Methods of penis enlargement cream, ointment: how to choose the most effective

Penile enlargement – a set of methods aimed at penile enlargement with the use of special tools and techniques or with the aid of surgery.

penis enlargement.

Main methods of penis enlargement

The essence of conservative methods is the systematic execution over a certain period of time specific exercises or treatments that stimulate tissue of the penis to growth. It is possible to increase how of the penis length and its girth (circumference). The results obtained remain constant (perhaps a minor pullback).


Jelcing ("milking") – way to increase penis size at home, which is to perform special exercises, in fact, which is a self-massage of the penis. To apply the method could any man, the main condition for this is the presence of free time. Jelcing is an ancient technique used for centuries by many tribes and peoples, and which has proved its effectiveness.

Jelqing technique:

1. The erection should be at the level of 40-60%. In a fully erect condition to apply the method is absolutely contraindicated, otherwise there is a risk of damaging blood vessels in the penis. In the case of overstimulation, you just need to take some time to have an erection decreased.

2. It is recommended to apply a small amount of lubricant on the penis and the foreskin to reduce the morbidity. Do not use soap or shampoo, as they tend to dry the skin.

3. Grasp the base member by connecting the thumb and index finger of the right or left hand as tight as you can, and push it down towards the head. All movements are produced only from the base to the head and with the same intensity throughout the penis.

4. Periodically change hands, the procedure should resemble the milking process.

Minimum run is one month. During this time, the blood supply to the corpus cavernosum of the penis is significantly improved.

Increasing the length of member method of hanging load

This method is also very old. It was very common in the ancient tribes of Africa and was started to use from an early age. This is explained by the fact that in children the ligament of the penis is still very elastic and the effect of the procedure will be good.

With regular exposure of the cargo to the erectile tissues and ligaments of the penis increases the length, but the thickness usually does not change. The main rule is performed on a regular basis. However, there is a risk of serious injury from excessive load, so you first need to prepare the penis before you proceed to the exercise.

Technique method

First, run the manual massage, and only after the penis is warmed up, it is fixed by a fixture, which is attached to the load. It is important to start penis enlargement with small loads, gradually increasing their weight. After the end of the exercise the design is removed, and repeated hand massage to improve the blood supply to the cavernous bodies.

Then re-attached design, and the exercise is repeated with more weight. To achieve the desired result, you need to use the technique of suspension of the goods regularly and for a long time. The technique can be used in sitting, standing and lying on its side. The main disadvantages of the method are that it is still traumatic and takes a lot of time, so is not particularly popular among men.

the technique of penis enlargement

Increasing the length of the member using the extender

A modern alternative to hanging is extender. It is what sets the fact that it can be used to increase penis and long and thick, guaranteed not having injuries.

The extender is considered one of the most effective methods of penis enlargement. The principle of operation and use is very simple, and the price is usually acceptable. There are 3 basic types of extenders: loop, with belt and universal.

Work with extender is absolutely safe and causes minimum of inconvenience. The result of the exercise remains forever. It only takes a few months of wear for 4-5 hours a day. The positive effect is due to natural reaction of the body to mechanical impact, resulting in the tissues of the penis to form new cells and the penis increases. The growth of the penis will be carried out not only in length but also in width, as a biological cell has three-dimensional structure. Order extender conveniently in the online store.

The method of wearing the extender

Pin the penis should not be too tight, cannot pinch the head of your cock as it will impede blood flow. But do not over tighten the extender is too weak, otherwise the penis may simply fall out during wear. When choosing the degree of tension necessary to pay attention to the special notches that show the force of the tension. The first two weeks you should wear the extender a minimum level of tension, and then you can start to gradually increase the load.

The recommended period of wearing the extender 4-5 hours a day. However, do not forget to take breaks every hour for 10-15 minutes. The result will largely depend on how regularly you wear the extender and clearly follow the instructions.

With regards to the comparison of different extenders, to clearly say which one is better and which is worse is impossible. Their performance is almost identical. Main differences and parameters of the choice – ease of use, reliability and price.

Creams and ointments for penis enlargement

The use of such means like creams, ointments and lubricant for penis enlargement is also very common method of penis enlargement. Their use is, in fact, to spray directly on the body of the penis. Before acquiring these tools, you must read their composition, action and side effects. Creams and ointments for penis enlargement should not be composed of substances that you are allergic. Otherwise, they are completely safe.

Cream for penis enlargement are divided into 3 types depending on the duration of their effects: some creams – short-term effect, others long, the third group carries a support action for the joint use with other methods of penis enlargement. Using these tools, you can lengthen the penis at home.

