Learn how to increase a member safely and permanently.

The size of the penis greatly affects the emotional state of men. When sense of lack of size, there are problems with social adaptation, significantly increases the risk of developing depression.

The existing variety of methods of penis enlargement gives the opportunity to change the sexual side of man's life. It is important to understand the list of these methods and, in collaboration with Dr. (!) to choose for themselves the most optimal physiology, time and money.

how to increase the member

The most effective ways

There are a number of the most effective ways to achieve penis enlargement:

  • certain physical exercises on the penis;
  • popular recipes;
  • creams, ointments;
  • gels;
  • sprays;
  • surgery;
  • biologically active food supplements and other drugs;
  • nozzles;
  • special devices.


To physical stress include:

  • massage;
  • jelking;
  • stretching;
  • Masturbation;
  • exercises Aaron.
  • Kegel exercises.


In the structure of the penis is spongy body and stimulation massage helps increase the flow of blood to them, causing their extension.

Among the massage techniques are very popular three:

  • Tao. Affected in the first place on the head of the penis. Thumb and index finger connected in a ring, they embrace the penis. Motion of such a ring is produced in the direction of the head, at a slow pace and when you approach her, stop for 10 seconds;
  • Uli (Julia). It initially acts to change the thickness of the body. An excited member of the grasping hand and compressed for 40 seconds. Then for 10-15 seconds, relax the arm and repeat the exercise. The number of repeats must be at least 5 times;
  • Double Uli . With one hand squeeze the penis at the base and the other grasping around the head. At the same time his hands clench and Vice versa for 30-60 seconds. The frequency of contractions and duration of exercise depends on fitness.

Regular use of this massage allows you to increase the length to 7 cm and the volume is up to 3 cm


The jelqing technique is similar to the massage of the penis, and its effectiveness is based on the same mechanism of action.

It can be performed in three variants:

  1. Dry. Penis grasping the entire hand and produce a movement from the base to the head, where the hand of change and movement is directed in the opposite direction.
  2. Wet. It includes the implementation of jelqing under a constant flow of warm water. Use a sponge or towel, which was wrapped in a reproductive organ.
  3. With lubrication. Lubricated with a thin layer of douches the penis, grasping the ring of forefinger and thumb, slide them along the length. The member must be in the condition of weak excitation, and the movement of the hand need to be repeated without pressure about 100 times at the beginning of the training and about 200 times after the first month.


Training in the form of stretching involves increasing the length of manhood, but the thickness may decrease.

methods of penis enlargement

The exercise consists of several elements:

  • penis warm up your palms, take a comfortable position. It is important to avoid erection at the beginning of the stretching;
  • penis grasping hand over head and gently pulled myself alternately forward, down, right and left, lingering in the most far point for 10 seconds. This should not be painful feelings;
  • after pulling slowly loosened his grip and make a break for 10-15 seconds before you change the direction of pulling.

Repetitions this exercise doing about 15-20.


Regular Masturbation can help to enlarge the penis, if the target does not exceed the add. 1-2 see Results are associated with increased blood flow to the penis, what is the basis of almost all methods of change of parameters of manhood. But because of its focus on emotional satisfaction and better results it will not.

Exercises Aaron

Aaron has published a book about the anatomy of the male sexual organ, myths about its structure and the factors affecting the erection and size, and most importantly – the publication devoted to the possibility of penis enlargement. The book is based on the experience of Aaron and the other men.

Reading this literature will allow a man to expand their knowledge about their own body, teach him how to correctly measure the penis and how to influence its parameters, saving the result for life.

Kegel exercises for the growth of dignity

Exercises developed by Kegel, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the pelvic diaphragm. The main problem for their implementation – identify the right muscles and concentration. To find the muscles, a man needs to go the toilet to urinate and during urination to stop and resume the process, while trying to feel the muscles that tense up when stopping.

The most striking example themselves of kegels – exercise "Start/Stop". It is a daily repetition of methods of search of the muscles during urination, each time you visit the restroom.

Another popular exercise is not related to natural processes, it can be done anywhere and in any clothes. Simply alternate the contraction and relaxation of the pelvic muscles identified earlier.

Folk remedies and old-fashioned methods

Traditional medicine is rich with tools that will help to change the size of manhood.

