Hell for potency men effective recipes

Erectile dysfunction is a widespread problem among men in middle and older age. To stabilize the condition of one part of the male ingests Viagra, the other prefers traditional medicine. Hell for potency is used since ancient times. Even in Ancient Russia the wise wives of the spouses were treated to various drugs and meals, which consisted of a vigorous root vegetable. Regular consumption of horseradish is not only helps to restore lost health, but also enhance sexual desire.

hell for potency

The influence of root on men's health

Due to its composition the horseradish root has properties that have a positive impact on men's health. Because the causes of the disorders in the sexual sphere different, hell operates in a complex physical and psychological state of patients, in particular:

  • increases libido, persistent erection is achieved within a few minutes;
  • prolongs the sexual act, improves the quality of sex;
  • restores the testicles and pituitary gland;
  • improves blood circulation of pelvic organs, preventing stagnation, which are a common cause of men's diseases;
  • fighting pathogenic microflora;
  • normalizes urination.

Recipes to increase potency

There are many recipes for the treatment of impotence, which has a pungent root vegetable:

  1. 250 g of crushed in a meat grinder horseradish pour 1 liter of vodka. To the resulting mixture add 250 ml of carrot and beet juice. The composition was thoroughly stirred and put in a cool and dark place for a week. After a while the drug filtered through 3 layers of cheesecloth. To increase potency ready infusion take 1 tbsp twice a day. The course is long and ends when it's consumed the last spoonful of the drug.
  2. The people for the treatment of impotence has long been used to hell. For cooking 1 glass of minced root pour a bottle of vodka and insist 2 weeks, and then filtered. Eat drink 50 ml of 1 times a day. Hell has a positive effect not just on male health but on the entire body. However, to achieve stable results, should strictly abide by the dosage.
  3. Restore virility will help the salad, in the preparation of which will take no more than 3 minutes. On a coarse grater RUB boiled beets 1 medium size, add 20 g of crushed to a pulp of horseradish. As a dressing use a mix of vegetable oil (15 g) and vinegar (10 g). There is salad available every day.
  4. Good efficiency in the fight against male impotence shows the use of water infusion of horseradish with honey. To prepare the medium, 0.5 kg of rhizomes are ground into a slurry and pour 1.5 liters of cold boiled water. The resulting composition is removed for a week in a dark and cool place. Upon the expiration of his filter and add 0.5 liters of natural honey and the juice of 3 lemons. Infusion is recommended to take 1 tablespoon 2 times a day. The course duration is not strictly limited to drink the medicine before, until it runs its course.
  5. Fans of kvass in the summer heat can enjoy not only tasty, but also useful drink, which the strength to cope with violations of potency. For its preparation in a glass bowl pour 500 grams of crackers, rye bread and covered them with 80 grams of sugar, and then pour 4 liters of water and put in a warm place to ferment for 2 days. On expiry of the period add 6 tbsp honey, 15 g of peppermint and 120 g of rhizomes of horseradish. Insist the mixture for another 8 hours, then filtered. In the finished drink add 3 tablespoons of raisins.


Despite the good shit, to use it in food it is possible not all. The exception is:

  • a history of liver disease kidneys;
  • acute inflammation: hepatitis, pancreatitis, colitis;
  • hypertension;
  • predisposition to food allergies and individual intolerance to the product;
  • the bleeding disorder, hemophilia.

It is not always advisable and a simultaneous use of the horseradish root with some medical drugs.

For example, during simultaneous administration of Chloramphenicol and a burning tincture reduces the effect of the drug. Therefore before use any product based on horseradish, you need to consult a doctor and rule out all contraindications.


treatment with horseradish

After scientists have proved the efficacy of the horseradish in the treatment of many diseases, the popularity of

root greatly increased. Its root and leaves are not only to add to many recipes, but to use as a separate dish, salted or pickled, to make a tincture the brew. However, remember that a one-time use product will not give the desired effect.

To achieve stable result it is necessary to incorporate it into the diet on a regular basis.