What physical exercises should I do to the man to increase potency

With the problem of potency disorders men face in middle and Mature age. Physical exercises to increase potency is a simple method by which we can establish intimate life. Such physical activity will benefit man with impaired sexual potency, and without them.

Gymnastics for potency
  1. Improve erectile function
  2. Other types of exercises
  3. Whether to increase the potency of medicines?

Improve erectile function

Health is not only physical but also sexual is an important part of a man's life. Sex is a natural life phenomenon. Not all men are able to keep track of your sexual health, then they is a violation of erectile function. For prevention, and prevention of such problems, scientists have developed exercises to improve potency. Physical activity every day, normalize, and increase male potency , helping to fully restore sexual health.

This gymnastics for potency trains the muscles of the pubis and coccyx, having a direct relation to potency. By training these muscles erections will last longer without the use of chemicals. After performing a regular exercise program is an active and fast blood flow in the genital area.

To perform the first action for improving sexual function, it is necessary to adopt a comfortable starting position, for example, to sit on a chair, completely straight spine and relax your shoulders. Hands bend at the elbows, lowering them down. The breath is through the nose, it should be short.

Hands make such movements, as if you need something to grab. The area of the buttocks tightens and shrinks along with the anus. Take a break in 30 seconds, exercise to improve erectile function is performed 7 times. First, this would be very hard, but after a regular execution of the exercise will be easier and easier. It supports the rectum and entire genitourinary system of males in excellent shape. The exercises can easily be performed inconspicuously, even at work.


The following exercises for potency is recommended as being naked. One of them is standing with legs apart at shoulder width and bending at the knees. Hands placed on the waist level. Within 2 minutes you need to quickly make movement the pelvis back and forth. Sexual organ also needs to be shaken. Nose produced short breaths, mouth — breaths. After running 7 times is a break of 30 seconds. These exercises to potency, it is recommended to perform 5 times. To perform the movement even in the shower. In addition, regularly performing the physical activities, you can forget about taking medicines.

Further, while in the Nude, the man must sit on his haunches in front of a mirror to see yourself. The area of the testicles pulled up on a short exhale up. Stomach and buttocks simultaneously retracted. As you exhale, you should relax the scrotum. Like other exercises to enhance potency, this is done in the amount of 7 times with a break of 30 seconds.

To complete the following exercises from complex male sits on the floor with legs bent at the knees. The area of the hands placed on the knees, the body relaxes. On the exhale, the left shoulder goes forward. In this case the left leg, straightened at the knee, leans forward behind the shoulder, the buttock is lifted. On the exhale, the body should be straightened, the buttocks lowered and bent at the knee right leg. After, without rest, the right foot put forward and send the same right shoulder. Feet is done in 7 steps, and after a break of 30 seconds exercise repeat 15 times.

The following exercises for the prostate are performed in the supine position. The man lies on his back, legs half bend at the knees, feet resting on the floor. Both hands are along the body, then the pelvis is raised 15 times. The holiday lasts for 1 minute. Exercise perform 7 times.

Squats are an important part of the complex of physical activity to increase the potency. However, they have significant difference from normal sit-UPS, exerting a positive effect on the male body. This is due to active blood flow in the legs, pelvis and the development of the male hormone testosterone. To correctly perform this exercise, the man must stand in a level position, spreading his legs slightly wider than shoulders. Before performing squats buttocks tense. The feet of both legs can not take off the floor. The man goes down as he can. At the lowest point should be delayed for 3 seconds, then slowly straighten both legs. The squat is performed 20 times. During the execution of this exercise is very important to keep the buttocks in a stressed state, so that the muscles affecting erectile function, worked well.

This exercise of the medical complex is the wall. The man gets to the wall and leans against it with his fingers. Then you alternately lift the feet, the toes from the floor are not diverted. This exercise is repeated 10 times. One approach is to take exactly half a minute.


Other types of exercises

Undoubtedly, the complex of exercises to improve the potency has a positive impact on sexual health of a male. But some of the action combined with the very complex will help to improve its effect and faster to achieve the desired result. For example, daily exercise, and such simple physical activity like running or walking, will help keep the male body in a constant tone.

The presence of a regular sex life directly affects sexual health. If in a man's life there is regular sex, the body will respond to arousal with the help of reflex. This means that it will be much quicker. In the morning in the body of male sex hormones are produced independently, that is why at this time you can not even remember that there are drugs for potency.

Immediately after exercise to increase and maintain erectile function in the tone of a man should take a cold shower. It helps to improve blood circulation and strengthen all the blood vessels in the body. Special attention is recommended to pay the pelvis, alternating warm running water with a cold.

The last action to raise the potency, which should not be neglected is the massage of active points on the foot. Among a large number of active points in this area of the body, and there are those who are responsible for the erectile function by the body. A light massage of the foot and walking barefoot would be sufficient.

Whether to increase the potency of medicines?

For anybody not a secret that the ability of male body to commit a sexual act can easily be restored using drugs. In the composition of the most popular drug is a substance called sildenafil, which increases blood flow into the sexual organ. However, these drugs only help 4 out 5 men with violation of erectile function.

The drug is taken 1 hour before the alleged one-time contact. The drug begins its action in 30 minutes after ingestion. The effect lasts approximately 4 hours. To pills really began to act, a man should be sexually aroused. Otherwise, the drug useless.

Cure potency

A large part of the male sex drug has a positive effect immediately after the first dose. If the drug has the desired effect, it is best to consult a doctor.

If you're doing regular exercise to increase potency, a positive effect will not keep itself waiting long. Through exercise, healthy lifestyle and faith in yourself you can easily do without medication. The whole complex, you need to perform for healthy animals and men challenges for prevention and promotion of sexual health.