Real penis enlargement real penis enlargement How to increase penis at home How to enlarge penis at home exercises, methods, measurements

If a man is dissatisfied with the intimate size of his member, he sees this as a serious problem that is ruining his life. Self-esteem drops, self-confidence, especially in bed, leaves much to be desired. To rid of young people from the complexes, invented many products and methods, how to increase member at home.

Standard sizes

  • In the inactive state, the penis is 5-10 cm, erect from 14 to 16. The girth or diameter of about 3-4 cm.
  • Such values are optimal, because it corresponds to the depth and volume of the vagina.
  • If you value your dignity fluctuates within these limits, the problem is likely contrived, is psychological, not physiological in nature.
  • How to increase penis at home
  • A deviation from the norm, consider the length of the member less than eight centimeters in erection adult. Normal size penis or not - it depends on aesthetic preferences, requests sexual partner.
  • Value of member does not affect the degree of satisfaction of women during intimacy. The view that only the large size can enjoy a myth.

The truth and mythology

  1. The basic fallacy - the value of the genitals affects the "brutality". Also incorrect assertion that having large dimensions, the man automatically becomes a brilliant lover. Tact, attention and ability are the main attributes of the macho.
  2. The dependence of the size of the phallus from the ears, feet and nose, we will not consider. Such theories do not stand up to scrutiny. These body parts are influenced by different factors, so interference is eliminated.
  3. Large weight does not affect size, it is also a myth. Just under a layer of fat in the lower abdomen visually lost inches. Pounds are negatively affecting the possibility of sexual intercourse - the emergence of desire, erections, and this evil is far more important.

On spobnost to bear children is affected by the length a little less than nothing. Proof of this is the overpopulation of China.

  • That really affects the dimensions are: heredity, race, harmonious development in adolescence.
  • The concept of norm is very broad: what is the norm for Chinese or Korean, for African men - pathology and Vice versa.


This is a lengthy procedure, the outcome is the sum of several factors:

  1. You need to measure erect penis.
  2. Centimeter tape is pressed against the root of the trunk back to the top of the head.
  3. Three lengths are folded, displayed average.
  4. The thickness is measured at three locations: the root, middle, cervical.
  5. Similarly, the length of the calculated average.
  6. The measurements were carried out three times: morning/ afternoon/ evening. The penis size variable. It depends on the temperature of the body and the environment, the degree of excitement, psychological state and many more.

If the decision is final, you've decided to increase the member at home, let us consider the methods of adding volumes on.

There are several:

  • jelqing;
  • complex Kegel;
  • surgical enlargement;
  • the effect of massage;
  • hanging goods ;
  • medication;
  • extender;
  • pump, vacuum;
  • gel, spray, ointment, cream;
  • head.

The result will bring a complex effect with several methods. It is not necessary to wait for increase of a member instantly. The main thing here is persistence, regularity, then the efforts will bear fruit.


How to make dick bigger at home?

  • Penile enlargement at home many men perceive skeptical. Not all ways work the way advertising promises. The main task is to choose a method that will not be a waste of time and money.

1. Complex Kegel

These exercises are useful for the whole of the lower pelvis: prevents male pathology, improve sex life, strengthen and slightly increase the member. Trains pubic-coccygeal muscle (LMB).

How to find it:

  • during urination try to stop the stream, you will feel tension at the bottom. Remember what the muscle is tense - this is the LMB.

How to do:

  • to strain a muscle during the day, 20 times for three seconds, then relax. Gradually increase to 50 times.
  • when you learn to compress LKM separately from other muscles, increase the time compression to 10 seconds, with the rest in 4 seconds. Start with 20 times a day, bring to 50-70.

Check the status of the LMB:

  • stir the erect penis or get him to jump. When you can do it without much stress, then you've sufficiently trained muscle.

Maintain this condition, do not throw exercises. To maintain the tone of hang on erect phallus towel and hold for a while.

2. Jelqing

  • Jelqing technique for complex massage movements is also called "milking". Manual exposure jelqing checked, gives good results.
  • The phallus should not be in a fully erect state. Erection of not more than 60-75% of full power.

