The penis enlargement by surgery

Nowadays almost every man in any way dissatisfied with the size of his penis. It is interesting that most often increase the member wish those representatives of the stronger sex, which is quite an impressive size (from 13 to 17 cm). The most popular among all types of intimate cosmetic surgery are surgery for lengthening and thickening manhood.

surgery to increase the member

Lengthening of the penis

To increase the length of the penis, the following technique is used. First and foremost, the doctor must cross the ligament that supports a body, and then fix it in the new position. Thus freed of approximately 3-4 cm is hidden under the pubic hair and periods men part of the penis.

After surgical intervention, the representative of the stronger sex need every day wear the extender, starting from 2 hours in first days, and then gradually increasing the wearing time up to 6-8 hours per day. In men this should not be painful sensations. In addition, you must make sure that the foreskin of the penis did not fall under the strap of the device. If the right to use the extender in the reproductive organs there will be a feeling of stretching.

With the help of the extender length increases gradually throughout the period of wear, about 5 mm in 10 days. In any case not to rush, because it can lead to serious negative consequences. The final result from the surgery You will notice only after six months, but it will last a lifetime.

Operation lengthening the penis lasts only 30-40 minutes. With this simple procedure easy to cope with an experienced plastic surgeon. To control the result of the operation applied endoscopic equipment, which visualizes the blood vessels and nerves.

The man needs another day to spend in hospital, after which he may return home. 10-12 days would have to return to the clinic to remove the stitches. But if you use absorbable suture material, you can skip this step. Don't forget that during the whole rehabilitation period is necessary to exclude sexual contacts.

The possibility of lengthening the penis through surgery due to the ability of tissues to stretch. This means that the cells are much faster start to share in the artificial application of force stretching, due to which there is an increase in mass and volume, and prevents the return of the length of the reproductive organ to the original value. This method of increasing the length does not affect the physiology of a member, the quality and angle of erection, a specific function. In addition, at the same level is retained, and the emotional component of the body.

Thickening of the penis

the penis enlargement by surgery

The success of operations on intimate plastic men's genitals depends on the experience and skill of the surgeon. If done correctly, the effect of plastics will persist for many years, otherwise the effect of the thickening subsides after six months and would have to go to the clinic. The operation lasts long, the man will have to spend in hospital only one day. After the plastic for 5 weeks have completely excluded any sexual contact.

The technique for thickening the penis is that under the skin type of special material. It can be synthetic filler, gel, or own fat. The main disadvantage of this method can be called gradual resorption of the material and its movement in the body organ. Therefore it is better to give preference to one of the following three methods.

The filler in the first method is applied to the flap, which withdrew from the rectus abdominis vascular pedicle. It needs to be underneath the skin member to surround the cavernous body. As a result You get a guaranteed result if the blood supply.

The second technique is to use a matrix — artificial material conducive to the acceleration of the divisibility of the cells in the corpora cavernosa. It is introduced into the organ tissue, thereby increasing the volume and diameter of the penis.

The third method involves the introduction into the skin of fillers (fillers) via injection. Such manipulation takes about half an hour. It is performed under local anesthesia. The rehabilitation period is short, the man is already a few days can return to normal sexual life. However, the effect of the injection is not long lasting, after six months will need to repeat the procedure.

Possible complications of operations on penis

The most frequent early (first few weeks after the procedure) complications after surgery include: bleeding, pain during erection, wound infection, prolonged swelling of the penis, temporary or permanent reduction of sensitivity of the penis head. Late complications of such operations are: shortening of the penis, change the angle of the erection (because the intersection of the supporting ligaments, a member of the during erection, looking up and forward or down), disorders of the penis, resorption or necrosis (necrosis) injected under the skin of the penis tissues, instability of a member and his "failure" during intercourse, and reducing the sensitivity of the glans penis, its curvature and deformation. It should be noted that more than 50% of cases the result of the operation does not meet the expectations of patients.

penis enlargement

Penile enlargement through surgery is able to deliver men from many complexes, increase their confidence and make sexual life more colorful. Such procedures do not last long, but in spite of this, are considered to be technically complex and must be performed exclusively by qualified surgeons in a hospital environment and with proper equipment.