How to make dick bigger at home

A lot of men suffer from small size of your manhood and all you ever wanted to increase it even a few inches. Options how to make dick bigger at home a little bit, but some ways are quite effective and can lead to stunning results.

how to make dick bigger at home

Can I increase the member – the myths and the reality

Manhood is the most sensitive and delicate organ, which responds to any external influence. Through a series of experiments, scientists with the accuracy proved that if you regularly meet all your erotic desires with your partner, which narrow small vagina, dick in a short time will also become much thinner. Thanks to this feature you can accurately answer the question – is it possible to increase penis. If he decreases easily, why would he not grow?

Hurry up to resort to the necessary manipulations and to perform all of the tips that recommend how to increase the member, it is not necessary, first, to better understand how important this is. Sometimes men cheat yourself into thinking that the value of their dignity affects the degree of satisfaction of the female partner. This is not so – size rarely matters, especially if the partner is experienced and skillful in love games.

If a man set a goal, and ready to go no matter what, you should know what it means you can increase your pride:

  1. suspend the load;
  2. to influence a special massage;
  3. to resort to using a vacuum pump;
  4. to take medication;
  5. use gel, cream;
  6. to use the extender.

All at once is not recommended – a member can not withstand such loads and Vice versa – to decrease in diameter or become shorter.

How to increase the member without surgery – some useful tips

The simplest and most proven method of increasing male pride came from ancient times. Representatives of the strong half used a series of simple exercises, knowing how to increase the member without surgery and medical help.

How to increase your member using only your hands? An important rule of manhood is sure to be in the excited state. The technique of "milking" has several techniques, it is recommended to use an integrated approach – each time changing the number of exercises.

You should spend warming up – it helps blood flow. As heaters you can use a bag of warm salt, or any cereals.

The most effective exercise is in this order:

  1. Make a ring from your fingers and wrap it around the penis at the base.
  2. Slow motion move the ring forward, short little head.
  3. Pulling in this way the penis for several minutes (to start with 35-40 extrusions, gradually increasing their number).
  4. For greater effect, and easy glide, it is recommended to apply special grease.

The second exercise is a little simpler and is just a compression member. This should be done with his palm, pulling at the penis in different directions (up, right, down). Gripping him hard, but not before occurrence of painful sensations, because you can harm the sensitive tissues.

Does pump a member – the opinion of the stronger sex

Many men are interested in the question – does the pump member, because this device can often be seen in advertising or even on the counter of the pharmacy. As it shows the stronger sex, vacuum pump really works and is able within the first month of use pulling the penis up to 1-2 cm!

How works the device? The principle of its work lies in the fact that around the penis creates a vacuum space, stimulates the work of blood vessels and enhanced erections.


Before the procedure, the penis will certainly lubricated cream (grease), and then inserted into the cylinder of the device. Pressure gauge is regulated by vacuum pressure. Pump easily increases the diameter and length of the penis, and the effect this short, so it's best to spend just before intercourse.

Increase male pride massage

To achieve excellent results with a simple massage and here can take part even partner. The method is simple and practically free – buy do not have anything, but the advantages are many, because in addition to penis enlargement massage has a beneficial impact on the potency.

Before the massage member is better to warm up using a warm towel or handkerchief. Thanks to this trick, the effect will increase significantly, because the skin will stretch better and blood flow will increase in two times.

Methods of massage are several, and some exercises can be done in a relaxed state, others only during erection. The network has a lot of useful clips that'll tell you in detail about each technique, that will greatly facilitate the task.

The easiest option massage is not very different from massaging the back or even hands, because he is to alternately squeeze and RUB the penis. You can use two hands and roll it between your palms. A slight tingling sensation will not be superfluous, it should be remembered that manipulation of the head is not recommended.

Exercises to increase manhood – how to do it

Exercises that promote growth and increase in diameter of the penis much. The simplest is similar to the Eastern techniques of "milking", although slightly different. After warm up (with a towel or warm bath) you can move on to manipulation. The term is taken in one hand and fingers in the sky, head forward, after five seconds, slowly rises up and lingers in that position at the same time. Cycle selections to repeat 25-30 times.

In case of partial arousal of the penis can be performed seated exercises that will help you achieve not only growth in length, but also a significant thickening. Excited penis is drawn in the direction of the priests, and then slowly squat. Exercises can be repeated any number of times per day. The result is noticeable the next month.

Exercises to increase you can turn and dance moves, especially if you do it to the music. The only requirement is that the penis must be in a fully excited state. Spread wide the legs, to produce movement member up and down, in circles and in different directions. The crotch should be stressed.

How to achieve maximum length of a member.

Despite the proven effectiveness and efficiency of traditional medicine, in the male-enhancement it is absolutely powerless. If you tune in to the penis enlargement traditional methods, it is necessary to prepare for the unpleasant consequences – stretch marks and even injury. The most common way to achieve results, as advised by witch doctors to resort to using heavy loads. We should not forget that he's also the most dangerous, because it ends this experiment only injuries, but not enlarged penis.

Another option to achieve the desired – drink special teas and infusions, recipes that are fun for a tidy sum to lay out the herbalists. Here also it is better not to be naive – do, if you have the option to influence the member, someone would go to the surgeon or doing exercises, instead drink herbal tea?

ways to increase penis

Before to make dick bigger at home, should think about it really and is it necessary? There are plenty of opportunities to deliver partner pleasure and to be sexual giant and without exercise, and it is much better to guide its work on improving techniques. More about increasing your manhood you can find on the forum about folk medicine, and if you want to leave your comments or share experiences.