The size of the penis

Penis size - the characteristics of the magnitude of the penis, including its length and thickness at rest and in erection. Penis size matters to conduct a normal sexual life, but also for the feel of a man's own usefulness. The function of the urinary and reproductive ability penis size usually not affected. However, many men tend to underestimate the size of their genitals and often resort to operations to increase penis size without sufficient grounds. Men worried about penis size shown to consult a doctor.

General information

penis enlargement.

In erection penis size normal can range from 12 to 18 cm, with the thickness 3-3,5 cm In a relaxed state, the length of the penis is variable from 7 to 10 cm If erect penis length of less than 9.5 cm, it is talking about a small penis, when the penis length less than 8 cm micro penis. The average size of the penis vary among members of different races: owners of small penises the size is Asian; the largest is African – American.

The first visible increase of the penis in boys occurs at age 12-13 years. The rapid growth of the penis lasts basically for 3 years, and by the end of puberty (17-18 years of age) the penis can be increased, but not significantly. In the pause period is a reduction the penis that is associated with a decrease in the number of collagen and elastin fibers, changes in the configuration of collagen molecules in tissues.

The variability of penis size

The average size of a penis enable you to lead a normal sexual life. Thus, the size of the penis less the norm, make the possibility of a full sexual life almost inaccessible, however, and dimensions much greater than the norm, cast doubt on the possibility of full sexual intercourse. According to the encyclopedic data and the length of a large penis is 30 cm and its diameter reaches 15-18 cm

The size of the penis at rest is also variable and depends on the degree of filling with blood cavernous bodies, which constitute the spongy tissue which presents itself with a dense network of blood vessels. The blood vessels of the corpora cavernosa respond to any physical impact in the same way as other vessels of the body. That is, with decreasing ambient temperature, they shrink, and hence the size of the penis is reduced by reducing the flow of blood. Approximately the same result is observed with release of adrenaline into the blood or the sudden stress. That is, the size of the erect penis and its size at rest in no way interrelated.

Although there are medical data about the average penis size for men of different nationalities, each man creates for himself an idea of "normal penis size", often based on false facts, and personal negative experiences that may cause depression.

How to correctly measure penis

Measurements should be made at room temperature comfortable for men conditions. To obtain reliable information about the size of the penis in erection it should be measured on the back (its dorsal surface) – from the pubis to the end of the head. This method allows to evaluate the functional length of the penis. If the man has an overweight, or erectile dysfunction, can negatively affect the functional length of the penis, often significantly reducing it.

And, regardless of the measurement data, the proportion of men and at normal length of his penis would increase it by a few centimetres. It is the subconscious desire of leadership. Since the penis size above average men significantly increases self-esteem, self-confidence, which directly affects public and private life.

The normal size of the penis are indicators of the General health of the man, his reproductive and endocrine systems. As if puberty has a testosterone deficiency and its derivatives, the growth of the external genitalia slows or stops altogether. In adult life, such men often are diagnosed with infertility due to the cessation of production of sex cells and various psychological problems.

Phallic worship was in most peoples. So, the images and sculptures of ancient Hindu prevailed males with hypertrophied members. On the island of Corsica there are phallic statues in penis in 20-25 cm, and most of the ancient Japanese fairy tale for adults based on the plots, dominated by excessively large members.

To visually increase the size of the penis, in Europe during the Renaissance resorted to means. The size of the penis is for men to pride and to assert themselves. But most psychological disasters, divorces and other negative consequences is not because of too small penis, and from ignorance and ignorance in the area of sexual relations.

how to increase the member

Because of the recent interest in operations to increase penis size has increased, many scientists tried to find mathematically due to the dependence between its dimensions in an excited and a calm state. However, too many causes and circumstances that determine the size of the penis in both States, is not allowed to use mathematical calculations to predict. The only observation was that the smaller the size of the penis in a calm state, the more it increases in relation to the original size, but these data were not recognized as statistically significant. To predict the greatest length of the erect penis only at the moment of maximum stretching.

That is, most men and some women give importance to penis size is not from the point of view of functionality, but from the point of view of masculinity and dominance.

Surgical penile enlargement

To date, surgical medicine is designed to solve the vital questions and issues to improve the quality of life of the individual. It happened after a change in the priorities of public morality in the direction of humanization. Surgical andrology aims to improve the quality of sexual life. This purpose was successfully carried out numerous operations on the plastic penis.

Only 10% of surgeries for penis enlargement are carried out by doctors according to the testimony, and the remaining operations are carried out in men who initially have a normal size penis. The reason is dissatisfaction with the quality of sexual life or by a partner. Although long established the fact that the achievements of women orgasm during intercourse does not affect the penis length, and the density of the compression vaginal muscles and the diameter of the penis. That is, in the absence of other evidence and in the presence of a permanent partner, sufficient density of coverage can be achieved through a more simple operation to reduce the volume of the vagina.

Talk therapy help to realize that today the manhood of man consists not only of the size of the penis, although phallic symbols have a long history and today continue to be surprised by the media. The only proven fact of the influence of penis size on sexual arousal is a visual erogenous stimulation. The same thing happens with breast size in women, although in real life, most men and women prefer partners with average size penis or Breasts. But if the surgery really can improve many aspects of human life, in the absence of contraindications it is carried out.