How to increase penis?

Means to increase the penis – one of the most popular groups of goods in the sex shops. However, almost all men and their female partners realize that, it is as not increase the penis, the fullness of the sexual experience is not affected in any way. Nevertheless, we are by nature inclined to compete and face off than anything, and the stereotype that the genitals impressive size, it is a symbol of masculinity and fertility is firmly fixed in the subconscious.

how to increase the member

How to increase penis with exercises?

In sex shops you can find the CDs with the author's methods of exercises that show you how to increase penis in a week exercises. However, in fact, no novelty techniques on how to increase the penis, do not carry.

All exercises to enlarge the penis is based on the technique of capture and stretching of the penis. To enlarge the penis, the penis serves to clasp tightly at the base with your thumb and forefinger (like the OK sign), to pull the head, and moving the hand from the base to the head of the penis. This is a simple exercise to enlarge the penis are encouraged to repeat a few dozen times every day.

By the conviction of the authors of the techniques in these exercises, it stops the message between the vessels and the cavernous and spongy body of the penis, and the motion of the hands, the blood rushes to the head of the penis, stretching the erectile tissues, resulting to increase penis. On assurances of authors, for six months, such exercises can increase the penis for 5-7 see This method of penis enlargement is safe, but, alas, totally ineffective. First, in order to completely pinch the cavernous body, you need to exert pressure considerably exceeds the pain threshold, and cavernous body, but like any organs are not able to increase in size after growth. (Exception: skin and muscles!) Therefore, attempts to increase the penis with physical exercises is akin to the desire of an adult to grow, hanging on the bar with weights on his feet.

How to increase penis with rings?

A variety of techniques to increase penis with exercises constitute a special ring ─ is a flexible nozzle constricting the base of the penis. Usually they are used to increase the duration of erection, but there are fans and use rings to enlarge the penis. It is worth remembering that during normal erection of increased blood pressure in the cavernous bodies, but it does not stagnate in them. The use of the rings can lead to stagnant processes in the penis and vascular thrombosis, which is fraught with health problems much more serious than the number of inches.

How to increase penis by using a vacuum massager?

Quite common and the method of increasing the penis by using a vacuum massager. The principle is the same: blood flow to particular bodies, which causes them to stretch. Andrologists in some cases, erectile dysfunction do recommend the use of vacuum massagers to improve blood flow to the genitals, but the penis this device is useless.

penis enlargement.

Besides, with excessive heavy use vacuum massager there may be cracks on the glans which heal very difficult. When properly prescribed pressure level and possible ruptures of the capillaries – in this case, instead of resizing ─ increase the penis, will only change... its color is bluish (due to hemorrhages).

How to increase penis using the extender?

The most marketable and effective among the devices for penis enlargement is the extender. The device is worn on the penis and makes him a constant tensile force. Wear the device every day from 9 o'clock. After a few months, the producers promise lengthening of the penis of 3-4cm and an increase in volume of 1 cm As stated by the sellers of this "miracle technology" to wear the extender to increase penis recommended and reputable doctors-andrologists. However, forgetting to mention that they recommend to use it after surgery to increase the member while cutting the ligaments where the penis "hanging" to the interweaving of tendons in the pubic region (incidentally, this operation in which outside extract hidden in the body section of the penis is probably the only effective method of penis enlargement). Wearing the extender in the postoperative period is necessary to ensure that the ligaments have grown together in the right way.Of course, the tendons tend to stretch under load, and long wearing of the extender will result in a slight increase in penis length. The only problem is I have torn from nature a centimeter inconvenience of constant wearing of the device, stretching the penis?

How to enlarge penis with pills ointments?

Finally, one of the most radical options to increase the penis is of local remedies or tablets with a high content of steroid hormones. It is clear that such drugs because of the dangers of uncontrolled use of steroid hormones is prohibited and you can only buy them through online shopping. However, men seeking, come what may, enlarge the penis do not afraid of this "nonsense" as stomach ulcers, depression and psychosis, infertility, prostate adenoma and malignant tumors related to the misuse of steroid drugs.The sellers of drugs to increase penile claim that the drugs based on testosterone doctors use to treat micro-penis – stop development of the penis in puberty due to lack of male sex hormones. However, they shamefully forget that in addition to the level of hormones, increase the size of their penis is influenced by genes. So if kids penis size in an adult male caused by lack of hormones during puberty, the hormone injections can help to solve this problem.

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If the penis has a normal, genetically deterministic length, then no hormones will not make it grow longer defined by the nature of the size. In one word – it does not say, and the penis in the trunk to turn it will not work! However, in extreme cases, you can enlarge the penis through surgery.