1. Cream for short term penis enlargement. With it, the size of the penis is increased for a short time, usually during sex. The time of his actions – just a few hours. The main advantage of such funds is that they help to get rid of complexes about the size of a member work quickly, efficiently and, as a consequence, help you to feel in bed is much more confident.

2. Cream for long term penis enlargement causes growth of the penis length and width. The result will be noticeable immediately, as the cream of this group must be used one month. The mechanism of their action is that the special body of the penis blood flow increases, thereby grow and regenerate its tissue. These drugs are most in demand, as easy to use and their effect remains forever.

pills for penis enlargement

3. Cream for auxiliary actions. Cream of this type is necessary when the aim is to accelerate the process of penis enlargement when used simultaneously with other methods, for example, extender. With the combined use of the desired result will be obtained much faster.

Apply the grease or cream is recommended in small amounts in a thin layer, rubbing into the skin. This is enough, because in the part of these means quite a lot of stimulant drugs. Follow the instructions because each manufacturer has their own ways of application.

When purchasing for yourself creams and ointments for penis enlargement, you will feel all their benefits. Including:

  • The low cost of the product;
  • Stealth use, no discomfort;
  • There are no age restrictions.

Vacuum pump for men

Vacuum pump for men is a very effective method of manual penis enlargement. This device will help you to increase the length and diameter of the penis, and also helps treat erectile dysfunction and impotence. The principle of operation is quite simple: it creates a "vacuum" in the cylinder bore. This leads to additional blood flow to the penis and stimulates its growth.

The use of vacuum pumps do not usually cause any difficulties. The penis is placed into the cylinder and from the air is evacuated, whereby in the cylinder a vacuum is created, and to a specific body increases blood flow. The result is a penis enlargement, both in length and in width. But as a result of abuse possible microchromosome and a small hematoma. Prevention is the control of pressure in the cylinder pump, which is regulated by a special pressure gauge.

To buy vacuum pump is best online store and use it to achieve a quick result, preferably daily.

Pills and SUPPLEMENTS for penis enlargement

Pills for penis enlargement are now very common. And for good reason, because they are a good alternative to methods based on physical effects, creams to enlarge the penis and surgical procedures. The mechanism of action of these drugs are similar – to improve the blood supply of the cavernous bodies of the penis, resulting in growth in length and thickness. Now the market abounds with drugs of this orientation.

The manufacturers of dietary SUPPLEMENTS ensure the following positive effects: increase of penis size, enhancing sexual libido, improving control over ejaculation, improving erection.

Depending on the duration of use of pills and SUPPLEMENTS and their positive effects are progressing. So, after 1 month there is improvement in erections, sexual intercourse becomes longer, a slight increase of a member in diameter. In 2-3 months there has been a marked increase in the thickness and length of the penis, the stability of the penis, improving control over ejaculation. After 3-5 months there is a significant increase in the length of that magnificent erection, no problems with premature ejaculation.

The composition and method of use

Most of these pills have natural composition and depending on the characteristics of the organism cause an increase in the penis up to 25%. Most of the products contain natural ingredients: vitamins E and B3, extract of ginseng, grass gorjanki, honey oat grain, extract from the leaves of the herb Damiana, hawthorn, extract of Ginkgo, the extract from the fruit saw Palmetto, Inosine, and Cayenne fruit, Dodder seed, and more.

Method of use: 1 tablet 2 times a day during meals. With the exception of individual intolerance, such funds do not have contraindications.

Surgical methods of penis enlargement

Surgery for penis enlargement are carried out only by highly qualified specialists in specialized clinics and, as a rule, have limited indications. There is also a risk of postoperative complications and rehabilitation period is long, not to mention the price of such operations, which can cost several thousand dollars.e.

In addition, there is a psychological barrier, so as to put under the knife your "home" on for many men is very problematic, and they often prefer less risky and less traumatic techniques.

Questions and answers about increasing penis

Men who are interested in techniques to increase the penis, usually ask about the effectiveness of a particular method, the time of occurrence of the first positive results on the safety and duration of effect. As a urologist, I will try to answer the most frequently asked questions.

How to penis enlargement will be effective specifically for me?

Much depends on the individual, so you need to try different methods and to choose for themselves the best and most effective.

When will I be able to see the first results from training?

With regular exercises, and executing the first result will be noticeable within 1 month.

how to increase the member

Is it safe to exercise complex? Won't I get hurt?

In strict compliance with instructions the risk of injury is reduced to almost zero.

Why the results are saved your whole life? How is this achieved?

The formation of the cells of the tissues of the penis under the influence of stimulating factors that persists for life.

How to order?

If you are buying products through the Internet, websites stores offer a special order form.