Recovery of potency in men recipes, techniques, folk remedies

About the full potency to speak only in that case, if each stage associated with sexual intercourse that takes place without any problems and deviations. Failures should not be in such important processes as sexual attraction, stability erection, control of ejaculation and its strength. If at some point men have problems need to look for methods by which there will be a full restoration of potency in men. Modern and traditional medicine offers plenty of solutions to this problem. You can choose the right way and quickly restore all the breaches.


means for potency

To restore potency in men can be used different drugs. Depending on the overall mechanism of action of the drug, all drugs can be divided into several major groups:

  • Aimed at strengthening blood flow in the genitals. These medications differ in the time limit of the action and a large number of side effects.
  • Activators of endothelial NO-synthase. These drugs to restore potency has a General relaxing effect on the smooth muscle, increases libido, as well as the duration and intensity of erection;
  • Drugs that belong to alpha-blockers. It is expand blood vessels medications that affect the main nerve receptors in the male body and contribute to a significant increase in sexual desire;
  • The drugs included testosterone. Tablets prescribed for minor produce hormones in humans, and also for rapid recovery of potency.
  • Drugs antispasmodic action. Drugs widen the arteries and greatly improve the blood flow, which helps to restore the potency after the removal of the prostate or in more simple faults.

Important! All medicines to restore potency in a position to cause certain side effects. For this reason, before applying them should consult with a specialist.

Homeopathic remedies

This drugs is made on the basis of natural components and have a General tonic, restorative, and cumulative positive effect. You should know that the rapid effect of the data treatment will bring. Treated them it will take a long time, but it is possible to obtain a stable long-term result. These drugs are available in the form of tinctures, essential oils, extract. Among the most popular methods of restoring potency can be noted:

  • Tinctures and extracts of Siberian ginseng and ginseng;
  • Ylang-ylang, tincture of schisandra;
  • Red pepper and garlic.
  • Ginger.

To quickly restore your potency, your doctor may prescribe dietary supplements. Their advantage is the possibility of using men over age 50 after removal of the prostate, for example, or other pathologies.

Exercise and massage

To restore potency very often, the doctor advises to do massage. Such manipulation and special exercises to restore potency, able to quickly restore the function of the genital organs and to relieve man from the problem. In the process of developing a set of exercises should pay special attention to activation of the abdominal muscles, inner thigh, waist and crotch. It can be a regular exercise, with emphasis on these muscles, or exercise in the gym with an instructor. Properly conducted exercises will help to improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

increased potency

To achieve the same effect can be used massage. Such manipulation is done by a specialist, which introduces a few inches finger into the anus and then makes a stroking motion. Such massage is done for 3 minutes. Prostate massage is a delicate procedure that requires special knowledge and skills. For this reason, a course of manipulation are to be held in the clinic. To significantly improve blood circulation massage and special exercises it is necessary to Supplement an active lifestyle and a healthy diet, as foods can have a direct impact on overall health and the prostate gland, its functions.

Recovery folk medicine

It is not surprising that in the process of recovery of potency is influenced by treatment of folk remedies. With the right approach you can get really stunning results. Traditional treatment is a true wisdom not just years, but centuries. The correct approach is the regularity and consistency of treatment, and in full compliance with the recommendations of the doctor. Here are the most popular and effective recipes of traditional medicine.

Treatment aloe

The juice of this plant has a great influence on the potency. Folk medicine offers a number of cooking options aloe. Among them we can mention three main methods:

  1. You can prepare the elixir on the basis of 150 grams of aloe juice, 400 ml of Cahors and 300 grams of honey. The mixture is left for a week for maceration. In the treatment process obtained the tincture should be taken before each meal by the spoonful.
  2. You can take 100 grams of aloe, honey 400 grams and 600 grams of walnuts. All components are thoroughly mixed, to the mixture is added the fresh juice of 5 lemons. Make a medicine you need to eating about three times. At one time you need to use a tablespoon remedies.

