The penis enlargement - different methods

Throughout a person's life, his body changes significantly. Some changes remain unaddressed, and some takes a huge amount of anxiety and worries. Men are very concerned about the growth of their penis. All they want to get answers to two questions, to what age growing member, and whether you can intervene in this process. For men these are important questions, because sex life is part of their everyday life.

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What age is the growth of the penis

The penis begins in the third month of fetal development. At birth the length of this on no more than three inches. This parameter practically does not change within 10 years.

Sex on the boys start to grow at the age of 11 years. But do not be afraid, if this process starts much later, for example, from the age of fourteen. It depends on the individual characteristics of each organism. At the same time, the boys begin to pay attention to what happens hair growth in the armpits and on the pubis, there is the first vegetation on the face. Also increase the testicles, breaking voices, begins to take shape the figure of the male type.

Boys change their genitals are often alarming. They are driven by the fear that their penis is small in size. This fear is the fact that growth of a member occurs by jumps. It grows first in length, then changes in volume and so it is repeated several times.

How many years until a growing member

It should be noted that completing the development and formation of the male sexual organ in all representatives of the stronger sex in different ways. The doctors, based on my experience, I witnessed a fully formed penis in the age of 17, and some young people, external sexual characteristics are formed completely only 25 years old.

Doctors also claim that the magnitude and scope of a member not depend on the age of its formation. The development of this body of men due to the intensity of development of the organism.

What affects the formation of the penis

  • In the first place, not unimportant role played by the heredity and genetics of the genus.
  • Another factor of influence is the level of testosterone in the body of a teenager. The amount of this hormone directly sets the period of maturation of the reproductive system and the final size of the penis. If a young man concerned about the small size of his genitals, it is quite possible there was a failure in the endocrine system that produce this important male hormone. If the lack of other secondary sexual characteristics, e.g., poor vegetation on the body and face, you should pay attention to it and to address to the endocrinologist.
  • Plays an important role and the presence of chronic diseases in younger men.
  • Influences and how a balanced diet for a teenager.

All these factors play a significant role on the growth of manhood and, based on them, any guy can predict what the value will be about his dick.

Why men often think that they have small sexual organ

According to statistics, almost half of men believe that they have nothing to be proud of in terms of the size of their manhood. Where does such an absurd view? Most often it is just a suggestion based on comparison of its members with what it can see in public areas and online.

The fact is that when a young man drew attention to the member standing next to men, for example, in the shared shower, it seems that the penis is much more than him. He looks down at his body angle and he seems much shorter, and a member of the neighbor to the right, hence the sum is not quite correct view.

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What parameters should have a member that is considered the norm

The male penis consists of special kind of fabric. In the presence of blood flow, enriching this fabric, it is susceptible to increase. Therefore, the sexual organ of men in a quiet state is very different from the penis in erection. The majority of male member increases in length, some width.

Is considered normal on men having 12-15 cm in length and about 12 cm in volume. Such sizes have more than half of the members of the family of Adam.

Many men dream to be the owner of a large manhood believing that bigger is better. However, this is not the correct view. In order to enrich the blood of the impressive size of a member, a strong tributary. So, if for some reason the blood flow is insufficient power, it will immediately affect the erection, and, consequently, on sexual intercourse.

What is considered small penis

If penis erect length less than 10 cm, it is considered to be small. Do doctors have the term micro penis is when the length of the penis is less than 6 cm

The reasons for not growing more cock

If suddenly there was a stop of growth of manhood usually this process is accompanied by additional symptoms of concern. Stop growing the testes, the teenager does not change the timbre of the voice, slightly rising pubes, stomach and chest is changing shape. Worth urgent to find out the cause of the disease.

What to do if you do not increase member

An urgent need to attend for the purpose of consultation the following physicians: geneticist, endocrinologist, andrologist, urologist. They will identify the problem and prescribe treatment.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis by using various well-publicized means

On huge request of the representatives of the stronger sex have sexual organ of impressive size earned a lot of money. What magic bullet do not propose now employees of questionable medical institutions.

Ointments, tablets, various creams, and even wipes if you believe the advertising, are capable of making man happy owner of a member of a large size. This will help potential buyers to earn the admiration of women. Not far behind doctors and healers, offering in turn a huge number of various recipes, claiming that with their help, the penis will certainly grow.

Men whose income is above average, offering a course of special massage, which miraculously, following the advice of ancient healers of the East, will help them to increase your penis.

But all of these funds will not bring any results.

Real methods of penis enlargement, see how much you can really increase penis size

There are currently only 2 methods to enlarge the male sexual organ. These include surgery and stretching of the penis expander. If we apply the second method, you should not worry that the formation and growth of the body is over. To use this method at any age. The simulator will help you to reach growth of a member by 3 cm, And it can be used to achieve increased volume. This method corrects the curvature of the body and improves erectile function.

Surgery is recommended only if the size of the penis in erection is not more than 12 cm. it Consists in implantation of the implant. After this operation, men have really small penis the chances of maintaining normal sexual life.

penis enlargement.

No matter to what age grows the male organ, many men, it reaches the norm. Therefore, every member of this most representative of a strong half is able to lead a normal sex life and please a woman. It is not necessary to try all ways to increase your member, you should learn to use the one that gave you nature.