The use of vacuum pumps for penis enlargement: detailed instructions

Vacuum pump was initially created to combat erectile dysfunction. The penis enlargement was a side effect. How effective this device?

The vacuum pump is a transparent cylinder, the bulb having an entrance but no exit. More output is available, but is a small hole attached to a hose. Thin the hose in turn is attached to a pump for pumping air out of the flask. Pump more often presented cheap hand bag, like it happens in cheap pumps from sexus tabernas. On expensive pumps installed with a special gun-pump with pressure gauge to monitor the pressure in the flask.

vacuum penis enlargement

The principle of operation is simple:

  1. The penis is inserted into the flask.
  2. The bulb tightly pressed to the pubis.
  3. The air is pumped out of the flask with a hand pump. The bulb creates a negative pressure or, as they say, vacuum. As a consequence, the erectile tissues fill with blood, causing an artificial erection.

Mechanisms of penis enlargement with polerowanie

Temporary increase

Elit thereby causes a temporary increase?

  • Mechanism 1. During long-term (on time sets you will learn later in the article) polerowanie, elastin fibers in the tunica of the penis stretch. This allows the cavernous bodies to accommodate a larger volume of blood, thereby increasing the girth of the penis. After a couple of hours, when elastin fibers will again take their original length, the girth of the penis will return to the usual norm.
  • Mechanism 2. The second mechanism of increase of a member is the flow of the lymph. During tonirovania into the penis flows not only a lot of blood, but also lymph. It focuses beneath the skin (foreskin) that have the effect of so-called "donut" after the session tonirovania. During the first sessions with the pump, the lymph fills stronger. Later, the number of lymph when tonirovania significantly reduced. In General, lymph is not dangerous, and not a negative sign. Besides, a few hours after classes, the lymph will leave your cock through the lymphatic channels, and all will be fine. If possible, you should ensure that the number of lymph was not excessive.

Increase on an ongoing basis

To increase on an ongoing basis it is necessary to combine the use of the pump with manual exercises. Then, when special regimes tonirovania, you can stretch the tunica, and in the next cycle to "pump" cavity. With each of these tasks, with the right approach, vacuum pump copes.

The vacuum pump can be used as a standalone device, and can be combined with the main manual of the program. The second option is preferable.

Using the pump in conjunction with manual exercises, you can achieve much better results to increase the drive. Thus, using a vacuum pump, you can increase both the length and girth of the penis.

The types of tonirovania


Sarcina is a mode tonirovania to stretch tunic. Sarcina necessary to narrow flask in which the erect cock can't swell outwards so the vacuum power will pull it in length. This method allows to increase the length of the penis and stretch the tunica.

Classic elit

Classic tonirovania is tonirovania in a wide bowl. The power vacuum in such a bulb causes the member to swell outwards, filling the cavity with blood to the limit. When stretched tunic tonirovania this method helps to increase the girth of the penis.

How to create a workout program for each of the goals? Read on in the article.

Safety rules when working with a vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is an efficient tool for the penis enlargement. However, if used improperly you will get only the injuries and darkening of the penis. Read this article thoroughly before using the device.

Under any circumstances do not break the following rules:

  1. If you experience pain, immediately stop the treatment tonirovania. Find out what the cause of the pain. If the reason was injury, then wait for complete healing before the next class. If the cause of the pain was, for example, pinching the skin, it should resolve the problem and resume the session tonirovania.
  2. Never in a hurry. Do not bring the session to tonirovania pain! Pressure increase (or rather lower, because the bulb creates a vacuum) gradually, week by week. The secret of growth, not crazy load, but in regular literacy sessions.
  3. Under any circumstances do not exceed the session time tonirovania approach for more than 40 minutes! One hour is the limit at the time on light load. By this time, should be approached gradually. Prolonged vacuum, the blood ceases to circulate freely in the penis, causing the cells in the penis will begin to die.
  4. Not laoreet too often. Session tonirovania a very good thing: in laoreet member is inflated to an impressive size, which is nice to see. However, do not elit 3 times a day. Your goal is to increase member, not the joy of a temporary effect. Too often classes hinder growth. So follow the schedule of workouts, which you'll learn later in the article.

The penis is surprisingly durable, hurt it hard enough. With proper training the risk of injury tends to zero.

The training program with the use of vacuum pump

Consider two training programs:

  1. The first program aimed at stretching dapibus sheath of the penis.
  2. The second program is aimed at "pumping" of cavities.

For each of the two programs require two different flasks. Hose and pump for pumping air universal for any flasks. For the first type of training required a narrow flask Sarcina.

Program tensile dapibus sheath (length)

Flask Sarcina should be sufficiently narrow: erect penis during the Sarcina are not inflated in breadth, the walls of the bulb to limit the extension, instead the member stretches in length.

Training program:

  1. Massage of the testes – 5 min.
  2. Steam heating is 10-15 min.
  3. Easy erect stretching in all directions 10-15 minutes.
  4. Rope high tension – 10 min.
  5. Rope or And-stretching (as you prefer). Can include reverse thrust, and the seat member.
  6. Light jelq – 50 reps. Before proceeding to pomilovanju, prepare a member to a load of fanfare. jelq is suitable for this purpose perfectly. Dry or wet jelq, as you prefer.
  7. Sarcina. Now will explain in detail how the session is running tonirovania.

The procedure of Sarcina

Bring the member up to 80-90% erection, apply the cream or liquid petroleum jelly, then insert into the jar and tightly press it against the pubis. Try to petroleum jelly does not enter the scrotum, otherwise it also sugit in a flask. If this happens, do not suffer: remove the flask, wipe the scrotum with a dry cloth, and reinsert the penis into the flask. If stretching prevents friction, lubricate sliding cream-oil flask itself from the inside. The slide should be 100%.