Aloe Vera is a great stimulator, which greatly improves the General protective functions of the body, speed up the metabolism. All this has a positive effect on potency.

Useful herbal teas and tinctures

To restore the sexual health of a man used herbs. Unlike medicines, this treatment does not cause adverse effects. Like herbs there are many, but among them, ginseng is popular. The plant is able to awaken the passion of love.

For medical the result is to use a natural infusion of the fresh root or powder from the dried product. If there are doubts about the quality of these products, you can always buy ready-made tincture of ginseng in the pharmacy. It should take two times a day for 30-40 drops.

Important! Should know that ginseng is able to trigger neural activity and insomnia. If there are certain problems with sleep, treatment with ginseng should not be carried out or to try to take the tincture before lunch.

If you wish to replace ginseng on a different drug to consider is a medicinal plant, as Dubrovnik. Herb sold at the pharmacy and it is relatively inexpensive. To prepare the broth should take 5 tablespoons and a Cup of boiling water. To make the tincture after 4-hour infusion. Treatment should continue for two weeks. After a short break, the treatment can be repeated.

To apply the tinctures levzei and Arai. This means that are characterized by a General stimulating and tonic action. In the process of growing the herbs is to drink regardless of the state of potency. This is the ideal prevention of possible deviations.

Bath for potency

To restore potency is a couple times a week to take a bath of Bay leaf. Previously prepared broth cool and after 15 minutes of infusion added to the bath dialed. To obtain a higher positive effect in this herbal infusion you need to add calendula and chamomile. Make like the bath better in the evening and take a rather long course of treatment.

massage for potency

Is restore the potency of contrast baths. Regular change of temperature has a maximum beneficial effect on the sexual organs and the organism as a whole. A cold shower leads to the recovery of potency due to the significant increase in blood flow and due to the reduction in tone in numerous blood vessels. To promote healing and to enhance the positive effect of the body is carefully rubbed to redness. This will not only enhance blood circulation but will also warm up the body, to avoid possible hypothermia.

Products for potency

To restore potency you can eat certain foods. If you add them in your daily diet, can effectively enhance male abilities. Among the most effective means of treatment include:

  1. Walnuts with honey. In natural liquid the consistency of honey, you need to add a small amount of nuts. Liquid consistency should be natural, that is, heating it to achieve not worth it, because honey will immediately lose its useful characteristics. The resulting treat should eat a spoonful after meals three times per day. This is a simple recipe that seriously increases the sexuality of a man and automatically returns to the man's faith in themselves and in their strength.
  2. You can eat dried fruit jam. Preparing this delicacy of the different dried fruits after standing in a sugar syrup. Almost immediately after applying the medicine men, there is improvement in libido as well as enhance and restore potency.
  3. Figs very effectively restores potency. Here do not need to cook, just enough every day to eat a few fruits and you can again feel at altitude.
  4. To restore potency you can, if the diet to make foods such as pomegranate, strawberry and all kinds of greenery.

Compliance with the above rules, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle will allow you to quickly restore your potency. Also important is the timeliness of treatment, as in more running situations with food and herbs do not work, to restore potency can only be drugs.


For effective and quick recovery of potency is to hold the General health of the organism, strengthen immunity, as well as to secure a proper rest. These are all very important factors that can quickly restore lost or weakened male potential. It is very important to provide adequate diet and nutrition. If you combine this with the simultaneous intake of multivitamins, it is possible to obtain truly amazing results in the process of restoration of male power. Leading a healthy lifestyle, is to complement treatment with activities such as hirudotherapy and acupuncture.

bath for potency

Very useful lot of walking barefoot. In this procedure the activation of the active points on the feet. This is an ideal opportunity to massage points, without studying the basics of acupuncture. Need to go on any surface. By a comprehensive treatment on the third day it is possible to observe positive changes. When starting impotence problems should visit doctor to undergo examination and to approach the problem strictly in a comprehensive manner.