Methods of increasing the penis: advice, diagnosis, treatment

The main indication for penis enhancement or change its appearance is the desire of the patient. The main objective of the urologists involved in this difficult work is to improve the patient's quality of life. I want to warn patients of widely distributed quackery and self-medication. Do not experiment on your body and on your unique penis, which is given to You by nature only in a single copy! The desire to increase the penis is justified, it can hardly be called a fad. First and foremost because it is inherent in every man the desire to dominate is subconscious, inherent in us by nature, coming from our ancient instincts.

penis enlargement.

It is often the size of the penis to become one of the decisive factors for the realization of men as individuals is its direct-esteem, confidence in her power and sense of sexual adequacy. Insufficient length of the penis has a detrimental effect on the psychological state of man, makes his life uncomfortable, deprives quality and regular sex.

What a man wants?

  • improving self-esteem;
  • increase sex appeal;
  • sexual life improvement;
  • the withdrawal of the "package locker", reducing the feeling of tightness in the company of men.

So, laugh about it, to argue or to say "the main thing that man was good" stupid — deep male psychology will not change. Unlike penis size.

And here, in front of a man, the question arises - how to achieve this?

What is your penis size?

In order to assess the size of the penis you need to measure it at rest and during erection. In the room where the measurement should be room temperature, since at temperatures below room sexual member is reduced. Measurements are made in a calm state, putting the line on the upper surface (dorsal) of the penis at the same time, pulling the sexual member head 90 degrees to the surface of the body.

The next measurement of the penis produce during erection. This requires a relaxing atmosphere, so that nothing could distract You from the process of measurement. Attention! Inadequate erection affect the length and diameter of the penis.

How divided men and penis size?

Length of penis (cm) less than 12 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 more than 20
Men 3% 6% 12% 15% 20% 14% 13% 9% 4% 4%

Why small penis?

The growth of the penis depends on the level of testosterone. Small penis contains:

  • congenital gonadotropin deficiency,
  • CNS congenital anomalies (defects of the middle structures of the brain, dysplasia, aplasia of the pituitary),
  • receiving phenytoin pregnant woman
  • partial resistance to androgens
  • congenital primary hypogonadism,
  • deficiency of 5? reductase,
  • when an unknown reason, talking about idiopathic micro-penis.

What methods of lengthening the penis exist? What methods of penis enlargement?

There are various non-surgical methods, about which much has been written:

methods of penis enlargement
  • Penis growth with extender;
  • Penile enlargement with hanging weights;
  • Special exercises to increase the member;
  • Increase with pills and hormonal preparations.
  • Increase using electromagnetic stimulators;
  • Increase with a special underpants;
  • To increase the member a surgical way.

The increase in genital organs without surgery at home possible. For free you can download a video about methods and operations, the increase in home exercises. But will it be effective? If you offer to enlarge the penis "from your sofa" with the help of miracle pills, ointments, gels is deliberate deception. Be careful, if You promise to increase member 10 cm a couple of months (no part of the physical body is not able to grow in 1.2-2 times in such a short period of time).

Be careful, if You propose to use "ancient, natural methods." This is often potentially dangerous or simply not effective program of increase of a member. In order to make a choice, you need to know about the effective methods of penis enlargement

How you can really increase the member? Any feedback on the use of extenders in men?

Most popular on the market is methods of penis enlargement using the extender. Although it is not the only highly effective method of answering the question – how can you increase the member. The principle of the extender is based on the medical principle of stretching and growth of tissues. About this you can read in Wikipedia. The calculated tension of the extender affects the tissue of the penis and stimulates its growth. The extender can be used to increase the size of the penis, straightening of the trunk of the penis with a curved penis.

Method of penis enlargement using the extender has a scientific basis and based on the natural ability of human body to change under a constant load ("principle of mechanical tissue expansion"). There are many processes in our lives are subordinated to this principle. The office of Dr. Ilizarov is the best proof! The best example would be the invention of a Russian, Dr. Ilizarov. He used this principle to create a device that allows you to build missing limbs, lengthen and straighten the spine.

The principle tensile stress is widely used in plastic surgery. A certain area of the skin exposed to tension, resulting in the formation of new cells, the volume of tissue increases and it can be used in transplantation (burns, baldness, cosmetic surgeries). The effectiveness of this method no doubt. At the same side effects, when used properly, the extender for almost 20 years, is not revealed. And remember that a positive result can be achieved without daily effort.

