Products for potency: a list of enhancing and stimulating the potency

Every guy dreams of saving no less than seventy years old, a good erection. Every year the number of people asking the question which is dangerous for potency is increasing.

Health for men - their men healthy.

products increase the potency

However, in this concept, except potency is always always libido. A very important point is in a healthy condition of the entire reproductive system of men. It is therefore necessary every six months be sure to visit the specialized doctor.

What foods are bad

A huge number of different habits have an impact on libido and potency. Here, apart from the use of drugs, even the consumption of beverages containing alcohol, and also stands alone Smoking.

To improve erection, libido is necessary several times a week to find time for sport, which will allow everything else to achieve a sexy body, be more attractive to women.

For all people, without exception, long walks on the street would be a way out of the situation. Doctors say that every man is obliged to pass more than 1 thousand steps. To normalize in a short period of potency, improve blood circulation in the morning is advised to take a contrast shower.

One of the main enemies of male potency is the large number of stressful situations in life that need to be minimized. The second option is to learn to relieve stress. In addition to the above, the positive effect of having a prescribed profile doctor diet. It is important to understand which products for potency in the modern world useful and which cause only harm.

Beer is one of the instigators of the disturbances in hormonal balance. If you saw in the street a man with a beer belly, then it's probably the low testosterone, the active hormone production inherent in girls. A man who truly cares about their health would never misuse them.

Fast food in any form contain dangerous TRANS fats, which also cause a serious failure in the distribution of hormones. They are not only burgers, a variety of baked goods, but also in margarine/ice cream, so for those who potency way you will need to make a choice whether to use the diet products.

Caffeine is the killer of testosterone. Significantly increases the number of estrogen. The product is harmful, but its advantage lies in the rapid removal from the body.

Because baked goods contain dangerous components for potency, as the yeast, sugar it is better to refuse.

A variety of smoked meat products contain an incredible dose of smoked fluid acting on the penis in men destructive way.

Sweet breaks the male potency, so whatever you can afford - not more than 50 grams of any sweets.

Products, which are composed of cholesterol, be the consequence of circulatory disorders, a dangerous blockage of blood vessels. They are also advised to give up completely.

Besides products that are strictly forbidden to buy in stores to avoid problems with the reproductive system, there are also a number of products that can be on the menu, but in limited quantities.

  • You can not use more than 1 litre of natural cow milk.
  • Because soy contains various sex hormones to abuse when dealing with female hormones male the product is not desirable.
  • The salt is able to reduce the necessary production of testosterone.
  • Drugs like marijuana can disrupt the balance of hormones.
  • Nicotine causes atherosclerosis and is always the main cause of vasoconstriction.
  • Drinks containing alcohol have a negative effect on the liver, the production of some necessary hormones.
  • Various energy drinks and Coca-Cola have a bad effect on erectile function as quickly cause expansion/contraction of blood vessels.

Some foods will help with impotency?

  • Soda;
  • Herbs;
  • St. John's wort;
  • Ginger and honey;
  • Nuts;
  • Tea;
  • Garlic;
  • Natural aphrodisiacs.

Natural ways to increase testosterone in men


Doctors have long made up a list of different ways of improving the guys to the required level of testosterone not medical methods:

  • Normalize your sleep. It is necessary to allocate a proper amount of hormones. Until you learn to Wake up to the sound of the alarm clock and won't each morning to feel the charge of vivacity for the day will not be able to increase their own testosterone levels.
  • Eat right. Each meal should be rich in vitamin C and various minerals.
  • In order to avoid dehydration, man needs to drink a lot of water. Besides, if he is engaged in any sport, the number put of fluid per day increases. At the same time, lemonades, and juices from supermarkets are not relevant to the clean water, are not considered.
  • The diet must give up all carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed because they contribute to an increase in blood cholesterol levels.
  • The more a man weighs, the less various hormones produced in the human body. To normalize the level of testosterone, it is important to get rid of excess weight.
  • More exercise, because the main enemy of the hormone are low figures in any form of physical activity.


Quite often, just before conceiving a baby, the man starts to wonder what products for potency is and what should be the proper diet?

Very first there are five categories of healthy foods that you must include in your diet:

  • As much as possible to eat lean meat every day, because there is almost no threat of cholesterol, but a lot of useful protein;
  • Garlic, onions. They are able to increase the resistance of the male body to infections due to the content in large quantities of vitamin C;
  • It is desirable to use in bean dishes, as in this product category, many components contributing to the increase of hormone levels;
  • The salads have to be useful herbs.

