar properties seen in other herbs – oregano. The real man is better not to experiment with herbal teas with oregano – otherwise he will turn into a passive lazy cat lying on the couch watching TV.

St. John's wortturns out to be practically harmless to animals, but dangerous for male potency. So if it is recommended for the treatment of any disease, it is better to find an alternative and not to risk it.

Now you know what herbs can not drink men, but please do not ruin their health, their girls, even if they have offended you in any way!