How to increase penis: ways

The discontent of men the size of your penis becomes a real psychological problem.

how to increase the member

The lack of confidence and fear of sex the main consequences of such complexes.

In a strong semi bezoperatsionnaya invented many methods to increase penis, give it firmness and elasticity.

The penis enlargement without creams – really?

Beautiful and compelling advertising unique techniques, allowing in the shortest terms to make dick bigger almost indefinitely – not that other, as a marketing ploy and an absolute myth. But there are the real numbers, which agree even professionals.

If the penis doesn't really suit a man his size, to increase without the use of ointments is possible, but it will be insignificant, only 1-2 cm. To make the body more impressive "dimensions" will require surgical intervention.

7 ways how to make dick bigger without ointments

Not all methods of increase of a member give the same result. There are tools that give a temporary effect that will last no more than a few hours or days. That is, they require daily use, which is not always convenient.

Many of the techniques to make dick bigger at home without creams and pills have serious contraindications and side effects. From intensive or incorrect use of the devices can cause micro-injuries, bruising, pain and even erectile dysfunction.

But there is a kind of men that are not afraid of a short result, possible side effects or the need for regular exercise.

In such case, you can try several tools and techniques how to make dick bigger without pills and ointments, and is very popular and helping to make a difference.

Surgical technique

Increase surgically the most real of all the ways to add a few penis not extra inches. The plastic member can be quite expensive and it may appoint a doctor.

According to doctors, increase only requires a small penis whose length does not exceed 5 cmor a body with defects. This member does not allow the man to live normal sexual life and causes serious problems in relationships and on the psychological level.

Even surgical technique has a limited capacity, so on average the operated penis can increase 3-5 cm.

A special operation is an operation to enlarge the penis, is performed under General anesthesia and lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. During the operation, the crossed ligament that supports the penis, allowing the organ is increased in size a few inches.

The patient is usually discharged after 2-3 days, and the full rehabilitation period lasts from 2 to 3 weeks. After surgery, doctors recommends using the extender in conjunction with the operation of the device will help to increase the body as possible.

In addition to giving your penis extra length, you can add volume – this procedure is called fat grafting. During the manipulations the patient is placed in the body of the penis its own fat. But you should know that the result of the intervention is short-lived, and the volume of the penis will increase to a maximum of 1 cm.

Before deciding on a costly operation, all carefully consider. Perhaps the best solution is to try out special means to enhance potency. Because some of them have the side effect of penis enlargement.


Will talk about how to make dick bigger without creams and ointments directly to the home.

Pump for penis enlargement is a device consisting of a pump and the flask. The principle of operation of this device is simple: in this vacuum the body rushes the blood, so it increases in size and hardens.

The pump will not just cause an erection, but and locks the blood within a member, with the result that he remains in a state of excitement from 30 minutes to an hour. In some cases, the body may be increased even several hours, after which gradual the flow of blood and the larger return.

Vacuum pumps are divided into:

  1. Hand – attracted by the low price, but require significant effort in the application.
  2. Electric – vacuum they created when using an electric pump, and the intensity of inflating air is controlled by special buttons.

To the pump instruction manual to comply with which must.

special devices to increase

No harm will watch the instructional video before the start of the exercise.

Pay special attention to the pressure gauge – the pressure readings should not exceed 3-4 mm Hg.

To familiarize with the device may be limited to short – term use- 10 minutes, 3 times a day. A couple of weeks exercise, increase that to 15-20 minutes.

Before using the device shave the hair in the groin area and apply a body lube water-based. Next, place your penis into the jar and tightly press it against his groin, trying to achieve maximum tightness.

If the device has electronic control, no manipulations do not hold, it will do everything for you. A device operating in the manual mode will require inflating pump to create a vacuum.


An extender is another device, how to enlarge penis without creams. He is a orthopedic device, stimulating the growth of the penis and stabilizing potency. Extenders are of two types:

  • loop;
  • in the form of a belt.

Their design has only one difference – the role of the striker either performs a loop of silicone or strap. The rest of the kit is the same in both species: base, rod to control the tension of the penis, the soft substrate under the head and crown.

Before using the device, you need to calculate the length at which you need to fix it. Measure the length erect penis and subtract 4 from it, see the Resulting value must be appropriate for the initial length of the rods.

