How to increase a member of the soda - rules of application, contraindications

Can I increase the size of the penis men with the help of baking soda – let's discuss?

For any man the size of his manhood is a hot topic always.

how to make dick bigger soda

Even despite the fact that official medical statistics show that most men size of the penis corresponds to the norms, the most part of representatives of a strong half continues to worry on this issue.

In fact, a deviation is the length of the penis in the excited state is less than 9 inches. Moreover, such a size, as a rule, men who have pathology of the genital organs.

Small penis by itself is a pathology. Doctors recognize that due to this condition men often have problems with conceiving a child. In addition, if compared with other body proportions penis men do not believe it is likely to cause delays in the development and growth of the reproductive system.

Such a problem should be solved, otherwise besides the small penis of the man will be still a lot of problems with the reproductive system. In such situations, men do not penis enlargement, they undergo comprehensive treatment, which primarily will be directed on elimination of infertility.

How can you increase penis?

Today, there are many ways to increase the penis in size. Some men prefer surgical intervention, in which after a short time you can be satisfied with the result. Many use for these purposes a vacuum pump or other devices, which gradually increase a member in length.

The disadvantage of such tools is to achieve a result can be no less than six months, and the length will be only 2-3 inches. To perform the vacuum therapy, or to wear special devices for the penis on a daily basis.

Some men are turning to traditional methods. Such methods are less dangerous and traumatic, as most therapy involves the use of natural components or a completely normal means that we use every day.

One such method is baking soda. This tool is safe because has a simple and known composition. In addition, it is used in food, as well as to eliminate various diseases.

How to increase a member of the soda at home?

Soda has many useful properties, but because it is actively used in cooking, cleaning, in the treatment of certain diseases.

  • For example, women often use soda as a means from yeast.
  • However, men are more interested in another question.

According to experts, penis enlargement baking soda is the most secure and simple way to enhance size of the penis. In addition, this method is available to absolutely every representative of a strong half. Today, there are several methods in which the soda will help to achieve the result:


  1. To prepare procedures necessary to dissolve a teaspoon of powder in a glass of warm water.
  2. Depending on the size of the bath or basin, to be used for the procedure, the solution volume can be increased, more importantly, to maintain the proportion.
  3. The resulting solution is poured into the tub, and then descends to the penis.
soda for penis enlargement

To keep the penis in the soda solution should be for fifteen minutes. It is recommended to use the bath about an hour before sexual intercourse. Many men have noted after the procedure, increase the elasticity of the penis, and increase in size.


This method is very effective, but they need to use carefully.

  1. The procedure is that you need to wet the cock with warm water and then apply on its surface a little powder.
  2. After that, soda is rubbed into the skin. This should be done very carefully, because the particles of baking soda can easily damage the delicate skin of the penis, leaving her wounds and scratches, which will cause pain and burning.

Work this scrub due to the strong tide of blood, caused by rubbing baking soda. The result is just a few minutes a man can notice the emergence of an erection and increase the penis in size.

This method may not be suitable for everyone as some men have noted the irritation on the skin of the penis.

Scrub of baking soda and honey

This is another simple method.

  1. It is only necessary to mix the powder and honey in equal quantities.
  2. Then, the mixture evenly on the penis, massaging it.
  3. Further, it is desirable to leave a healing composition to the skin of the penis for some time to be absorbed.

After this penis is washed well under warm water.

Many men say that with daily use procedure penis really increases in size.

Moreover, honey contains many nutrients and has a firming and disinfecting effect, and therefore, if there are any diseases on the skin or in tissues, honey helps to destroy the infection.


This method is quite simple.

  1. First you need to prepare a solution of water and baking soda.
  2. The proportions take are the same as for baths: a teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of warm water.
  3. Then, the resulting solution is well wetted bandage of gauze or bandage and applied it to sex organ.

Procedure is not recommended when the member is in a state of excitement. Or in this case, you need to put a bandage on the area of the head.

The skin on this part of the penis is too delicate, its very easy to damage even a soda solution. This factor should be taken into account when performing other procedures with soda. Keep the compress on the penis need no more than twenty minutes.

how to enlarge penis

Soda and vegetable oil

There is another, more simple recipe. You need to lubricate the member with vegetable oil along the entire length, and then apply a bit of baking soda. After that, the powder gently massaging movements rubbed into the skin surface. Most importantly do it very carefully so as not to damage the mucous membranes of the penis.

  1. Also some men is recommended as a Supplement to other methods to drink soda with milk.
  2. This method will help to strengthen the body in General, to protect him from various infections and diseases, and to support the growth of the penis.

Soda increases blood flow to the tissues of the penis, making the cavernous body of penis deeper the blood, and the correspondingly greater increases in size during erection. However, in most cases soda for a member gives only a temporary effect.

The use of such methods can be used directly before intercourse. In some cases, men have noted that over time, through regular procedures, the penis becomes slightly larger.

Contraindications to the use of soda

By itself, the soda does not have any contraindications to its use, especially for outdoor use. That is why we can not pre-address to the urologist for advice.

  1. You need to remember that the skin of the penis, especially the head area of the fall is gentle and delicate, and therefore is more likely to damage it even the tiniest crystals of soda.
  2. During any of the procedures first, you must always wash your hands with soap and water to kill all pathogens.

Special attention should be paid to the shelf life of baking soda. It is not recommended to increase the dosage, or use compresses, baths or scrub for too long, this can easily cause irritation on the skin.

You do not need to count on immediately after a few treatments with baking soda will be visible result, and the member will grow a few inches. Most men say that results begin to appear after two months of daily use of baking soda. In some cases, the effect may be noticeable only after four months of regular practice of these methods.


The only contraindication to the use of soda is the idiosyncrasy.

If men allergic to soda, that he would have to find another method.

Some representatives of the strong half of very delicate skin that does not allow the use of food sodium.

As a rule, such men may experience severe irritation in the groin area, and sometimes even pain and burning. When such symptoms should immediately stop their therapy.

Before you start penis growth, you should think, whether you need it. Sometimes men begin to worry about penis size, although not really experience any difficulties in sexual life.

How to test skin sensitivity to baking soda?

To have men to avoid unpleasant skin irritation of the penis, it is recommended to check how sensitive the skin to the component.

You need to prepare a little paste from baking soda. This is done very simply, you need to take a pinch of baking soda and add a few drops of water. Then a thick paste, apply on a small area of the skin of the penis. If after twenty minutes at the place of use of the soda will not be reddening, rash, scratching or burning, you can use any recipes with sodium.

The combination of baking soda with other agents

Sometimes to soften the effect of soda used additional substances.

  1. For example, many men prefer different creams. It can be usual creams on a fatty basis, or special means to increase the penis.
  2. A little cream mixed with a small amount of baking soda, and then gently rubbed into the skin of the penis. The presence of cream in the mix makes the effect of careful and neat.

Main thing is to pick a cream that will not cause allergies and irritation.

Often baking soda is used orally with the addition of other components. For example, you can add a pinch of baking soda in honey and nuts. This means not only consolidate the results of other procedures, but will have a beneficial effect on potency. On the whole, the body becomes more resistant to external influences, there are additional forces and energy.

You can use the bath, compresses and scrubs with baking soda as the additional funds for drug therapy of erectile dysfunction, or when the temporary erectile dysfunction caused by stress, fatigue, or other problems unrelated to the reproductive system.