Penis enlargement: myths and reality

Men, and you are satisfied with the length of your friend? And if not, you are attempting increase it? Here! Here are cashing in on this and the sellers of various tools and technologies that really do not work. Or work, but not quite, as promised by these crooked businessmen. It's very simple: it is impossible to increase any part of the body. Yes, even over the long term increase is possible only in the range of 10-15% of the initial size. Let's look at the myths about penis enlargement and the reality that is not as rosy as we promise.



Today it is the only safe and effective method of penis enlargement, not only in length but also in thickness. An experienced doctor with years of experience - plastic surgeon - before conducting the operation will study the anatomical features of your penis, as they say, will weigh all "for" and "against". Your health will not be harmed.

Urologist, andrologist, in conjunction with a plastic surgeon will monitor the recovery of the penis in the postoperative period. The operation will last no more than an hour under local anesthesia. In the process of operation will not be affected vital organs, the risk of serious complications is minimized.

Surgery penis enlargement is that interficiam muscles that support the penis at the top. Then these muscles are sewn in a new place (a bit below). Due to this, cock, like, falls a few inches forward.

Thus, the increase in penis length is achieved by changing its position. The penis after the operation is a little below their usual places.

During the operation, it is possible to increase length of a member to 4 inches. It should be noted that in erection the penis becomes correspondingly slightly different position, namely, the more horizontal.

Smear fricabis and wait for the effect...

But it was not. About the benefits or harm about the effectiveness of creams, gels and ointments for penis enlargement there are a lot of myths. Manufacturers of the miracle drugs a few days guarantee you an increase in penis not only in length but also in diameter. Your "friend" should increase due to the stimulation of the cells of the tissues of the penis, that is, it should start to grow, as a wave of a magic wand, and then when they grow to the required size, immediately stop. How much do you need? 18, 20, or 25 centimeters? Everything is possible, you just have to carefully RUB! And the effect will not keep you wait... because it will never happen! Popular ointments, creams and gels are of no use or will not bring harm to your health. Although one positive effect from these substances will intinctione the skin of your penis will be soft, smooth and silky, like an ass of a newborn baby, as they say in advertising!

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Times a pill, two pill...

Tablet three, five, ten and so is endless! It is unlikely that it will begin to increase in circumference or grow. Your penis will not grow longer, only because you are actively drinking vitamins or dietary supplements, which are advertised pills for penis enlargement. The benefits are can be and will be: the hair will be shiny, vitamin not, but the member will not grow even a few centimeters, from whatever side you are posuit him a line! You may find that a member has increased, but it is not! Do not forget that when something is very much forward, there could be a deception! Even artificially caused by the increase in the male hormone - testosterone in the blood of men can not affect growth of the penis.

Physical exercise to ensure Your size!

Of course, exercise can stimulate the process of increasing the penis. Only here there is one but: if your penis has grown, if you are not a teenager and puberty in your case a long-forgotten fact that no exercise will help you to increase penis.

Special training "buddy", manual methods will have a beneficial effect on the genitals. Disease prevention of the penis no one has yet prevented.

And remember: those who say that the penis is a muscular organ, just don't know about the structure of this body nothing. The penis is not composed of muscle, and cavernous and cavernous bodies, which are expanded by the accumulation of blood thereby causing an erection. You cannot achieve penis enlargement by exercise of the muscles.

Pull, doctor, pull!

Continuous mechanical traction with the help of a special device - extender - allows you to enlarge the penis, but rather make it longer. We should not think that your sexual organ will be proportional thickened, it is not so! The penis will become long and gracefully refined. The truth will lengthen slightly, and not soon, but erit tenuior much.

Wear this unit on the penis, you need at least 9 hours daily. For the people around you it will not go unnoticed. And since the device consists of a plastic ring connected to two movable metal rods, which are embedded in a plastic support with a silicone device for securing the head of the penis, it is unlikely that you will be convenient to move with extender, pendentia between the legs.

Besides, it can be painful. But in principle, the prospect is not bad: at least the length of a member will increase, though in this case about a year will have to be subjected to the penis painful procedure for dressing removal. The extender will be your friend for many months.

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Vacuum pump

Yes, indeed, thanks to the help of a vacuum pump, the penis can grow in size. Of course, this effect is temporary: as a rule, after 24 hours the body comes back to its original condition. And yet this method has its negative sides (side effects). Improper use the vacuum pump can result in the rupture of blood vessels of the penis, can cause bruising, and sometimes even deformation of the penis.