The device is easily installed:

  1. Put the ring base on the penis, situated in a quiet state. Make sure it rests on the groin.
  2. Just pull the foreskin back and place under the edge of the head of a special lining for easing discomfort when wearing.
  3. With the help of a strap or loop fix all on the platform.
  4. Verify the reliability of the device and the lack of discomfort.

To achieve results, wear the device every day for 4-6 hours, making a break for a few minutes every hour. The full course of the increase lasts not more than 12 months. Every 10 days should be added to the length of the rods a few millimeters.


Not all exercises how to make dick bigger at home without creams are effective and really increase the sexual organ. But there are exercises for the male organ due to which it becomes stronger and firmer, erections last longer.

Among the popular methods of penis enlargement, you can allocate Kegel exercises. The simplest of them:

  1. While emptying the bladder try to detain a stream of urine for a few seconds, and then resume the process. Do this exercise at least 5 times during one trip to "small". Daily workout will keep the muscles in tone.
  2. Quickly squeeze and relax your pelvic muscles for 10 seconds, then stop for 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 3 times in a row. Do rest is 1 minute and proceed to the second approach.
  3. Then, after a moment of rest, it follows the third approach.

The least popular techniquehow to make dick bigger without creams and pills – massage. The technique consists in the injection of blood into the penis. In the process of exercise usually occur microtrauma, which quickly grow new tissues in greater numbers, increasing the body member.

Technique of jelqing using lube:

penis enlargement.
  1. Give the member the floor in an excited state (not more than 50-70%) and keep it parallel to the floor.
  2. Make a ring of thumb and index finger, grasp the body at the base.
  3. Squeeze the ring finger and within 3 seconds, take him to the head of your cock.
  4. When they reached the base of the head, grab the penis with other hand and repeat the exercise again.


Self-love is associated with many myths and until the end nobody knows which one is real and which is fiction. There are reviews of men who have achieved a slight increase on that constantly masturbated. But are they true?

The fact that the beginning of the practice of Masturbation have on adolescence when the sexual organs are actively growing. Most likely, penis enlargement is not due to Masturbation, and sexual maturation and growth of the whole organism.

Nevertheless, the method of penis enlargement with Masturbation has a right to exist.


It is necessary to understand at once that massage of the penis will not lead to instant results. This way to increase the member without any ointments long and will require a lot of patience to see small changes.

Before how to make dick bigger at home without ointments guide preparation: a clean, soft cloth moisten with warm water and apply it on for a few minutes. Wipe your penis dry and start to massage:

  1. Sitting or standing pull the head on myself before the appearance of lung pain and lock it in this position for 3-4 minutes. Give the member to relax for 20-30 seconds and gently massage it. Repeat the manipulation again.
  2. Hold two fingers on the base of your penis and start doing a rhythmic motion up and down. Do not push hard or pull the skin. When will a full erection, squeeze on the base, not allowing blood to leave. With the other hand grasp the base of the head of the penis and in this position, stretch it forward, avoiding the pain.
  3. Lock position for 10 seconds. Then repeat the stretch left and right. Such massage should be repeated 4 times in all directions, and then loosen the grip.

Traditional methods how to make dick bigger without cream

The methods based on the use of herbs and the impact on different points of the penis, allow to slightly increase the body length, but not for long. Methods of how to increase penis without ointments meant to improve the blood supply to the penis, achieve stronger and longer lasting erection.

Consider how to increase penis without creams:

  1. Herbal.
    • Garlic tincture – take 20 drops twice a day. This means you can buy in the pharmacy;
    • Tincture of thyme. 100 mg herbs to brew 200 ml of boiling water, strain and drink warm twice a day.
  2. Cold compress. 0.5 kg small ice alternately attach to the base of the skull in the back, the ribs in the heart area and the scrotum. Repeat the manipulation for 10-15 minutes.
  3. The sodium bicarbonate. Yes, ordinary baking soda may very well help.

Choosing a penis enlargement without ointments, be careful. Many tricks is nothing like extortion of money and proper effect of them can not wait.

big cock

Before you decide to buy expensive devices or surgery, study all "for" and "against and do not be lazy to consult with your doctor.