The most popular is the ordinary kitchen soda. The most effective recipes with baking soda:

  • concentrated bath. It is taken for a convenient container, for example, a wide and tall glass, into which pour warm water and poured a teaspoon of baking soda. Hinder the solution until complete dissolution of crystals of soda, then dip into his penis for 15 minutes;
  • scrub. The penis moistened with ordinary clean water, then massage movements RUB the skin on the soda throughout. It is important to act carefully so as not to injure the delicate tissue;
  • compress. Soda is poured evenly onto a clean bandage or other tissue, then it is slightly moistened and wrapped penis for 15-20 minutes. The main thing is not to close the compress head.

Some plants and herbs also help to change the size of the penis, especially popular recipes:

  • wormwood. Seeds plants take in the amount equal to 5 grams, fill them with cold water and put on fire. Cooking them takes no more than 10 minutes. After the composition has cooled, it is necessary to drink 100 ml three times a day;
  • honey and ginseng. Half a tablespoon of pure honey is added 350 g of crushed root of ginseng, mix, allow to stand for a week and a half. The finished mixture is ingested three times a day a teaspoon half an hour before meals;
  • ginseng. Take 20 g of crushed roots of ginseng and pour 200 ml of 70% alcohol. After giving the mixture to steep for 7 days. When the train stood, it is used inside 20-30 drops twice a day 30 minutes before meals;
  • garlic. 200 g of garlic crushed in a meat grinder and pour 200 ml of alcohol. The mixture should sit for at least 10 days in a dark place, then it is taken orally 25 drops, twice a day for 90 days;
  • thyme. 100 g of raw pour a glass of boiling water, or until the mixture has cooled completely. Take tincture twice a day.

Penis enlargement can also be used a simple medical remedy is petroleum jelly. It is administered under the skin in the penis by injection that are quite painful. After the procedure, the injection sites are treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

oil to increase

The method is complex and risky because of the high risk of infection. Equally dangerous is the fact that vaseline can be distributed unevenly under the skin and this will lead to a poor visual result, which would be difficult to fix.

There is an opinion that in addition to petrolatum, helps to make more the penis and iodine, but it probably will cause burns to the skin of the penis than it will help to get the desired results.

Men can use other options:

  • ordinary soap is used daily during hygiene procedures, replacing the shower gels. Soap is irritating to the skin, and in combination with tactile stimulation while bathing is observed the increase of penis due to enhanced blood flow and expansion of the corpus cavernosum of the member;
  • essential oil, especially sandalwood, often choose to increase penis. It is used after bathing, applying on the base of the penis and scrotum 15 drops, and then slowly rubbing it along the length until fully absorbed. The course is the use of essential oil lasts for a year, but after 4 weeks the first results.

Choose some pretty exotic methods:

  • bee stings. Painful effective method due to the fact that the site of the bite increases blood flow, occurs extension of blood vessels and improves blood rheology. This looks easy enough – bees are caught and placed in a normal package, it also lowers the penis. After the insect sting the body, remove the tip and massaging the member for uniform distribution of bee venom. The technique is not more than 2 times a week. The number of insects for the first treatment and the last is different, because you start with one bee at a time and gradually bring the number up to 10;
  • self-hypnosis. It is believed that the result of auto-suggestion aktiviziruyutsya areas of the brain that leads to increased synthesis of sex hormones men to increase a member. Because the process of sex lies in the mind, and to neglect this aspect is not necessary. In the category of self-hypnosis you can make hypnosis and the use of incantations, which is of the same type;
  • synthol is a very dangerous option. This is a special drug and it is used mainly for pitching, creating artificial, not the amount of muscle tissue. Simply put, injections creating bubbles inside the body poured this liquid. The drug is injected deep into the tissue member by injections, which should be conducted by someone with medical education. But due to its toxicity, infection risk and complexity of its administration tool is not recommended.

We must not forget that for growth of penis, it is important proper diet, enriched with some products:

  • walnuts and pine nuts, almonds – rich in trace elements and vitamins, improve metabolism and increase the quality of sperm;
  • eggs – contain the elements necessary for the proper development of the reproductive system of men.
  • citrus – increase sperm count and increases their activity;
  • oysters a natural aphrodisiac;
  • oatmeal – stimulates synthesis of testosterone;
  • Brussels sprouts is necessary for the expansion of the corpus cavernosum and increase the activity of cell division;
  • papaya – boost elasticity of manhood;
  • garlic – contains allicin that improves blood circulation, contributing to the increase penis and improve erection.