The extender is used by doctors to help thousands of men worldwide to increase penis. In the course of employment, in the opinion of men, the penis begins almost immediately look longer, smoother and more impressive! When the stronger sex looks at the penis, I often think about what it could be much longer and to bring women more pleasure. In the opinion of many, the presence of a small penis can affect your confidence and will make any man, both physically and psychologically. But this is very unfair! Now there is a way to fix it.

The extenders are easy to use, not visible under clothing. To achieve maximum effect, one has to perform traction daily, 8 hours a day for 12-20 weeks. The maximum elongation, which failed to reach the patients follow all the rules, is 2.5-3 cm Extenders can be ordered by mail, but it is better to discuss the order with the physician. Prices can be quite different. Inexpensive extender you can buy. But will it be quality? And certainly not to do with their hands.


Exercises for penis enlargement - as a method of penis enlargement at home! And for free!

Exercises for penis enlargement is perhaps the oldest method of penis enlargement in principle. This is one of those ancient techniques that has been used for centuries by various tribes and cultures around the world (Tibetan monks, Indians, Taoist). Method owned specially trained people, mostly monks. Information about it was kept a closely guarded secret and passed down, literally from mouth to mouth. Written documents are almost lost. Therefore trust the therapists, working on the technique of a ancient school, pretty heady stuff. Most likely their activity is of a commercial nature, and in the best cases, you'll only be wasting money and time.

In our days, similar techniques are freely available and you can download them for free. American scientists proved the effectiveness of the exercises, spending a lot of tests. But in the end, we can say that jelcing – how exercise for penis enlargement is a very weak tool, and in order to achieve significant results, you need to spend enough effort and time.

What is the vacuum method of increasing the genitals in men?

The vacuum method of penis enlargement – non-surgical method, which consists of long gradual stretching of the body. This method is also called vacuum pump. Vacuum pumps are manual and computerized. In the latter case, the penis is placed into the tube and around it creates a negative pressure.

There is a difference between using a pump to achieve an erection (in minutes) and the desire to increase the size of the penis, when it has to pump within an hour. It threatens big problems penis swells, swelling, rupture of vessels and hemorrhage. The effect of a bigger penis quickly. Once you take the ring off, the penis returns to normal size. Remember, pumps don't cause long-term penis enlargement. Normally, the program for lengthening the penis using a vacuum pump designed for 1 year. The first 16 weeks of sessions are held daily. Then 1 every 3 days. The session lasts approximately 30 minutes.

What drugs for penis enlargement?

Medicines for penis enlargement are ineffective and can be even dangerous for health. If we talk about tablets, the inside often is ordinary vitamins. With regard to the different gels and ointments, they do not understand what is. These substances can negatively affect the skin and cause itching and even allergies. Many drugs for penis enlargement can only stimulate erections and libido, but not increase penis. Just note that the turnover of the hormonal drugs is limited and their sales need a special license (of course that such a license will not be issued to a body shop or Internet website). To buy they are also available only by prescription. All hormones, including testosterone and its derivatives, are assigned a doctor. It is also proposed large number of non-hormonal drugs. But to enlarge the penis just taking pills does not work.

How much is a penis enhancement surgical procedure? What is the price?

Unlike the majority of penis enlargement methods, surgery can actually be effective. However, as with any surgery, possible postoperative complications (inflammation, worsening of erection, contraction of scar tissue, the penis gradually returns to the original position). The cost of such transaction is $2500-$4000, very not easy to find a good surgeon in this area! So when deciding, You should carefully weigh the risks and possible side effects after surgery.

What you need to know the patient who wants to increase penis surgically?

how to increase the member
  • you need to quit Smoking, because negative results are often observed among smokers — disrupted wound healing, the life of the transplanted autologous fat, etc.;
  • there is no standard surgical methods with a guaranteed high performance;
  • the possibility of discrepancy of the desired results are valid;
  • the impossibility of increasing the glans penis, therefore, does not exclude the violation of the proportions of the head and stem of the penis;
  • the operation to increase the penis does not improve sexual function, and sexual performance;
  • the augmentation of the penis is not a cure for organic impotence;
  • as with any surgery, there are different kinds of complications, including the deterioration of an erection.