In addition, the diet requires mandatory exclusion from the diet products called fatty meal, dishes with lots of seasonings, carbonated beverages.

Products that increase potency: fruit, vegetables, honey and other

Necessary to perfect the potency of trace elements, various vitamins contained today in a variety of fruits. It is therefore often due to the fruit diet, you can quickly get rid of the various problems in sex. Fruit as products that increase the potency, impact overall on improving men's health. They are a part have a specific combination of vitamins that help restore in a short time sexual function.

It is necessary to pay attention to the various fruits containing rich ascorbic minerals/folic acid, and tocopherol. That is, as often as possible you need to eat figs, ripe mango, kiwi with grapes.


Among vegetables men be sure to pay attention to the following products that increase potency:

seafood in potency
  • Cabbage, useful for strengthening overall immunity, cleanse the blood.
  • Broccoli has folic acid, iron, facilitate withdrawal of the male body of various toxins.
  • Avocado, thanks to a large number of different proteins provides for men a stimulating effect.
  • Carrots contains a lot of vitamin A, which men the work of testes, activating the function of the seminal vesicles.

Animal food

For the body of any man animal food is a source of protein which is absorbed. Since the substance acts more often as a building material for tissues, cells, its deficiency often leads to the development of adverse effects, like problems in sexual life partners. Therefore, the diet on a daily basis must not only meat but also eggs.


To improve male power and attraction to the opposite sex must have seafood, like crayfish, squid or even meat rays. They contain the necessary amounts of zinc, therefore, can improve endurance.

Bee products

Since these products contains protein which is able to achieve a rich intimate life, certainly need to use in the diet each honey bee bread. It improves the blood flow in sexual organ, due to the content of glucose, fructose, and also provides active support in the production of testosterone. It is forbidden to use for people with diseases of oncological nature.

Products, stimulating potency and simple recipes with them

In order to achieve long-term, real, tangible effect, it is necessary to get rid of the main problems with potency. In the first place this can help in foods that have a positive impact on potency.

Dark chocolate enhances the potency, strengthens the immune system. On a daily basis in small quantities it is even helpful.

The liver actively improves men's sexual desire. If you eat it at least once in seven days, it is possible to continuously obtain the required amount of useful components.

To enhance stress resistance, balanced hormone production, men must in your diet to use chicken/quail eggs.

Drinks that are useful for male power

If to ponder the question, what drink throughout the day is often drunk men, the majority will immediately answer, that is tea. However, few people know that this drink can bring for the body a big favor. Tea is able to increase the potency. For example, in a classic green tea has a lot of zinc that contribute to blocking the development of the threat of prostatitis, and the synthesis of testosterone. It is important to use it exclusively brewed.

Equally useful protein shakes that can be found today in almost any supermarket, offering sports nutrition. They have excellent action, aimed at stimulation of potency.

Also significantly improve sexual performance of the partner will help a simple compote made of dried fruit such as apricots or prunes. It is further desirable to fill with honey to improve the effect.

Simple recipes and meals for men's health

There are a huge number of simple recipes that use products that stimulate the potency to improve the quality of sexual life of men and the strengthening of its erection.

Honey with sesame seeds. Take some sesame seeds, fry directly in a pan without using oil. Mix them with natural honey and eat 3 tablespoons at least three times.

Nutrient mixture, which, in addition to honey will be aloe juice, red wine.

For cooking you need 1 glass of honey mix with 1 tablespoon of aloe juice and 0.5 liters of wine. The mixture was infused for two weeks and then for months used three times per day.

Prevention of sexual weakness

Speaking about the prevention of sexual weakness, you must understand the importance of enhancing in men of the nervous system and General toning.

The most popular in the last couple of years to not only use diet products, stimulating potency, but the systematic Jogging. With Jogging you can lose weight, increasing thus significantly the testosterone level, prevent impotence.

food to increase potency

There is the opinion of some specialists that repeatedly during their research emphasized the fact that sexual disorders are directly dependent on the weight of the man. As soon as it starts to get better almost immediately loses potency.

In addition, as prevention needs to be constantly passionate person, who without any problems is able to move away from abstinence.