The effect of beer on the potency of men: what happens if you don't stop drinking

How beer affects male potency – here we will tell you about. But hardly anyone believes that alcoholic beverage brings strength, health people. Any sane person should understand that alcohol consumption should be moderate, otherwise it is fraught with serious problems that affect health.

how beer affects the potency

Can the drink be helpful

Many experts believe that sometimes the beer on potency has a positive impact, and even recommend to drink it in small doses. But the main problem is that in the modern shops and bars the drink is very poor quality. This product causes various negative health effects. If alcohol was made from natural ingredients without the use of artificial ingredients and preservatives, this product does not impact seriously on the body.

Quality alcohol contains hops. This plant is used in brewing because of its antibacterial properties, that is, as a natural natural preservative. The product has a good effect on the gastro-intestinal tract, improves digestion, prevents the formation of stones in the genitourinary system. Many micronutrients (such as iron, copper, magnesium), essential oils and vitamins has a positive effect not only on the potency, but also on the whole body.

What is the harm

Many men have noticed that taking beer, on the contrary, increases sexual desire. The tiredness goes away, the body relaxes, the blood flow improves, including in the penis, enhancing erections. But this is only a temporary positive effect, in the future, if not to stop drinking, everything will be Vice versa.

The effect of beer on the potency of men will largely be expressed due to the presence of phytoestrogens. A compound is a substance with a similar effect as the female sex hormones. In the male body phytoestrogens depressing effect on the synthesis of testosterone and seminal fluid, which ultimately leads to such condition as impotence, if not to stop drinking.

What happens:

  • Testosterone synthesis is inhibited according to the principle of negative feedback.
  • Enlarged mammary glands, large round hips, thin voice is the result of analogues of female hormones.
  • Empirically proven – from beer alcoholics the risk of developing testicular cancer increases significantly.

A distinctive feature of the drink low-alcohol product is a characteristic beer belly. The figure suffers from the fact that the bubbles of fluid acting on the stomach, stimulating the appetite, which inevitably will lead to obesity. High content of starch also affects the increase in their weight.

The effect of beer on men's organism depends largely on the actions on the cardiovascular system. Biologically active substances with a long systematic use of effect on blood vessels, reducing their tone. This leads to a decrease in blood pressure. Heart to provide the entire body with arterial blood, rich in nutrients and oxygen, you need to work faster, the heart hypertrophies. The end result of the action on the potency of men, if not timely to stop drinking, bad blood flow to the penis, bad erection first, then impotence.

Beer and potency can be associated because of the negative impact on the psyche. Alcohol over time reduces the sexual attraction, and it is fraught with consequences in family life. A frequent question asked by family childless couple: "does the beer in the emergence of male infertility?" According to statistics, 30% of beer alcoholics infertility is developing on this basis.

How beer affects the potency, we clarified but it should be understood that the severity of negative pathological changes is directly dependent on the alcohol. It is recommended not to drink more than one liter a day, two or three times a week. But in real life the majority of adult men neglect the warnings. Even children often drink and consider it normal. To avoid health problems, teenagers are advised not to start or to quit drinking.

What if time does not stop

Most men do not worry about damage from regular consumption of beer drink. Many do not realize that beer and male potency linked. Summarizing, it is possible to answer, what is the impact of beer on the potency and what happens if time does not throw:

  • Minor and rare drinking is a good erection.
  • To drink in large quantities a couple times a week – a gradual decline in the strength of the erection, but she persists.
  • The systematic use of large quantities – impotence.

To drink or throw is a personal matter, but I hope that from this material it is clear that the impact on health is catastrophic. Change your habits for the better and live a healthy life. Good luck.