For high-quality pumps have a pressure gauge and indicates the pressure in laoreet. Can't give you an optimal performance pressure because someone 4 units seem appreciable load, the other won't feel a thing. Monitor the pressure you need for another reason: you should know what mark started, then gradually increase the load.

Member in the bulb will stretch the entire length. Follow the sensations. When the pain stop the set.

Training sets

Rest between sets 3-5 minutes minutes. At this time, you can perform light stretching. Before the next set, return a member to 80-90% erection.

  • The first set. The first set swipe on a light load: do not try to pump out all the air to pull the member to the max in the first approach. If at first you will start to strengthen, it will stop the growth. All the time. Give easy load for 10 min.
  • The second set. Next set can slightly increase the pressure. Here you will need a pressure gauge: see on the sensor and slightly raise the pressure. At the second set take another 10-15 min.
  • In the third set. On the third set do not increase the pressure, but increase the time to 20 min. all over the set you should be pleased. No pain!

After sets

Sarcina again after a light jelq, literally 30-50 light reps. Do not try to perform a full jelq hard as the vascular program. In this case, the jelq you need to enhance blood circulation, since during tonirovania, the blood stagnates in the penis.

Then follow these direct linkages, the average power of 5-10 min.

Parameter measure BPFSL before the workout and after. If after training there is a boop, you're doing it right. If not, read the article carefully again and analyze your workouts.

At the end of training spread member of the ointment "ambulance with bruises and bruises" or a similar ointment.

The training is over. Preferred schedule 2/1 or 3/1. Never forget about the rest, but you should not be lazy. Check the condition of the member, practice competently, diligently, listen, Mr. Jons'a and your penis will definitely grow.

The increased load

All week do not exceed the specified load. First set easy, 10 min., the second set just raised the load and also 10-15 min, the third set at the same pressure of 20 min. Through the week a little, just a little magnification for the first set, and therefore the second set will be with even greater load, the third set at the same pressure but for 20 min. the Scheme is simple.

So, week by week, gradually increase the load. This will help to achieve the best results. In a few weeks when you gain experience, increase the duration of sets up to 15 min for the first set, 20 min for second and 25 minutes for the third.

Continue the course of stretching of the tunics until, yet will not increase the difference between BPFSL and BPEL to 2 cm or more, then go to vascularium cycle.

Vascular program with the use of the pump

List of exercises:

  1. Massage of the testes – 5 min.
  2. Steam heating is 10-15 min.
  3. Direct linkages of medium strength – 5 min.
  4. jelq 100 repetitions.
  5. Erectum flexion – 10 min.
  6. Sitting on dimidium-stabat cock – 10 min
  7. Session tonirovania.

The procedure of

Session tonirovania on vascularium cycle is exactly the same as on cycle stretch tunic, with the only exception that the bulb in this case is broad, not narrow, and member fanning outwards. Sessions and the principle of increasing the load is exactly the same. You can always re-read all the articles on our website.

In between sets perform punching. 10-15 punchings between sets would be sufficient.The combination of vacuum pump and punchings gives fantastic results. Pushing follow carefully. If you feel the load is too large, reduce turnover and cut training.

Perform light distillations jelq for blood circulation.

The training is over. Upon completion of training the brush member ointment "ambulance with bruises and bruises" or equivalents. Schedule 2/1 or 3/1.

Be attentive to your sex organ. If you feel that a member is not ready for such a load or does not recover, relax.

To track workout performance, you can measure the girth of the penis before and during exercise. However, you should try to measure it before the member fills with lymph. Girth, enlarged lymph, we don't care. We need a clean sweep. And the greater the difference between the measurements at the beginning and during training, the better. If the difference is increasing week by week, you are on the right track.

vacuum penis enlargement pump

A couple of important points

Now consider a few important moments in classic polerowanie.

1 – Manual exercises + pump

The vacuum pump is the perfect complement to the main program of the exercise and increases the effect of your training. Do not move to single use of the pump – it will be the wrong decision.

2 – Lymph

When playing with a penis pump much "fills" the lymph. The first workout of lymph is more, after several "fills" not so much.

If lymph very much, it is possible to divide the set into two stages, with a pause between stages to 30 seconds.

To prevent a large number of lymph elit will allow the condom. Yes, don't be surprised. The condom is pinched the skin tightly, which makes lympha to gather under her. On the overall effectiveness of training is affected not much.

Point 3 – Healing cream

Upon completion of training, you need to use a healing cream. This will help to quickly heal the red spots and prevent darkening of the penis.

Point 4 – the Blood during tonirovania

The classical polerowanie before workout take aspirin (approx. ed pre-consult your doctor). It increases the fluidity of blood and prevents blood clots.

During exercise at high loads with a urethra can get a couple small drops of blood. This is due to damage of blood vessels in the urethra. In this case, immediately stop the lesson and give yourself a vacation in two weeks. While relaxing, drink a medicine to strengthen the blood vessels. Should also drink vitamin E.

After two weeks of rest will resume training, but start slowly: after two weeks of light weight training back to full trainings.

Point 5 – Sex after a workout

After exercise, sex or Masturbation is not worth it. Give yourself and a member of the rest. And enjoy sex the next time.

Point 6 – the Darkening of the skin

When active desktop polerowanie the skin may be a little dark. This occurs when the violation of the conditions described in the program: warm-up, the adequacy of load, the use of creams after a workout. In any case, the darkening is not painful sign.