Exercise 1

  • Before the actual "milking" the cavernous body requires to warm up. This will increase their elasticity. The easiest way to heat salt or groats in the pan, pour in a bag (sock), apply to his dignity, on all sides it is warming up.
  • Then to achieve an incomplete erection, use a lubricant. At the base enfold the barrel with your fingers, making a tight circle.
  • Very slowly move the ring to the head, as if pulling. Touch the head is not necessary.
  • Start with 40 broaching, gradually increasing their number to two hundred.

Exercise 2

  • In this exercise for penis enlargement on the penis presses the full palm. Girth of the barrel and pressure at least 10 seconds. If it extends beyond the palm, can be connected to the second process.
  • Compression pull alternately left, right, down, up (sequence not important). The compression should be strong, but painless, not to hurt soft tissue.
  • Reviews promise lengthening of 2 cm per month.

3. Massage

In addition to the increase in length of increase of a member, plus a massage - a positive effect on potency.

The main thing - correct execution of technique. Following the recommendations prevents injury, promotes greater success.

  • Before the massage, you must warm up the male organ.
  • A small towel wet in warm water, they wrap the penis.
  • Wait a few minutes, repeat the procedure two more times. The effect will increase significantly after this compress. It will increase the blood flow, the skin will stretch better.

There are different ways of massage. Some stimulate the erect organ, other relaxed.

Need to stay on one technique and execute it systematically.


4. Suspension of goods

  • Penile enlargement hanging to it of the goods - traumatic method. The impact of weight on the ligaments, and erectile tissues. This leads to stretching, to increase a member in length. The thickness does not change.
  • Before the procedure, the genital organ is heated to a massage.
  • Then, before the head is attached to the adhesive tape, which fixed the lace.
  • Is suspended a small weight (there is a video with this design).
  • The first sessions should last a quarter of an hour. The weight of the load, the procedure is gradually increased.
  • The head of the penis should not dumb. If this happens, reduce the load.

5. Extender

  • Extender stretch the phallus, so the fabric to get rid of uncomfortable tension begin to grow. The device gives long-term results, increased size will remain. The extender need to use a few hours every day.

Is the vacuum, loopy, belt. Looped are cheaper but not as convenient as a vacuum or belt.

6. Pump

Looks like a pump. Used to increase the size and improve the potency. Able to help if the erect organ is unable to achieve the desired elasticity in a natural way. The pump creates a vacuum, stimulating blood flow, enhancing erection.

How to use a vacuum pump?

  1. Before use, the member should be treated with a cream and enter into the cylinder, which is equipped with the device.
  2. For vacuum, the air from the cylinder is pumped out, the body is placed under pressure.
  3. Due to the increased blood flow, the pump increases the volume and size of penis (in Internet you can find a video of the process). The pressure inside the vacuum is regulated by a built-in pressure gauge.
  4. Elongation, which helps to ensure that the pump is temporary, so better only use it before sex. Many men use it, so as to increase in size promotes the effect counter erection.
  5. Pump sold in pharmacies or shops of intimate goods.

Gel, spray, ointment, cream

Regardless of the form of drugs nor produced (cream, spray), their effects is 3 types:

  1. Short-term (during intimate intercourse);
  2. Long-term (focused on long-term outcome);
  3. Minor: the effect is with the usage of stronger drugs.
  • Cream or ointment with short-term action can easily cope with the task. It is enough to add to the composition a strong warming component that can cause a rush of blood to manhood. There is a temporary increase in the head of the penis and himself.
  • The ointment or gel can't do this without the help of massage or extender to provide a tangible result for a long time. When choosing a drug long-acting, do not believe the positive reviews under the description of tools, photos and videos from the series "before and after".
  • If we talk about auxiliary effects, these and drugs - what you need.


Penis enlargement methods varied, is there any effect?

  • Of course, but if the young man did not have the strength to do morning exercises, it is unlikely he will be able regularly, day after day, to carry out intimate exercises.
  • Really youngest members in the nature of not more than 5 %. Therefore, do not focus on the length and volume. Better learn how to hold his instrument so as not to leave a woman indifferent.

Love yourself, and your manhood will be your pride, regardless of its size.